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Comment Re:Reads Like An Ad (Score 1) 332

Yeah pretty much it'll be a long time yet through many failures and partial successes, and then once it's working, not as long a time before the working design gets refactored down to something facepalmingly less complicated.

But for those of you who have not yet seen pictures of the stellarator design, they are worth viewing, if only as really interesting abstract art.

Comment Re:Hacking review !== Election results review (Score 1) 496

This is a really good idea to help ensure future presidential elections being trustworthy and valid.

And so are the recounts. They've already proven Michigan has a lot of work to do to beef up the security/integrity of their ballot system... regardless of who benefits, which will be nobody. Like using seals properly and not using easily or already ripped ballot bags to preserve the paper record.

Recounts of a certain number of precincts at random should be mandatory, and if those recounts show problems, the recount should be expanded automatically, by law. If your state elections division does not do this, they are not doing their job, and you should be writing angry letters to your reps.

Comment Re:She won (Score 1) 496

The voters in those states should not be able to run roughshod over the country

If that were the purpose of the electoral college, the number of electors would not be based mostly on the population of the state. There are some federalist bits around the edges of the electoral college, but that's not its main reason for being... its main reason for being is the electors themselves.

Comment Re:Hillary Lost Because of Her (Score 1) 496

I prefer the simpler reason.

She's a fucking world-class liar.

You cannot have that simple reason, because it is provably false. Trump lies way more than Clinton. His entire business "empire" is a ponzi lie. He lied about things he was on camera saying just weeks before. He lies so much he's afraid to actually sue anyone because he's afraid of being under oath, so he lies about intending to sue them. The guy is one of the worst liars in human history.

If honesty had really been a primary issue, Trump would have lost badly.

Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 0) 496

...and you'll care about the constitution up until the first evidence of a violation of the emoluments clause, at which point you will pretend it does not exist.

Also, the electoral college primarily exists to introduce the electors. The power of state governments (as opposed to the actual occupants of the states) was supposed to be preserved in the Senate, but this turned out to be such a bad idea that the people dragged their governments kicking and screaming into letting the people elect the Senate, which still preserves protection of regional concerns -- it just ignores those of state legislators because they proved themselves to be too irresponsible to hold this power. At least the power of state government bodies to determine the apportionment of the electors will suffer the same fate eventually... whether we throw out the safeguard of the electors themselves in the process is another matter.

It's kind of a silly argument to be making at this time, considering how badly the system has backfired... those supposedly too ignorant to be trusted to elect a president voted in majority for a qualified candidate, and only because of this system has an untenable administration been elected. It did the exact opposite of what it was supposed to do.

Comment Re:Why, that's odd... (Score 3, Interesting) 481

Considering one of the major contributers is "unintentional injury deaths, such as overdoses and car accidents, increased by 6.7 percent" much of the blame likely sits on the pain pill problem. Cancer deaths actually went down, so health care is working for that disease. Alzheimers deaths rose a lot... but they say this is due to the medical establishment just recategorizing that as a cause of death... woner what those were usually listed under.

The ars article has some useful charts, if, unlike 3 out of 5 of trump supporters, you know how to read them.

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