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Comment Re:Yes. No. Maybe. (Score 2) 399

Here are the pages in question for those:
Bernie: http://www.politifact.com/trut...
Trump: http://www.politifact.com/virg...

I suspect one reason that they were more generous to Sanders is that his campaign was willing to point them to their source, and that he used a different term (albeit not the proper one) to indicate that he was using a number other than what is commonly meant by the unemployment rate.

As with any source your best bet is to read their research.

Comment Re: Finally! (Score 1) 171

I had that most perfect of situations for a young girl: my best friend had her own horse. Her father was, I believe, a model maker at Ford, a job that I assume has all gone computerized now. Very middle class neighborhood, but on that and a (private school) teacher's salary, they had that and the dad's hobby was sailing, believe it or not. Obviously the horse was boarded somewhere. I vaguely remember that maybe they allowed him to be used for other kid's riding lessons to partially pay for that, but it's tough to say, it was a long time ago.

Comment Re: I think... (Score 1) 387

This. I'm still not sure how I feel about the original program; I understand the intent was to store the date while it was available for access if required, but obviously that's open to all kinds of abuse, as we've seen with many of the expansions of surveillance since 9/11. The program needed to be examined and at the very least needed some very, very serious oversight. But the whistle could have been blown without exposing all sorts of classified and sensitive data that put people in danger, let alone taking that information with him into hostile countries... like Russia.

Comment Conservative Non Profit (Score 2) 629

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) is a politically conservative non-profit association founded in 1943 to "fight socialized medicine and to fight the government takeover of medicine."

Not to say Wikipedia is an awesome source, but I admit I'm really not in the mood to dig up something more definitive. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Comment Re:Baby boomers (Score 1) 194

You DID see they talked about people over 40, even. I'm 39. I have a mortgage and a two year old daughter. I'm not a freaking baby boomer - I'm from the end part of Gen X. I was born in 1976. My employer doesn't seem to have issues with older employees at this point, but if I get caught in a workforce reduction, I'm probably screwed. I certainly can't afford to retire twenty five years early. And you know what, my dad, who turned 71 years old this year, guess what, he can't afford to 100% retire either. He worked as a lineman for the phone company for almost 40 years, retired and then found out he was going to have to partially support my stupid stepbrother and his two daughters that moved in with him. So, he's still out there, doing computer repair work and troubleshooting network problems freelance, because his other choice is to starve, I suppose. Go find your own career, don't worry about taking it away from someone who still NEEDS it.

Comment Re:Those Damn Blue LEDs (Score 1) 230

Beyond the possible blue light = day light issues, it's just true that red light doesn't destroy your night vision. We made sure to get a nightlight that can be set to red for the hallway to my daughter's room, and keep a headlamp that has a red light in her room for if we have to find something while she's asleep. The default on the nightlight is green, I think, so I've had to stand there and get my nightvision back when I've turned it on post power-outage in the middle of the night.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1, Informative) 499

BS. I'm a female engineer and I frequently joke that female engineer is a different gender than just female. I'm an engineer and a geek first, most definitely, and I would say that's true of a great number of female engineers I know. I hate shopping, except for books or games, I hate gossiping and small talk. I'm an INTJ, if you're into Meyers Briggs. I have never been given any opportunity to negotiate on salary. I do my performance review and I get a little slip of paper with my raise.

Comment Not yet, but worried (Score 1) 561

I've 39 right now, and I've been lucky enough to work at one company since college. Like a lot of people, I worry about my job, especially since I work at a defense contractor. I've had friends who were laid off and had a bear of a time finding a job, and I worry that in the next couple of years that will be me. Now, at my actual workplace, I haven't seen much of it; I work on a program that has been in active development since at least 1992, so I think we really value the guys who have been at it since the beginning. Of course, right now we don't have a ton of new hires, since they've tended to be the people who have set sail for more stable ground vs the ones with houses, families and inertia.

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