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Comment Re:Old stuff "discovered" by the ignorant (Score 2) 500

written by someone who couldn't be bothered to do an hour's research on Wikipedia.

Well, to quote wikipedia:

Input-output planning was never adopted because the material balance system had become entrenched in the Soviet economy, and input-output planning was shunned for ideological reasons. As a result, the benefits of consistent and detailed planning through input-output analysis was never realized in the Soviet-type economies.

Comment Re:XBox 1: jumped shark, shark ate it (Score 1) 108


It's ten minutes of setup when you first buy it, and then when you put in a game for the first time you have to wait a few minutes (which, granted, is kind of a bummer), and every few months when you turn it on you have to wait a few minutes. Sure, waiting a few minutes every once in a while is kind of a drag, but in no way does that come close to the annoyances of PC gaming.

Comment Re:The day wasn't the best choice. (Score 1) 129

Don't most people not live paycheck-to-paycheck? Don't most people buy things off Amazon with Credit Card, rather than cashing in their paychecks for cash and then mailing Amazon a handful of bills?

FWIW my wife and I both get paid every other week (7th and 22nd for both of us, oddly - I guess it gives accounting departments a week after the 1st and 15th).

Comment Re:Undecided - for now (Score 1) 185

For now, while the hype is VR gaming, I find 360 video the most compelling part of VR. It's extremely, bizarrely immersive. For this purpose, cell-phone based systems like the Gear or even cardboard are great. They have obvious room for improvement, but the viewing technology is basically there already. Anyway, a Cardboard is like $5, so if you are interested enough to spend 10 minutes writing out your post on Slashdot, just go ahead and buy one.

The larger issue is that to get high-quality video, you need bulky camera systems that cost $3000 and have a unwieldy work flow. They do have sub-$500 cameras that are fun to use, but the results are fairly low-quality even in good lighting. I'd also like to see livestreaming.

I like games, I like VR, I admit I don't know if I have an interest in VR gaming. What little I've done has not been very fun, nor has it convinced me it's any less of a gimmick than 3D TVs. It's not going to be like you're dropped into the world of Halo, because you're always going to be aware of the lack of real motion, and because a high-end computer system is nowhere near computationally powerful enough to create a high-quality immersive environment.

Comment No Surprise (Score 3, Informative) 83

The S5 was advertised as being waterproof as well, and advertisements had people taking selfies underwater. Mine didn't survive a single splash of water that must've gotten it rather wet for several seconds.

I took it to the repair guy (screen needed to be replaced, if I recall). He told me he was repairing the s5 for water damage all the time.

Comment Re:So what's the selling point? (Score 2) 74

Personally, my friend wanted to keep using a 10 year old laptop with a Celeron processor missing some instruction set that Xubuntu wouldn't work on trivially. I got Peppermint to install fine (maybe you had to use a year-old version, it's been a year and I forget the details). Additionally, Peppermint comes with applications that are server-heavier rather than processor intensive.

Of course, there are 300 variations of Linux and more than one will work for any given purpose. But it's not like Peppermint is something brand new, hasn't it been around for like three or four years now?

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