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Journal karniv0re's Journal: Unfinished Business

As a late new years resolution of mine, I have decided that I need to complete projects that I start up. It is a mark of successful people to never leave a project incomplete. So I'm gonna do that starting with an easy one: Un-DOS

Un-DOS is a project I started back in December of 2004. Yeesh. Talk about procrastination. But I wanna finsh the motherfucker. Even if it is pointless. It is a legitimate project I started, so I'm gonna do it.

So first off, fuck SourceForge. I'm hosting on It's way easier, and I don't have to get approval or some shit like that. Plus, they use a web-accessable Subversion, right off the bat. Rawk.

Since this project is a Winblows project, I needed Winblows. I installed VirtualBox on DevSin, and installed Windows XP on it. VirtualBox is cool as shit. VMWare was bing a bitch, so I just went with something that had packages in the repository.

It's a snap to set up. Anyway, I'm VNC'd and SSH'd from my desktop into my development box, which has a virtual machine running on it. Talk about confusing. Eventually I'd like to get a KVM set up so I don't have to VNC and SSH in. But until then, this'll work. Everything is set up and we're ready to rock 'n roll.

Let the fun begin!
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Unfinished Business

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