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Comment Re:Talk about ballsy revisionism! (Score 1) 450

All Hillary has to do is say "OMG, I realize now that the GOP was right, we do need to check things out!"

No, all Hillary needs to do is exactly what she's doing right now: nothing. As long as the Greens are contesting the election, she's in a win/win position. If the recounts change the outcome, she's the one who's going to benefit and if they don't, she's not going to go down in history as a poor loser like Al Gore.

Comment Re:If I wanted Linux... (Score 2) 153

If Steam and gaming are a major part of what you do with your computer, you're right. If you're using it for work, that doesn't matter. And, if for some reason you need access to the latest versions of various libraries, or want to help test the latest and greatest versions of various projects, you're better off with Fedora. It all depends on what you're looking for.

Comment What you're all missing (Score 1) 386

Think of all the things a normal fourteen-year-old girl has to look forward to. Now, think of what this girl's future held: death. Knowing that her body would be frozen and that she might come back some day gave her hope, and maybe made her fate easier to accept. It doesn't really matter that we can't bring her back now, or that we may never be able to; don't you all think that she knew it? All that matters is that it allowed her to end her life in hope instead of dispair, and what we think about her chances doesn't matter in the least.

Comment Re:Another inflated claim (Score 1) 48

You can disable it. The original factory-installed version will still be sitting on your read-only data partition, but Android will act as if it doesn't exist.

Live and learn. Thank you. Of course, if you do disable it, Android uninstalls any and all updates for it, meaning that if you ever change your mind, the updates need to be downloaded and installed again. With luck, that will be one, big cumulative update, instead of having to do them all, one after the other.

Comment Another inflated claim (Score 2) 48

The one and only reason that Google can claim this is because every Android device comes with Chrome installed and you can't remove it. Sure, you can install Firefox or some other browser instead, but even if you never ever use Chrome, it will still be there, wasting bandwidth on updates that will never get used. And, even if you select another browser as your default, you'll still get asked which browser to use every time you click on a link in an email, with Chrome selected instead of whatever you've picked as your default. (And, the checkbox to make it the default will also be checked.)

Comment Re:As funny as NPR (Score 1) 499

To be fair every election the map is red with tiny, deep blue dots at the cities. This time what Trump got was the countryside, plus all the factory workers abandoned by both parties.

Most of the time, the city people get out the vote, while many of the rural folk don't bother. This time, the country people came out in force, and in many cases overwhelmed the city slickers.

Comment Re:As funny as NPR (Score 3, Interesting) 499

... the voting public do not like and do not trust Hillary Clinton.

That's part of it. There's also the fact that she made it very plain that she planned to give us four more years of the failed, ineffectual policies of O'bama, and rural America stood up and said, "Enough is enough!" and voted for Trump. If you look at a map that shows voting patterns county by county, you'll see that for the most part, only the big cities went Blue, and the rest of the state (even in places like California) went Red. In California, the Blue enclave on the coast had enough voters to drag the rest of the state into Hillary's camp, but in many of the battleground states, the rural voters who often sit out things like this made their strength show and dragged their states into Trump's camp.

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