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Comment Re:Trains (Score 4, Informative) 160

Why am I obsessed with cars? Because my crappy 35 minute commute by car becomes a 2 hour 20 commute by BART + Bus + walking (according to Google Maps). And trains can't take me to the hikes or parks I like, aren't really a practical way to bring around my kid and all the random shit he needs, etc.

I suppose we could bulldoze the entire Bay Area to organize it around a train system, but that's not going to happen.

Good username/comment synergism, though. I will say that even in NYC, taking the subway to go between my brother in North Brooklyn to my friend in South Brooklyn is like an hour, even though they're just about 4 miles away. Even NYC needs cars, although it makes more sense to use Uber/taxi for many people.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 372


I took a course in OO in the mid-nineties, and OO design was interesting... but the closer you got to the code, the fuzzier it got.

And COBOL works really well for what it was designed for: huge batch jobs. The only problem I had with it was lack of control structures, so I left behind when I went off to the joy of *Nix, were a lot of PERFORM 1000-dummy-paragraph THROUGH 1000-dummy-paragraph-exit WHILE [all my array processing here].

And if you kids think that no one does huge batch processing, you probably are only interested in video games and eye candy, and don't really understand what computing's about. I suggest that you consider, for example, the US IRS processing tax returns....

There was another story on slashdot, about linkedin trying out 70-style no-CS-degree apprenticeships... perhaps banks should be giving money to community colleges to teach COBOL again.

Comment Re:Justice (Score 1) 35

It's sad that people conflate free speech with pirated episodes of "The Flash, Season 3, Episode 19."

Free Speech is important because it allows the distribution of Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" or the Federalist Papers. Saying that obviously Free Speech means you don't have to pay content creators cheapens the value of Free Speech into something people don't consider a right.

Comment And the obvious (Score 1) 149

Upper management changing specs on you, with no change in schedules. And, of course, they created the schedules, while having no idea that programming doesn't mean moving a mouse around for a few minutes and voila, there it is.

Then there's the environment... like the infamy of "open plan offices", so that managers can walk around and see if you're working (which they can tell by seeing you typing).

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