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Comment Re:Origin PC? (Score 1) 94

Origin Systems was a game studio EA purchased. They produced Ultima, Wing Commander, and System Shock. They were absolutely awesome and I loved everything they did prior to EA buying them. Then they ruined both Ultima (with Ultima IX) and Wing Commander (with Privateer 2), and shuttered the studio. It's one of the many corpses of once-great game studios EA as left in its wake.

Comment No. It didn't "predict" anything. (Score 0, Troll) 186

It reacted when there were "obvious" signs of trouble, and it didn't "predict" anything. The 2nd car in front was slowing fast enough that the Tesla would have started to brake on its own -- just as happened here. Would a person have noticed and reacted in the same way? Maybe; probably not. What I'm saying here isn't dismissing what the Tesla did...but the Tesla also didn't "predict" anything or see into the future; it reacted to inputs that were already present, and a good and attentive human driver might have done the same thing. Once perfected, self-driving cars and accident avoidance technology will make the roads safer â" but let's not make them seem magical, because they aren't.

Comment Who cares? (Score 0) 19

Seriously, who cares? Not everything needs to be 100% secure. Oh wait, some slashdotter will point out that some assassin will use this to change some journalists seat on an airplane so they can attack them or something. Codes have been six digits for decades and it hasn't been a problem.

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