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Comment From the other side... (Score 0) 974

I hate web ads as much as the next bloke but I used to work at a national newspaper in England and worked very closely with the project manager of the systems we used for Online advertising on our website. Funny thing is I used FF with AdBlock and some of my colleagues blocked ads in different ways and we all agreed, still ads are fine, its the moving, noisy and expanding ads which are the worst, oh and those ads in the middle of the article, they also drive me nuts!!

The only problem is, as most people know, less people are buying newspaper these days, we HAD to had adverts on the website, or basically our company would collapse, and that's a sad truth, if people where still buying papers in their big numbers, it wouldn't be such a problem, but they are simply not and numbers are only going down more! But that is no excuse for companies putting the ads on we hate, but you have to sympathise with the company for putting any ads on because they need the money!

In our newspaper, we had ads, everyone newspaper does, but they are still, they don't move, I can easily ignore them if I want to without going into a fit of rage, on the web cam I do that? Oh no no...unless I use adblocker, and I will continue to use, until the companies out there realise that we will keep on blocking, and telling everyone else to block until they use newspaper type adverts!!

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