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Comment Not bloody likely (Score 4, Informative) 144

As FOLDOC explains, Intel tested this idea decades ago by putting one board in a 25 ton lead safe and another outside to see if there was a measurable difference in bit rot. There wasn't. " Further investigation demonstrated conclusively that the bit drops were due to alpha particle emissions from thorium (and to a much lesser degree uranium) in the encapsulation material." They ended up redesigning the memory to be more resistant to the effect.

Comment Re:Sounds like a job for regex (Score 1) 612

Now then, using a regex to replace Hillary@clinton.org to XXXXXXX@XXXXXXX.XXX (which is the exact same number of characters, and thus won't break a binary if it is sensible) inside a .PST is pretty straight forward, and something a high level admin should be able to accomplish in a few minutes.

You don't even need a regex because you're looking for a fixed string. All it takes is to rename the file and use one line of sed, outputting a file with the original name. Trivial, especially if you have it run late at night from a shell script while nobody's using their email.

Comment Re:What if I am an Ubuntu hater, too? (Score 1) 234

I've been using Fedora since FC 6, and it's been my only OS since F 9. I've helped several people migrate to Linux, and not put any of them on Fedora because it's a medium-geeky distro that's not for newbies. Generally, they end up with Xubuntu, to give them an easy to use distro that avoids the horror show of Unity. Of course, I also use Xfce, because I want to be able to customize my desktop more than Gnome 3 is willing to allow.

Comment Re:Moronic Subject for an Article (Score 2) 232

As far as I know, JPL is still using a program written in the late '70s or early '80s by Dan Alderson in FORTRAN for spacecraft navigation and maneuvering. The language it was written in may not be popular now, but the program Just Works, so there's no reason to re-invent that particular wheel.

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