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Comment Re:What. The. Fuck. (Score 2) 549

going to dilute and cheapen any legitimate criticism of him because people switch off

I don't think this is accurate. I had that experience with all of the accusations surrounding Hillary, wild stuff like how she stole a bunch of furniture from the state department, or how she murdered the cat of one of her former aids, and I did as you said and just stopped paying attention. That doesn't seem to be how the majority of people handled it though. It seems as though the nonstop accusations did have a very significant impact on how people perceived her, though none of those things ever even got as far as a trial, let alone a conviction.

There's an old rule that if you repeat something often enough people will start to believe it, no matter what it is. Let me remind you that the difference between a religion, which we generally venerate, and a cult, which we generally denigrate, is only age - how long and how often beliefs have been repeated is what really matters.

Comment Re:Simple question on the science (Score 2) 235

Coral die-offs aren't about temperature (mostly), they're not about the greenhouse effect at all, they're a different consequence of having too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. You can read the wiki on it here if you like, but the long and short is that a lot of marine life is very sensitive to the condition of the water, and the drop in ocean pH since the start of the industrial revolution has become an issue.

Comment Re:You can't use current votes to judge other syst (Score 1) 457

Trump has already said that if the election were changed to be won by the popular vote alone, he would simply concentrate heavily in a few key states (basically California and Texas) and ignore all the others as irrelevant.

That doesn't make any sense. In a popular vote scenario you wouldn't concentrate on states at all, states wouldn't matter. You might put some attention into citites, since you can reach a lot of people easily that way, but you couldn't focus on cities alone since urban and rural voters represent different demographics.

Trump was probably just blowing smoke with that claim.

Comment Re:I wonder who would have won under each scenario (Score 1) 457

What you mean is:

It will be interesting to know who would have won under each of the scenarios above.

The whole point of the electoral college is that we don't know the results of the real election yet. The only election we have results for is the one where the little people get to vote.

Comment Re:Well you could start by not falling for it (Score 1) 270

Seeing as the Fake News idea is being promoted by people who won't even come out into the open.

You seem to be conflating two different things. This blacklist is being promoted by people who won't com out into the open, the "fake news idea" is a very broad one promoted by lots of people, many of whom are out in the open.

I hope you're not trying to imply that fake news doesn't exist, anyone with eyes and a modest ability to think critically has seen blatantly false stories being passed off as gospel.

Comment Re:Simple way to test if you truly believe in this (Score 1) 1424

You know... it's possible to want to reform the electoral college both out of self-interest and because it would improve the system. Those things are not mutually exclusive.

If you had a negative option of the electoral college before the election (because it makes some people more equal than others) and then your candidate lost despite getting a majority of the vote, yes you might very well get up in arms about it. But if you had the same opinion and your candidate won because of the electoral college, then you're still supposed to get up in arms? Why? You may still very well dislike the electoral college, for all of the same reasons, you're just not angry about it right at this moment. This doesn't even make you a hypocrite, you just haven't been motivated to do anything about it.

If, on the other hand, you start writing in defense of the electoral college, claiming the opposite of what you had previously claimed or believed but pretending otherwise. Then, there, now you're a hypocrite and a partisan hack.

Comment Re: When DNC loses vote, legal action follows (Score 1) 297

The accuracy is not being challenged because of differences from the polls, it's being challenged because of differences between voting methods (electronic vs paper voting). The reason they've focused on those three states is because they were so different from what the polls predicted: Wisconsin in particular had the third largest difference of all states between what the polls predicted and the results, and of the two states above it (Utah and Ohio) neither switched from one candidate to the other. In fact, those three states are the three states with the largest discrepancy between poles and results which resulted in a change of candidate.

But, of course, the real reason they picked Wisconsin in particular for the recount is because that's the state that the researchers pointed out had this difference between voters using different voting methods. Five Thirty Eight looked at this and found two states with such differences between voters using different methods of voting, Wisconsin and Texas, though they did go on to say that this difference could be accounted for with consideration of other factors.

Comment Re: When DNC loses vote, legal action follows (Score 1) 297

You're basing your assessment of accuracy on the results as given, the supposition here is that those results might not be accurate. The point of this is to reconcile a discrepancy, you can't just wave away most of your data after you have a result which doesn't agree with it.

Comment Re: When DNC loses vote, legal action follows (Score 1) 297

Those other states were expected to go for Hillary. These three were the biggest surprises of a surprise election, and if there was any tampering done then it was most likely in these states. No, any recount is not going to get Jill Stein into office but it is still in her interests to ensure an honest election. Just as it is for everyone else.

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