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Comment Sure... (Score 1) 116

Sure, I believe you, Nintendo. Just like you said its not a replacement to the Wii U. Its not replacing the Wii U, they just stopped all development on the Wii U in the months leading up to Switch launch. Big difference, see!

Really, it damn well should be a replacement for the 3ds because that's the only way they're going to get 3rd party support- by migrating all the 3ds third party support to it.

Getting HD versions of franchises that are on the 3ds today like Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter is the only way I'll consider buying it, really. Nintendo doesn't have the game output to sustain 2 separate, incompatible pieces of hardware all by their lonesome.

Comment Verizon and IRC (Score 2) 149

It used to be that my sister couldn't connect to Efnet using her 4g on her phone. I helped her bypass it by finding a server with SSL support and encrypting the connection to Efnet.

A few months ago, this quit working too. I was puzzled- how did Verizon know it was IRC traffic? The port was a standard HTTP port...

She found that turning SSL back OFF made the problem go away- she can get on IRC just fine now. It seems they no longer block IRC but block SSL? I didn't really investigate further, but this seems to explain it.

Comment Re:Move away from the 120V screw-based sockets? (Score 1) 602

Meh, you still have to have the power supply. All what you are proposed will do is move the cost of the power supply from the bulb to the fixture. Granted, the PSU may be able to run cooler when separate, but what would the chances be you could easily get replacement PSUs for that lamp you bought 10 years ago? A lot of hassle for very little gain.

Besides, there's been low voltage lighting fixtures available for about a zillion years. A lot of places use it.

Comment To be Fair... (Score 3, Interesting) 63

According to Washington Post, they obtained a SECOND warrant for the tax evasion investigation- they didn't just pull the DVDs out of the cabinet and had a looksee- It just so happened they already had the data they needed. This means they ALREADY had probable cause before they pulled the DVDs out again. And they never looked at any data to investigate a crime that they didn't have a warrant for.

  I feel this really could have gone either way- the judge just erred on the side of caution here, which is good. It also makes keeping data around pretty much pointless for law enforcement...

Comment Re:Density Myth. . . (Score 1) 337

Using the 2010 census....

Population Density of Ephrata, WA: 759/sq mi. Population 7000.

Population of the town I live in outside Pittsburgh, and there's a TON of towns around that are similar: 259/sq mi. Population 8000.

Running a single fiber line into a town isn't as expensive as running it to the homes, so with the kind of population density in Ephrata (closer to Japan's than mine), I can easily see fiber to the home being economical. But where I live? Not so much. I am willing to admit that fiber is going to be VERY expensive where I live and there already is fiber backbone running through the area, feeding the DSLAMs.

My point is that you absolutely CANNOT use a single small town in characterize the whole US. Its way too big, and way too diverse geographically.

Comment Re:intel and power efficiency (Score 2) 230

You cannot use the TDP (the "power budget" in your post) to compare actual power consumption of the chips. The 35w Haswells will consume less power than your Core 2 chip in actual use, thanks to massive gating and idle power gains that Intel has made. Haswells are also faster, allowing them to go back to idle quicker.

That's the thing about Intel- some chips have higher TDPs, sure, but the performance per watt is unparalleled. You need more ARM cores to do the same things- and many people would like more performance, especially in the server and tablet markets. When the Cortex A15 was released, people were excited that the performance finally approached the Atom, but for some reason were surprised that power consumption started to come up as well... Huh, maybe Intel isn't terrible at the CPU thing after all?

Oh look- The Haswell dual core Core i5 4210Y has a TDP of 11.5W. And the quad core 4702EC is 27w...

They did not go backwards in any way shape or form.

By the way, Haswell's TDP includes the GPU. Penryn's GPU was on the northbridge and not included in CPU TDP. And the 945 GPU sucked compared to all the Haswells' GPUs.

Comment Re:Recruiting Tool (Score 1) 147

And are you implying that there is there something wrong with this?

