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Comment That explains this morning (Score 2) 264

Forget the sites the articles mention. I was having very serious troubles getting to the Guardian's site, pictures not loading, and worse, I couldn't even log onto my hosting provider.

Now, I'm on Verizon FIOS, and my system (Linux, a real o/s) couldn't even ping, it couldn't find the name, until I manual added nameserver (one of google's) to my resolv.conf. Then it started working.

That tells me that it was overloading nameservers in a *LOT* of places.


Comment ROTFLMAO! (Score 1) 97

I have just this to say about that: folks, I wouldn't let alpha software out to users.

They brought in "hybrid" phones here last year (VOIP). For voicemail, it sends an mp3, and a "transcription". Frequently, the "transcription", "powered by Microsoft speech technology", resembles early "computer poetry". And by "early", I'm talking 1960s or '70s.... with significant portions bearing zero resemblance to what was said.


Comment Genre Fiction (Score 1) 252

Not many Westerns or Fantasy Novels or Mysteries have won the Nobel Prize for literature. Such novels are specifically designed to appeal to a subculture, and are not generally interesting for people who aren't already fans of the genre.

Likewise, I think most fans of Science-Fiction don't read much in the realm of mainstream fiction. For such readers, there are Hugos and Asimovs and plenty of awards/top 10 lists for Science Fiction, and any other genre fiction you can think of. It's not even like the Oscars, which receive a good amount of attention even from people who don't watch many movies, where it would make sense that sci-fi fans want their genre to receive the attention as well. Only people who read fiction regularly care about the NY Times "10 notable books of 2016" list.

So what's really being argued? That people who read general fiction should enjoy science fiction more? Of course there is good science fiction, and I would say this is generally acknowledged, but generally speaking it is less intelligent, ridden with cliche, and is designed to appeal to young men. There is nothing wrong with a fun read, just as there is nothing wrong with a fun special-effect heavy super-hero movie, but pretending genre fiction is on the same intellectual level as fiction is simply untrue.

I also think that the ability of the literature press to praise certain works of sci-fi shows that it's not a wholesale rejection of the genre.

And sorry for a lack of political correctness, but seriously is Kim Stanley Robinson really commenting? He is just a wonderful example of how even a relatively successful sci-fi author can write on about the level of a 12 year old. Everything about the book is embarrassing. If he wasn't writing about spaceships on Mars nobody would buy a single copy of his crap. That includes the science - even if you like all the rockets and so forth, all the info on geo-engineering is complete nonsense. Of course serious authors who use sci-fi tropes would want to distane themselves from an author like him.

Comment "Innovation"? (Score 1) 342

Horse hockey. The studios don't own the theatres, theatre companies do, and the studios want an arm and a leg to show the films, and the theatre companies want the other arm and a leg for profit... and the theatres pay the staff from the food and drinks.

The result is, what, it was $20/person last year for an IMAX show of Interstellar. $20 for a MOVIE? And another what, $10? $15? $20? for popcorn and sodas?

Gee, I just don' know why fewer people is going to da theatres....

Comment A lot of stupid people (Score 1) 311

1. As of the beginning of this year, the PCI - the organization of credit card vendors section that deals with security, announced, over a year ago, that not having chip readers enabled meant that the store is liable for fraud.. The chip is a *lot* more trouble to clone or steal.
2. What's the big deal? Time them printing out the chit, you signing it, or inputting crap on the screen, then having to sign (I *loathe* "signing" with my fingertip) - as if anyone could read half your signatures - as opposed to shoving the card in and waiting a minute for it to beep.

It's about them not wanting to loose a *lot* of money because users don't care about people stealing their data, or watching you punch in your PIN, or....


Comment Re:Whoever buys these (Score 2) 91

People know; people don't care. Everybody knows Facebook and Google tracks them for advertising and so forth, just they don't think the information will be used for anything for malevolent than targeted advertisements.

If you explain how nobody should use Facebook because of privacy issues, you will come off as a weird/paranoid Luddite. If you explain that credit cards can be used to track you and your spending behavior and should be absolutely avoided, you will come off as crazy. Family might humor your anti-Google rants because they're used to having to deal with you, and you're family, but no the large majority of people do not care and are not going to care and are just going to think you're weird.

Comment HDDs on the ropes? (Score 1) 161

Ah, not for years yet, at least. Since I've spec'd out a number of servers this year, let me assure you that I can get an 8TB HDD for about the price of a 1TB SSD... if they're even offering SSD's that large; most are 256G or 500G.

HDDs declared dead, film at 11....


Comment Was there supposed to be a question? (Score 2) 375

Trump dissolved into a snivelling, incoherent mannerless, classless ass, breaking all the rules (as he has done his whole life), interrupting Clinton when it was her time to talk (which she did not do), running way over his time, and defending every point at great length... clearly taking no responsibility for anything he's ever done (not renting to Blacks? Settled without admitting wrongdoing. Names he calls women? They deserved it.)

Meanwhile, Clinton apologized for the email server, and took full responsibility. Trump takes no responsibility for everything, which seems right, since he *is* irresponsible. He'd start a war over being taunted? Whet is, this, 2nd grade recess?

Trump won? In what bad dystopian movie are you living?


Comment Hillary "crooked? Trump is a crook, demostrably (Score 1) 136

You're read/heard how he underpays or fails to pay people and small contractors he's hired.

Here's another one: my PT and I were talking this morning, and he told me his father's an industrial contractor - paints bridges, drywall buildings, etc, and more than once, he's done a job for Trump, and then, when it was done, Trump comes in, says yeah, he's satisfied... but that he thinks he's already paid him enough, never mind the signed contract.

Tell me that's not criminal fraud?

He is a crook. And his wife doesn't wear a cloth coat....


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