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Submission + - Navisite Massively Botches Datacenter Move (navisite.com)

9InchRails writes: "In a move to consolidate a newly acquired datacenter, web hosting provider Navisite shutdown, boxed and transported hundreds of servers, effectively stranding in excess of 200,000 web sites and authoritative name servers. This fiasco is in its fourth day as noted here and here. How could a company been so completely incompetent?"
United States

Submission + - Leading global warming researcher accused of fraud

An anonymous reader writes: A leading global warming research, Wei-Chyung Wang at SUNY, has been accused of fraud in his research. The research was one of the main reasons that urban heat islands were considered to be insignificant for global warming studies. This could potentially mean that the global warming is not as large as previously thought. The researcher who discovered the fraud has previously published about other bogus research.

Submission + - KDE 4.0 Beta 1 released. (kde.org)

dbhost writes: "Along with this morning's cup of coffee and log reviews, I discovered that the KDE team is moving forward with a long awaited beta release of KDE 4.0 beta release of KDE 4.0. The most interesting item I found in this article is that the file manager in KDE is being separated from Konqueror into a component called Dolphin. Also according to the announcement konsole has been treated to a number of improvements such as split view, and history highlighting."

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