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Comment Re:Virtual gpu? (Score 1) 90

I find it rather funny that an NVIDIA guy (in the video) is explaining GPU passthrough as how things used to be done up until now.

The thing is both NVIDIA and AMD/ATI have been hard at work to block exactly this kind of use, and a crapload of hacks had to be introduced to fool their Windows drivers into functioning in this scenario.

Comment Re:invite more people in? (Score 1) 547

My country has a stable influx of workers coming from the east (mostly from the Ukraine, but also from Vietnam) and they're well known as being hard working people. Nobody would be afraid if more of them started coming.

But if you check the employment rates and welfare collection rates in immigrants in west European countries, I don't think these folks are coming to get a job and work. I think they're coming to have an easier life at others' expense.

The question always is whether the immigrants will adapt to their new country or whether they will alter their new country to look more like the old one. For example, setting cars on fire is probably not an original pastime activity in Paris.

Comment Re:invite more people in? (Score 1) 547

Poor in what way? The costs of living are a lot lower here. People in our country have the lowest chance of becoming impoverished in the whole EU. We have the best children healthcare in EU, even children from the UK fly here to get treated. Unlike all west European countries (e.g. Germany, France, UK), we've made it into the top 10 most peaceful countries in the world.

We wouldn't care about immigration problems (that the west is so reluctant to solve by protecting the borders), unless you weren't trying to shove "your" immigrants up our a** based on quotas you made up.

Comment Government's fault (Score 1) 547

One of the problems is almost non-existent state support for new families. They do almost nothing for them, and then they say, well, since you're not having children, we need to bring more migrants in.

If you check birth rates of East European countries before 1989, you'll notice that the rates were pretty good back then. Although communism sucked in every imaginable way, one of the good things was that the state had your back when you had children.

Nowadays, if you decide to have children, your family expenses grow a lot and you lose a single monthly income at the same time. That's enough to bring a middle-class family into poverty. Note that in some European countries, you do receive a pittance for a limited time as a substitute for the lost income, but it's still a joke.

Putting the child(ren) into daycare and working is a no-go (at least here) for women, because the new democratic governments closed down all state-run daycares and the private ones are so expensive, it would cost you the whole income for using them.

I'm strongly right-wing, but this is something that needs to change radically. The only other option I see is denying state pension to people that had no children or a single child, because they provided no future tax payers to keep the pension system functioning.

Comment Give Linux some time. (Score 2) 346

I work for one of the major ATM vendors in the world and replacing Windows with Linux has become one of the top priorities across the whole portfolio (which is now a lot of other things than just ATMs). The reason are obviously the costs associated with Windows licenses. And why are the ATMs and other hardware still running Windows? Old and *very* messy codebase that is hard to port to Linux. But it's getting there.

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