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Comment Re:Xfinity (aka Comcast) doing this for years. (Score 1) 149

ISTR having to have my housemate phone this in.

Also it still keeps broadcasting a mystery SSID-less beacon thereafter.

And, as far as not impacting your network at all, beacon pollution is a huge deal

You're best to use your own APs on a different channel than whatever Comcast is squatting on.

Comment Re: The wage gap myth continues... (Score 1) 142

About 16 percent of the stay-at-home parent population is male. Should salaries be based on whether your spouse earns or housemakes? Should employers assume women don't have a househusband? Is having a "non-working" spouse providing free day care, taxi service, coupon cutting, grocery delivery, personal shopping services, and secretarial and butler duties a liability?

Comment Re: The wage gap myth continues... (Score 1, Insightful) 142

Pretending to have a convesation with yourself does not help you prove your point.

While the gender-based unexaplained wage gap may be as low as 3%-7% in the U.S., the larger part, that which is explained by what positions people are working, is widely recognized an an indicator of hiring bias. Whether it's unequal pay for equal work or unequal opportunity for equal qualifications, it is still a problem that compounds on itself over a lifetime. The wage gap stat represents both factors.

Comment Re:Not going to change anything (Score 2) 142

No, don't you understand? Wasting everybody's time is a moral imperative. How are we supposed to live with ourselves if we don't make people spend over an hour paging through tens of websites to buy a widget? And for a job applicant? You gotta make sure they wear out at least one keyboard before they get in the door.

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

Blaming Obama is a partisan bitch move.

BIOB is "Blame It on Barak" now. I expect them to still be doing so 3 years in, if they last that long... no sense of true personal responsibility, to them it is just a sound bite.

Truth is Congress2013 is just as responsible as Obama for the outcome in Syria, and Dubya responsibe for unnecessarily leaving us with a war weary population unwilling to intervene in a humanitarian crisis, and Trump is *already* partly responsible for trapping even the Syrians that want to just escape the maasacre. I'm sure there is blame to go back decades more.

The questions now are... is the congress really going to cede its check on non-defensive war powers to the presidency, and if not, can they bring themselves to bring the Trump administration in line, and if so, what level of force authorization do you give to a wildcard like Trump?

Comment Re:Actually iOS is safer, more likely to get patch (Score 1) 154

No, Apple iOS is just plain safer, I hate to say. Google's turned a blind eye to a lot of android security issues. For example, they are especially bad at enterprise where they can't prevent MITM hacks that expose SSO passwords, Which is why some companies have seaparate WiFi SSIDs where they only alow Windows, Linux (actual distros), OSX and iOS, but keep Android off on its own segment. There was a bug filed for that a decade ago, closed by some numnut, and only slowly has any progress been made towards fixing it. Really Android needs something like a .mobileconfig, and probably, should just make a way to just use Apple mobileconfigs rather than invent their own at this point.

And Android isn't really as open source as a lot of people think, especially now with cyanogenmod closing shop, and given carrier jails.

Comment Re:Kushner (Score 1) 396

Progress I guess. I wonder if anything about Bannon/Bossert trickled out of the investigations and this is a premptive walkback of their "importance" so they can call them "just a volunteer" like Manifort (sounds ridiculous I know, but don't think they aren't audaciously mendacious enough to try). I'm just bummed Bossert isn't the smarmy brit-accent guy who gets interveiews on NPR all the time. He makes me want to punch the dash.

Also Jared looks like he lost too much weight on that subway diet... oh wait... wrong Jared.

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