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Comment Limited imangination (Score 1) 157

It's hard to imagine, with the way the election turned out, that we're not going to have an environment, from several aspects, that is not going to be more positive for my industry

I could easily imagine how two dozen people, now homeless, huddling over a burning barrel in a Trumpville, all sharing the same cell phone, would cut wireless provider revenues.

Comment Re:Right (Score 2) 71

If they want revenue they should really get with the times and accept micropayments that grant licenses to individual people to use music as underscore in their videos, as webpage ambiance, and add it to the playlist of online games when they are in the session, or in second-life-like environments, play it in their spaces so other players can hear it. That would create a new revenue stream versus only being able to license it for listening.

Comment Re:SSH is irrelevant in a lot of case (Score 1) 83

Also the built-in firewalling on them often only protects certain services, leaving, for example, SNMPv2 running, the initial negotiation packets of which, even if the password is set, can still be used as a force multiplier for DDoS. Or in some cases, actually putting rules in the firewalling slows things to a crawl. Or in other cases, there is no firewalling facility. And all this can vary among individual models from a single vendor.

Comment Re:"Fake News" spawns from crazy, doesn't cause it (Score 1) 768

you can't fix stupid

...while I would differ with that opinion, I would point out that whether or not you can fix stupid, you can stop telling stupid people that specific real people are part of a giant nefarious conspiracy. If you continue to, you should be held partially liable for their actions.

Comment Re:I don't think he understands trolling (Score 3, Insightful) 768

If it wasn't incriminating, then why did they change it when it was exposed

A) If I found out I accidentally used a pedo logo, I'd change it too.
B) If I found out alt-right nutjobs were spreading shit around the internet about my shop, I'd get off my ass to change it because I don't want my customers or employees shot by fucking morons like you.

Seriously, you need to go see a shrink.

Comment Re:"self investigate" == alt.right (Score 1) 768

It's agreed this was one nutcase, then.

"One nutcase" would be a guy picking a random pizza shop for a random reason. This is fake news goading a nutcase. It will probably happen again. We've been trying to warn the right this would be the result of their constant pimping, but they'll do anything to get elected, fuck the consequences.

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