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Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 252

eeeeeeew! Trump says mean things. He's icky!

No, he's icky because he exploited financially vulnerable people with a fraudulent get rich quick scheme. He basically hard-sells the American Dream and then absconds with the money, delivering nothing in return -- not what he promised, and nothing else of value. And he's lent his name and done appearances for other multi-level marketing schemes basically just designed to trick people poor enough to seek supplemental income into giving up what little they already have.

This tells you a lot about what he thinks about the middle and lower classes -- they are just there for him to extract power, fame, and wealth from, and if he hurts them in the process, he really could not give a turd.

Comment Re:But outsourcing is wonderful! (Score 1) 252

Governmental bureaucracies generally reward tenure over competence, and competitive businesses generally reward competence over tenure

I've seen zero evidence to support this contention. I've worked in state government and private edu, and have friends working in private com. We all have the same exact stories to tell about the crazy.

Comment Re:But outsourcing is wonderful! (Score 1) 252

The company that gets paid or the government that puts out contracts and never gets value?

False dichotomy, the answer is "both." Just because the contractor is some of the time also dishonest, does not mean they are not incompetent as well. While you could argue they are competent at getting payed, that does not make them a competent provider, just a thief.

Comment Re:Presenting real facts... (Score 1) 399

The director of the FBI laid out everything needed to prosecute me

Apparently AC forgot he wasn't trolling under a fake "ImHillaryClinton" username on the board.

Comey did not lay out sufficient details to prosecute. Or he would have. And no, she quite clearly didn't reach the bar of "lying to congress" either, if you actually review the statements, what she knew when she said them, and the facts known about the specific emails in question.

Comment Re:enable it? funny... I did the opposite (Score 1) 141

ISTR from the last time I tried to tame Chrome into something actyally useful, you define a fake search engine that just turns a URL into itself, and set it as the default. Then wish they hadn't taken the separate search engine box away, ponder whether you want to install a giant bundle of apps just to get things working sanely and deal with it when they break during upgrades, then run apt-get remove chrome.

Comment Re:Why isn't this configurable? (Score 2) 141

"There's an app for this basic functionality that should just be an option" is one of the reasons I usually do not use chrome.

Seriously, it's probably like 40 lines of code to have a config option, check it, and if set map a key to an already defined action (unless your codebase is collapsing under its own weight.) This is not worth the cruft of another app in the ecosystem.

Comment Re:Presenting real facts... (Score 5, Insightful) 399

Posting the damning email evidence that she is lying crook will change the minds of any sensible people

Problem is, you think that is smoking gun evidence, but the people you send it to don't see it as such, because they view it critically and know how to read between the lines, which maybe you should start looking into as well... if there is good evidence, it isn't what's been passed around, so you should probably figure out what's wrong with that "evidence" and find the real evidence. And if there is actually no such evidence, well, maybe it's you who should change your mind.

Comment Re:If it sticks it to the utiities I am in. (Score 1) 254

Yet the alternative is to have board members making the average person's salary.

No, there's a difference between "huge multiples" and "several times", the latter of which is probably palatable. The market is a fool to pay what it does for "executive leadership" -- an educated, talented person who is dedicated and works hard is still just one person, there simply is no justification for outsized salaries.

Comment Re:How we "psych" ourselves out (Score 1) 254

We're rapidly nearing the point where the energy to extract more fossil fuel will exceed that from the additional fossil fuel.

No, without an alternative source of energy it will be economical to extract enough fossil fuel to completely ruin the planet. Civilization will collapse well before we reach fossil resource exhaustion due to agricultural resource exhaustion.

When do we actually turn to reducing energy consumption, reducing importing from China, fighting fewer wars, importing fewer foreign workers, and actually get down to the business of "think global act local"?

Half of those things have nothing to do with the energy problem and are just a personal political wishlist.

Any strategy that relies on a universal sea change in mass behavior is no strategy at all. This has to be fixed supply-side.

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