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Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 1) 280

"Contempt of court is a court order which, in the context of a court trial or hearing, declares a person or organization to have disobeyed or been disrespectful of the court's authority."

A judge can call farting in his courtroom contempt and have you locked up. This judge used the tool he had available to lash out at this guy for locking his fucking BlackBerry up.

Comment Re:Good thing (Score 1) 949

Yeah, just like how the RIAA turned lawsuits into a way to make profit (oh wait no).

You clearly don't understand torrenting. If 5% of the people who torrent new movies switched to a legal early streaming system, that's money that the studios wouldn't have seen without it. It doesn't matter if they could get $10/ea, those people wouldn't see the goddamned movie in a theater anyway.

Comment Re:Good thing (Score 1) 949

Lets take a look at the #1 torrent on TPB right now.

Video > Movies Shutter Island (2010) R5 DVDRip XviD-MAX 03-16 19:01 Seeds: 20996 Leaches: 14796

That's just right now, and it's a public site so a ton of people just hit and run. So we've got 35,000 people on this torrent right now. Why? Maybe they torrent everything they see. Maybe they want to see the movie but there's no theater near them. I torrented it because I wanted to see the movie without having to drive a 90 minute round trip, spending $30 on tickets snacks and gas. I didn't want to deal with the assholes who can't shut up during a movie. The guy snoring (in every movie I've seen in the past 18 months one guy sitting within 20 seats of me is always loudly snoring). I'd pay $5 to stream the movie. I guarantee that there's a percentage of torrenters who are like me and only do it because it's easier.

I stopped pirating PC games. Want to know why? Steam. I stopped pirating music. Want to know why? iTunes. Make it easy for me to pay to access your content at a price that's not insane and I will pay for it, and I'm not alone.

Comment Re:Good thing (Score 1) 949

If movie companies offered a one-time stream for $3 or something, I'd pay to see a lot more movies. Hell, I'd probably end up seeing ones I liked in theaters, too.

A movie is going to be leaked. There's no way around it. They can do whatever they want, but it's going to get online. Why not cut that off at the head and offer a clear picture at a low price? The reason I don't go to the theater to see movies is a combination of time driving, cost of driving and seeing the movie (in both time and money), and mostly the hatred I have to jackasses who won't shut the fuck up during a movie.

I'd pay $3-5 to stream a legit movie a few days after it's in theaters, even if it was loaded up with DRM.

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