People get to play around with a tool used in industry if they want, Disney (AND other Renderman companies) get better, more passionate hires, people have a way to get their foot in the door for jobs they want without having to put up money...

What's the problem?

Comment And what's better? (Score 4, Informative) 200

If this is because they're upset at Microsoft for dropping XP support so quickly, then what are they going to? What OS has a longer support cycle than XP's 12.5 years?

Red Hat's is 10 years. AIX is 5-7. HP-UX is 8. Ubuntu LTS is 5 years. Mac OS is 4-ish. Solaris is likely the closest at 12 years... But its still less. Maybe they'll roll their own support?

Comment Re:Yes, Hewlett Packard. A Genuine Legend. (Score 2) 100

I imagine they're doing fine, working for the company you're talking about, Agilent.

Make no mistake: The only thing HP has to do with the company that was founded in the 40s is the name. The company that Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded still exists, making great stuff. Its just called Agilent. And they still support scopes and multimeters that say HP on them.

Comment Congrats (Score 1) 171

I've had the pleasure of working with the CMU CC for the past several years, broadcasting their Demoparty, Demosplash, on Scenesat the past several years. These guys are seriously passionate about retrocomputing and The Demoscene. They have released some neat Demos for the Apple Lisa and the Vectrex. Good to see them getting some recognition here. They're nice bunch of guys, and the Warhol museum certainly picked the right people for the job, right in Pittsburgh.

If you're in the Retro computers and the Amiga, they showcase a TON of it at Demosplash, both by allowing you to play games on them and by showcasing Demos, so its worth a trip.

Comment Re:Why bother with a radar / laser jammer? (Score 1) 666

Hah, I remember that happening around Pittsburgh. It was on the news. They eventually ticketed a lawyer and that put an end to it- Appeals court said no.

I believe they ended up refunding the ticket monies.

I've seen people drive that fast around here. I've driven past them as they lay at the side of the road upside down (never actually seen one flip in person, though).

Comment Re:The story of the 2003 blackout (Score 1) 293

I wonder how much of it has to do with population density. I'll betcha a LOT. I assure you that the Japanese, per capita, has a tiny amount of electrical grid wiring compared to the US. We have a ton of people like me living in rural areas, and we have long power lines feeding us. That's a lot more opportunity for a tree to fall and knock out power to a lot of people. You don't think that might account for the .099% difference in reliability?

  In my area the houses are far enough apart that each house has its own transformer. Gives me very stable power, though.

Comment Re:reliability (Score 1) 139

I have a company-supplied Bold, and it is easily the worst phone I've ever touched. Its not reliable at ALL. It only syncs when it feels like it, reception is poor, and the battery life is so bad its never charged anyway. And for some reason, if the battery starts to go low, it just turns off the cellular modem but doesn't turn it back on when its put back on charge. Basically, if you keep one eye on it, it'll just stop getting emails.

The innovative ways that Blackberry devised to suck are impressive. The battery life is about a day (if you don't use it), it doesn't really have a keypad lock as its designed to live in its huge holster, the speaker phone is so bad its useless (the one in my dumbphone Samsung Convey is immensely superior), it has a gazzillion buttons that I don't even think do anything, etc.

Maybe OS 10 is an improvement, but the older versions are so hard to work its not funny. There's Setup, Options, Preferences, and then individual options and preferences in each application it ships with. If you want to change an email option, which of the five options menus is it in? Well, just try them all. Mine's stuck with the French spellcheck library, but I can't find the option to fix it. I found the one for the whole phone, which is set in English, but does that affect the spellcheck? Of course not. Oh, it must be under the "SpellCheck" options menu. Nope, not there either.

The funniest is the charging. When you plug it into a PC to charge it, it lights up with this nice clock thing. Put the PC to sleep, and it'll stop charging. But its still connected to the PC, right? So the clock thing stays on. In an hour or two, your battery will be dead. Even though its getting power in the USB port.

Maybe they should have sold phones that people wanted to use rather than positioning themselves as the provider of phones that your employer makes you use.

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