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Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1, Informative) 499

BS. I'm a female engineer and I frequently joke that female engineer is a different gender than just female. I'm an engineer and a geek first, most definitely, and I would say that's true of a great number of female engineers I know. I hate shopping, except for books or games, I hate gossiping and small talk. I'm an INTJ, if you're into Meyers Briggs. I have never been given any opportunity to negotiate on salary. I do my performance review and I get a little slip of paper with my raise.

Comment Not yet, but worried (Score 1) 561

I've 39 right now, and I've been lucky enough to work at one company since college. Like a lot of people, I worry about my job, especially since I work at a defense contractor. I've had friends who were laid off and had a bear of a time finding a job, and I worry that in the next couple of years that will be me. Now, at my actual workplace, I haven't seen much of it; I work on a program that has been in active development since at least 1992, so I think we really value the guys who have been at it since the beginning. Of course, right now we don't have a ton of new hires, since they've tended to be the people who have set sail for more stable ground vs the ones with houses, families and inertia.

Comment Re:"Free" is harmful? (Score 1) 205

Hopefully, you realize (though it sounds like not) that this does not involve actually taking anything away from you and giving it to poor people. At all. It is about the idea that poor people tend to use their phone for basic internet activities, rather than having a cable modem at home, etc, etc. It is arguably the same problem as people using the ER without insurance and spreading the cost to those who do have it. Except that in this case, you're charging more (okay, okay, charging the same for less service) of people who have difficulty affording it.

Comment Re:"Free" is harmful? (Score 2) 205

The argument appears to be that if they offer data for certain apps at a discounted rate, that effectively it means they are overcharging for other things, such as the more general internet service that people using their phone for all their internet would likely to be doing more of. I don't know if I buy it, but that appears to be the argument.

Comment Re:can someone give the TL;DR (Score 4, Informative) 205

Zero-rating (also called toll-free data or sponsored data) is the practice of mobile network operators (MNO), mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), and Internet Service Providers (ISP) not to charge end customers for data used by specific applications or internet services through their network, in limited or metered data plans.[1][2][3][4][5][6] It allows customers to use provider-selected content sources or data services like an app store,[7] without worrying about bill shocks, which could otherwise occur if the same data was normally charged according to their data plans and volume caps. This has especially become an option to market 4G networks, but has also been used in the past for SMS or other content services.
From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment Re:As long as.... (Score 1) 908

In contrast, my college required all engineering degrees (literally, with engineer in the degree name), I believe, to take technical communication and write a huge paper, while I as a computer science major did not. (I did, however, have to do a team senior project with a real company that went from requirements definition to creating training documents and having a fake trade show.)

Comment Or a better school. (Score 1) 266

My college (Rose Hulman), an all engineering and science one, required us to take ten humanities and social sciences (on a three quarter system). I had enough required math courses in my CS degree to have a built in math major, but I also took Music Theory and Early Twentieth Century American Literature. Admittedly, it's the only school I attended so my basis for comparison is pretty limited, but it doesn't seem like these were any kind of blow off classes either.

Comment Re:Uhmmmm (Score 1) 620

We used that for our time card when I first started at my defense contractor employer, in 1999. I'm going to guesstimate that we replaced it six or seven years ago?

We write in Ada, but at least it's Ada95 not Ada83. We used to use Rational Apex as our editor until we migrated our software completely from Solaris to Windows.

In some of my college classes (95-99), we would telnet into a VAX to compile Ada code. Yes, Ada in college, at one of the last places that taught it.

Comment Re:$6K a course for a "free video lecture" (Score 1) 89

This was my second thought - that I would feel ripped off to spend private university tuition on something like that. Perhaps they can figure out a way to make it work, but that was one reason I went to a top private university, to be in small classes with more professor support - my school (an academic rival of CMU, as I understand it - Rose-Hulman) advertised and delivered on not having classes taught by TAs, and a video class seems far worse than that.

My first thought was that apparently Rose-Hulman will continue to be number one in it's category.

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