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Comment Re:My brain hurts (Score 1) 183

Uh... so how fast does it go? Y'know, in normal numbers?

The *real* question is "How FAR does it go on a charge?" Which is followed closely by a related question "How long does it take to recharge?"

Having high acceleration and top speed are nice, but if you only get 40 miles from a full charge which takes 4 hours to achieve, what's the point? It might be interesting for the race track, but as a practical means of transportation it's useless to 90% of us.

I know this is slashdot and nobody reads the article, but seriously... read the article. It's in there.

Comment Re: My brain hurts (Score 1) 183

That requires a little over 90 mph average speed. It's aerodynamically pretty awful, so you could probably make it go quite a bit faster. For comparison, Formula E cars top out at 140 mph, but they're also aerodynamically far superior. The problem is that both have very limited range. A Formula E race lasts 50 minutes. And this car doesn't have great range, either.

I get that developing electric cars is a way to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, but I think we could do more to make electric and gasoline powered cars more efficient. For example, I don't really understand why cars don't have a kinetic energy recovery system in them. Some race cars have a KERS, which makes them quite a bit more efficient in road courses. For city driving, a KERS could make cars more efficient with the accelerating and braking that occurs. It won't do a lot for highway driving, but it'll really help with city driving.

Formula E cars aren't street legal. They'd need many modifications to make them compete with this street legal car. Many of those modifications would significantly reduce their performance (bumpers etc).

Comment Re:Insane (Score 1) 85

Why would anyone pay that much for Opera?

Why would anyone pay $600M for something with annual revenues of $460M? Best hopes of 5 years to recover the investment, but more likely 10 or more years? That makes no sense.

I think you read the article backwards. The stuff NOT sold somehow generates $460 mill. However, it seems like an $600M investment that would likely generate $920M over two years might not be so bad. I guess that comes down to how much of that revenue is profit.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 118

I think he means more in general, like at the end of the day if all the documents are signed and everything appears correct you just have to trust that the whole system isn't broken and the investigators tampered with the evidence and covered it up. A hash doesn't protect against that since they could simply calculate a new hash and pretend that was the right one the whole time.

Why would you grant such trust at a time when we're reading stories about prosecutors and investigators simply making things up? There was even a story about a guy who had been exonerated in such a case yet still sits in prison for years afterward.

Therefore, when court evidence is presented it should always be treated as suspect until the system can prove otherwise.

Comment Re:meta discussion who is responsible for hacks? (Score 0) 73

If the company was hacked and the passwords were stored insecurely, then it is responsible. If a second company gets hacked and you shared the same passwords, the second company is responsible for the damage done to it, and you are responsible for the damage done to you. The first company should not be held accountable. They didn't decide your password. They allow you the freedom to set it yourself. Don't be a fool and split passwords among various services. Seriously. You can't complain when it has been repeated so often NOT TO USE COMMON PASSWORDS. YOUR SECURITY IS THAT OF THE WEAKEST PASSWORDS. You can't complain because you failed to enable two-factor. You can't complain if your password was easy to guess and the attackers guessed it (you can if the company allows millions to be tested without locking out your account and blocking the attack, this is a brute force password break, and should be mitigated in authentication software).

Ahh, because when you visit your monitor will eject a fingerprint scanner for you to use. I forgot about that feature!

Comment Re:I will never understand this (Score 4, Funny) 173

I will never understand this. "They love our work, lets alienate the ever-loving shit out of them!" Really, it's always a brilliant move folks.

If they ever open a "walking dead world" section of a theme park, maybe fans will be able to buy their very own copy of a threatening letter from a lawyer!

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