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Comment What for you need QHD on mobile phone display? (Score 1) 21

What for you need QHD on mobile phone display? Maybe for VR but other purposes? Why? Processing power for such display is significant - so significant that you can disable it to conserve battery which is a MOBILE phone most valuable resource. So wny? Why QHD in mobile? What is the use case for that?

Comment Windows 10 which edition? (Score 1) 171

I don't really love Microsoft or Windows. Actually I am professionaly an Linux Support Specialist so mind you.

I use Windows 10 and all browsing I am doing on Windows is from Chrome. I have never seen any ad on my Windows 10 nor any nagging to use MS Edge. Maybe it is related to the fact that I am using Pro version of Windows? Or what? I read all that Windows 10 bashing and quite frankly I find it better than Windows 7...

Comment Re:Check out Huawei Fit (Score 1) 193

Well for sleep activity I use Xiaomi Mi Band 1S (the 2 version is to big and I don't need display) because I find it inconvenient to sleep with my watch and I could hurt my girlfriend with it (Pebble Time Steel is quite big). It does its job very well (sleep tracking) and is just a little silicone strap. Oh and it lasts 30-45 days on single charge (!).

Now for notifications and varius interactions with my smartphone I own Pebble Time Steel (since it lasts 10 days on battery). I've supported it from the start on KickStarter back in early 2012. I've got mine with "Kickstarter Edition" engraved on the envelope and later I've supported Pebble Time Steel. It could be better but for me Pebble was the best smartwatch on market.

To bad they just fucked me over.

Now this Huawei Fit technically is the closest to Pebble and my requirements. Just lacking apps and some functionality which IMHO could be implemented.

Comment Different product (Score 2) 133

According to Ars Technica it is different product

Visual Studio for Mac isn't, in fact, Visual Studio at all. Instead, it's the latest iteration of Xamarin Studio, the cross-platform C# development environment that Microsoft inherited when it bought Xamarin, developers of cross-platform .NET-based mobile development tools, last year.

These are two very different products, and the real Windows Visual Studio is the more capable product.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 2) 48

> Chrome is the new above-board "virus" being shoved on everyone as unwanted
> bundle-ware along with anything they download,

Hardly everyones. I haven't seen any Chrome bundled with apps on Mac nor Linux, maybe it is a Windows thing but nah... And hardly anything. To be hones last time I've seen Chrome bundled with installer was AFAIR with Avast Antivirus on Windows and it is probably a good thing to include Chrome with AV on Windows since it is way more secure than IE.

> [Chrome performance compared to Fx]

Wow! First time I see somebody complaining about Chrome performance as compared to Fx. For me Fx is a cow by YMMV. Usual complaint about Chrome is Google data policy about users...

Comment Backup server +archive to cloud (Score 1) 366

First of all build yourself a decent local file server. Simple PC with two 4TB drives will do. Then load it with FreeBSD and create simple mirrored ZFS volume on these two drives (also have volume for the OS itself). Then share that volume with whatever protocol you prefer (SMB would be OK). Then move all your stuff to this fileserver. Now you have all your data on a self healing volume - this is very important because with few TB data you WILL notice that the data gets degraded over time - you will randomly loose some bits (so also individual photos) here and there.

Now when you have all that data in one place (file server) configure it to archive (backup) the data online to some cloud service like Amazon, Blackblaze or similar.

Comment Re:Google Grow a Pair (Score 1) 68

No. Leave it until it dies completely on the web. Sometime I visit a flash site because I *NEED* to. I like that Chrome comes with flash plugin installed so I don't need to worry about installing/keeping it up to date. Oh and I have all plugins disabled by default via click to play policy.

Comment Don't use credit cards (Score 1) 385

I don't use credit cards. I live in Poland and actually credit cards are not a good deal here. It is much better to use a card which is attached to your account and is only billable by the amount you have on your account.

As a security measure (minimising risk) I have my cards attached to separate subaccount that I only load with operational cash (no the account I use for savings). I have daily payment limits set up.

Also I have no problem with using wireless payment swiping. It is great and very convinient. In Poland you can only do transactions up to 50z (about $12) without submitting a PIN. And transactions with wireless payment can't be cached (issued off line). So it makes thing pretty secure and convinient.

Also I have my card insured as standard bonus with my account. I think card insurance is somewhat mandatory. So when somebody cheats me I will get my money back.

In my opinion using cards is much safer than carrying cash, doing bank transfers or using something like Paypal.

Comment Re:Was going to update new home desktop but now (Score 1) 535

> I am in the process of reverting the two machines I had already upgraded
> back to Windows 7. Regrets, and hope Windows 10 spys are eliminated.

Install GWX Control Panel (disables Windows 10 nagging) and Spybot Anti Beacon (disables Telemetry). After that you will have perfectly working Windows 7 install without all that crap Microsoft is shitting against us.

Comment Re:How many people have that controller? (Score 1) 158

Well as for your first question I only noted that that is possible to play arcade style games on mobile tablets and smartphones using controllers with physical buttons. With that it is perfectly playable. And I assumed that Nintendo could sell such controller with access to its games library (via Virtual Console system). In my opinion this would make them a lot of additional money without really canibalizing they mobile consoles. Who buys current generation gameboy style device to play oldschool games?

As for your second question I guess that developers who developed for Nintendo platforms do not have rights to release these games elsewhere.

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