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Comment Accusation -> Punishment directly (Score 1) 406

This must be the Brave New World I hear so much of - the one where one procedes directly from accusation to punishment without going through pesky intervening stages like "trial" and "conviction". At lest, that is my impression. So, since the accusation has been made and trial and conviction are being bypassed I can go directly to punishing the people involved for attempting to undermine the fundamental human rights of the accused.

Comment Re:Untouchable criminal (Score 1) 237

Speaking of terror groups, any US government is guilty of collaborating with Saudi Arabia. That's a much worse offense than nitpicking about the designation of a group of people that is orders of magnitude smaller than Saudi Arabia. So maybe if you clean up your act, I'll start taking your minor offenses seriously. Until then, there's the big ones.

Comment Re:Untouchable criminal (Score 1) 237

Isn't the point that it is hypocrisy for one and the same group to excuse Bush while blaming Clinton for basically the same thing? I don't see anyone justifying anything, merely using it as an example of someone's hypocrisy. Or do you also habitually accuse people who point out inequal treatment of individuals in courts of justifying crimes?

Comment Re:Good (Score 4, Insightful) 237

I'm not obsessed about it, actually. I don't particularly care about US federal law or national security anyway. What I find somewhat more troubling is attempts almost on the eve of elections at conveniently removing one of two major candidates for the leadership of a global superpower in a world I happen to live in, even if I happen to live in a different part of it.

Comment Re:empty waste land not equal to best location (Score 1) 126

because there was a power-station there, but that was years ago

Well, only fifteen years ago. It shouldn't be all that problematic to take advantage of it, it was a 4GW plant so even partial capacity would be more than adequate for servicing a solar plant of any reasonable size.

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