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Comment Re:Welcome to entrepreneurs (Score 1) 474

You imagine a false disparity - there's either being in the top 1%, or failing miserably. The top 1% of US salary is $428,713. I am very happy living off of less money than that - I would even say I wouldn't know what to do with that much. You can earn much less than that and still have kids go to top schools, have regular vacations, retire comfortably, live a luxurious lifestyle.

Comment There are hundreds of movies out there... (Score 5, Insightful) 542

There's hundreds of movies that come out each year, maybe 10% of which are prequels or re-makes. If I go to AV Club and look up their reviews of recent movies, I see:

After The Storm, Taipei Story, Frantz, The Sense Of An Ending, Raw, Personal Shopper, My Scientology Movie, Actor Martinez, Kong: Skull Island, The Last Word, The Shack, Table 19, Catfight, Before I Fall, Wolves, Donald Cried, Logan, I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore, Collide, Rock Dog, Ash Brannon

20 movies, only two of which are big re-makes/sequels of well-known action movies. So what's the problem? If you don't like franchise movies, the large majority of movies being created aren't re-makes/sequels.

It's like saying all music today is terrible because you hate country...just listen to something else!

Comment Re:Yay.. not (Score 0) 44

Why, ten years ago they bought a company that put rootkits on its CDs! Theoretically that could have allowed computers to get hacked, although it seems that never actually happened, and anyway nobody played CDs on their computer anyway, and also nobody in Sony was involved in BMG putting rootkits on their CDs, and also isn't this getting a little old when nobody buys CDs anymore? It's like complaining that Sony released an 8-Track with gain levels set WAY too high.

Comment Worth it (Score 5, Informative) 102

Under her, Yahoo nearly tripled in value, from about $16 billion to $44 billion. She won't win a prize for innovation, but financially she played it smart with Yahoo and made her investors a lot of money, and it makes sense that she would get paid handsomely for the job.

Comment They never went away (Score 1) 243

Walk into any Best Buy or Walmart and there will be a usable $200 Windows netbook I actually had a $200 HP stream 12 for a year and a half. It bundled with a year of Office (which I need, and think is much better than Libre), so that's like $80 off the $200. Worked perfectly for work and browsing web and online grad school. Tiny computer, no moving parts, I would just bring it along on trips without thinking about it. I could play Civ 5 on lowest settings, ha.

The two issues were the 32 Gigs of hard drive, with maybe 20 Gigs free after installing the OS and Office and basic apps. The 32gb drive ensured you would only want the computer if you used it as a 2nd computer or just for the most basic uses, although I guess you could use a USB 3.0 key drive, or an SD card. And the 2 GB of RAM was kind of a limiter, but really not a big deal. I know the latest rendition of the Stream has 4GB of RAM, which I imagine is fine.

I really liked the computer, but when it broke due to much abuse I went for a Macbook. If Windows 10 didn't suck so much I'd probably get another one.

Comment Zenimax (Score 0) 58

Wow - so they proved in court that Carmack was involved in stealing trade secrets worth $500 million, and he still expects to be promptly paid?

If I was convicted in court of stealing from a company, I wouldn't expect a paycheck. I guess that's one more way the rich executives are different from the rest of us.

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