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Comment All I needed... (Score 1) 524

...Was good money, decent benefits, and for directors to stay out of the damned way. Save your stupid soda machines and Google headquarters garbage. I would never have worked there for long. Work at work, play at home! I didn't leave any corporate job until directors started either getting in the way or not delivering on the promises they traded for the sacrifices I made. Take care of your people, let them do good work.

Comment They don't understand HTTPS at all! (Score 1) 264

From their response, it is clear that they still do not understand what secure connections are for. They seem to want to assure customers that their data is not examined or stored by the company at all, which is hardly even relevant. The point of https is to establish a secure connection with two endpoints. Period. I would not worry about Nokia, but some government or criminal syndicate using Nokia's proxy security hole to ruin my life or spy on me. There are a few outfits doing this with https now, and they don't understand why https wants to work the way that it does!

Comment Why stop here? (Score 1) 80

Political futures options, collateralized political obligations, political swaps / swap options. We need to give these Harvard MBAs *less* things to sell, not more, for Christ! These dumb products allow banks to pull the money truck up to the discount window and spend it creating "assets" that blow us all up later instead of investing in something that's real!

Let's also not forget to mention that creating these markets affects the underlying, in this case, the elections themselves. Consider as an example how the OTC markets for derivatives on Eurozone debt so obviously blew out the bond yields, creating hardship for millions -- or perhaps how securitizing wheat starved Somalians to death!

Stop thinking up crap to gamble on and do something productive that adds to the economy, or just go away!

Comment Rights apply everywhere (Score 3) 530

for citizens in good standing. That is the definition of unalienable. Sometimes you have to fight for them though! Not to worry, you are witnessing Peak College. Bloated, wasteful, dysfunctional institutions will vaporize with the credit that pays their ridiculous prices. Goods and services purchased with credit are altered by the supply of said credit. When we stop rewarding failure with bailouts, that is. Affordable education that caters only to the needs of the student body will be a welcome change!

Comment This is what we care about? (Score 1) 596

Our representatives sell us out every day for stock tips! Perpetual war, financial oppression, institutionalized fraud, erosion of liberty, unborn generations made zombie debtors, and a lack of political to change anything at all! This is the open petition with the most signatures, behind an anti-ACTA item. Does this disgust anything else? People, please stop worrying about your torrents/porn/tweets/blogs/yadayada and look around you. Why can't we use the /. effect for something more meaningful? Please mod me down until I get to Hell; I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

Comment Bogeyman (CHF) Got Him? (Score 1) 360

If this guy was at an equities desk and suddenly needed a "miracle", I am wondering if maybe something like FXF got him. Huge one day loss after the SNB bolted the top of the swiss franc to the euro. Being long the swissie for a million a pip before the last big intervention might have done him in. Not sure what else it could have been. In any case, this guy is only a "rogue trader" because he lost money. I will wait for an earnings restatement from UBS, then I will go long if I get a chance.

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