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Comment Re:Yeah, keep laughing, UMC (Score 3, Interesting) 613

You're stupid. US citizens spent about 10.7 trillion in retail expenses in 2011 (first number I could easily find), to get that to our current budgetary levels you're going to need to tax that at around 30% (+ income from other taxes) to cover federal spending for that time period, and I don't know about you but I sure as hell am not currently paying 30% in federal taxes. And keep in mind, that's 30% ACROSS THE BOARD, no exemptions for low income or food stuffs, etc. "Oh well we can cut government spending to make up the difference!" OK, you're going to need to cut government expenditures probably in half to make a fair tax work without inordinately hurting the lower classes, good luck with that. Now if you wanted to abolish income tax and supplant it with a low rate fair tax, I may be game there, but make sure you're only talking about personal income tax, continue to tax the corporations otherwise we're never going to be able to meet budgetary requirements.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 126

Maybe you should read TFA before making statements like this. PayPal thought that this service was facilitating illegal file sharing, similar to MegaUpload, and that violates PayPal's ToS. Seafile is a pretty small company, since they don't have alot of people using the service that can vouch for it, if they can't provide evidence that the service ISN'T being used for illegal file sharing, I can't necessarily blame PayPal for cutting them off. To be clear, I don't blame Seafile for taking the stance they have, I would have done the same thing. I just understand why PayPal did what they did, and if or when enough Seafile users start publicly complaining, PayPal may very well reverse their position.

Comment Re:Shows how weak they really are (Score 4, Interesting) 58

Give one good reason why the world should not ""strike back".

Islamic State has declared and is enacting war on the world.

Because the world does not have the willpower to move in and control the situation on the ground for the next couple of decades. If we want to actually win we have to convince the people that actually live there to keep these assholes in line. If we go in and blow everything up all it's going to do is recruit the next generation of jihadist assclowns.

Comment Re: we're all scientists (Score 1) 634

TFS: "ask those questions and not just believe what Bill Nye the Science Guy is trying to tell them" about climate change."

I'm sure Bill Nye would completely agree with you there Sarah, he would also follow that with encouraging the asker to go and research their answer. This is the difference between the two of them.

Comment Re:Repetition leads to suicide (Score 5, Interesting) 146

People on the autism spectrum tend to have a lot more stress in their lives, various types of stress have long been linked to higher mortality rates, be that from suicide to distracted driving to heart attacks to drug use as a coping mechanism to straight up side effects from medication. I would be mind boggled that this is news but when I saw that this "study" was performed by an autism advocacy group, I realized its nothing more than an attention grab.

Comment Re:Basic income is NOT inevitable. (Score 1, Flamebait) 954

Quite the opposite: Detroit is such a basket case precisely because most of its residents already receive a "basic income" from the government.

Spoken like a true believer (drank too much of the koolaid). Ok, so I'm guessing that you're going on the traditional "everyone on welfare are lazy sacks of shit, go get a job" bullshit, ok fine. What jobs are there in Detroit? Have you ever been there? Have you looked? Please explain your statement. What jobs are the people that may have worked in heavy manufacturing going to be qualified for, mostly retail and food service, right? And when those jobs don't pay enough to get by, what are they supposed to do then? So what should they do, move to where there are jobs? How do you do that without money? Without transportation? Without a clear idea of where to go? No answers yet? Ok, so let's go back to your next likely argument, the evil government makes working in the US too expensive, if wages could be down around $3 an hour we'd have tons of jobs. Ok, I'll give you that, but how the hell is anyone going to be able to afford to buy anything at $3 an hour? Do you think that deflation is going to automatically kick in once there are 25 million more workers? Probably not, more likely those companies (especially profit driven ones) will take the extra money they save from not having to pay employees as much and pocket it.

If you think I'm wrong, great, I welcome an open debate about this. My only request is that before you speak, actually stop and consider the situation the residents of Detroit, and of anyone else on government assistance for that matter, and what their real options are. Don't just repeat Libertarian platitudes, stop and think about the real effects of the situation that they're in. Also, don't just assume that everyone is fucking lazy, that in of itself is fucking lazy.

Oh, and keep in mind all you libertarian fuckwits out there, even Ayn Rand accepted government assistance.

Comment Re:Here's a clue about every government on Earth (Score 0) 558

People that go on about going off gold and such have no damned idea of how money works. ALL money, including gold, is only worth the collective value that a society puts upon it. Gold is no different, if you and I didn't think gold was worth 3 grains of sand, then we wouldn't trade in it, so what makes paper money or invisible money any different?

Do I think that the $100 should be discontinued? No. I think that it would place an undue burden on too many people, especially with the way inflation has grown in the last 50 years. Banks cost money and placing most of the responsibility of maintaining your money supply in the hands of disparate private institutions just adds another point where failure can happen. But to leap to government control libertarian bullshit conspiracy theories is really stupid.

Here's a tip AC, if you want to not sound "so fringe", try inserting some logic or evidence into your arguments, you'll find you get a lot further.

Comment Re:Brazil (Score 1, Insightful) 400

Anonymous Cowards, posting stupid and racist bullshit shit since 1997. Poor != stupid, and considering the challenges they likely faced in clearing all of the waste from their water, and since Brazil isn't really know for wealth, I'm not surprised they couldn't do it while spending the billions necessary to build up the rest of the facilities that will undoubtedly go to waste after the Olympics are over.

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