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Comment Re:Where's the news? (Score 0) 228

"Seriously though, how can a golf ball have 11 patents on it?"

I have never played golf, and I know the answers to this. Seriously, though, have you done even a minimal amount of research into how golf balls are designed and manufactured?

If so, you would not have asked the question except rhetorically. You're welcome.

Golf balls. Someone actually designs the things? What an awful way to spend your life.

Comment Re:14 times smaller? (Score 1) 319

"Greenland looks roughly the size of Africa when it is actually about 14 times smaller." Actually, if you make something 1 times smaller, it's gone! Nothing left! Perhaps you meant 1/14 the size, instead of "14 times smaller"....

I wish this slashdot article was using a font that was 14 times smaller...

Comment Re:Well, sort of (Score 1) 52

Illiterate /. editor strikes again. "Cyberfox Developer Proclaims Death of Web Browser" should read "Developer Proclaims Death of Cyberfox Web Browser." Reply to This

Oh, you think this was accidental? What if said "Your browser trying to kill you, here's one weird trick to stay alive"?

If it said that, it would already have 2 million shares on facebook.

Comment Re:Sue? (Score 1) 206

Apparently Americans aren't the only people who do things and ask questions later, because if you had so much as read the summary, you'd see it's a UK website. British mate, 'ith a pot of tea. Unless you are a dual citizen and somehow grant the UK jurisdiction over your ISP service, I see no way in which an American citizen would need to care about these emails.


Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 358

What about if you use that baseball bat to hit a baseball in a park, knowing that people are nearby, and are it hits one of those people and causes concussion. Your intention was to play baseball near some people, but you accidentally injured one. I suspect you'd get a milder sentence.

It's an interesting point that I can't quickly resolve in my mind. I guess that's why I'm not a judge, either!

Comment Re:Overboard, Sad! (Score 1) 358

It seems that he broke FAA rules (I'm not familiar with those, but most countries' rules for model aircraft don't allow them to be flown over crowds). Because of the resulting injury, a stiff sentence would be in order. But in this case, as opposed to violent crimes and the like, there is no benefit in removing this guy from society for a bit, other than making an example out of him. Wouldn't justice be better served with community service? Especially since I'd think the guy is also on the hook to pay a substantial amount in damages to the girl, even if he's only ordered to pay actual damages.

Well.. he'll be ordered to pay damages. Since he's now been convicted of a crime he won't be able to secure a job. Unless he's already independently wealthy, I doubt he'll be able to pay. Luckily for him, in some parts of the world mcdonalds is paying huge amounts. However that probably also means they don't have to deal with hiring someone that's convicted of a crime due to sufficient applicants with clear backgrounds.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 358

And yet, this is, in a way, very similar to just flinging a baseball bat (or whatever) towards a group of people, isn't it?

Doesn't seem similar to me. Drone pilot intended to fly near people, not hit them with the drone. Hitting the people was an accident. If you throw a bat at a group of people, you intended to hit them with the bat.

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