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Comment Warning (Score -1) 137

For the love of god, don't do this to yourself. Just get a Macbook Air. $800 might be a bit overpriced but Linux = wasted time plus limited programs.

I can't imagine wanting to get an expensive new laptop and putting Linux on it. It's something you do to an old laptop - you can't game on it, you won't use it for media applications. Linux is either going to be used for a server that needs something faster than the fastest laptop, or is just for dicking around on the web, in which case just get the cheapest thing you can.

Nobody in the world needs/wants a high-end Linux laptop.

Comment Re:Elephant in the room (Score 1) 273

And the time on your hands. Are you gainfully employed? How much $/hour does your time work out to?

Even if I do want a small plastic widget, I can't really think of anything wanted off the top of my head. Maybe I could use something, I suppose, but it's a small need. I don't enjoy designing small plastic widgets, and the cost of my own labor to design them is hundreds of dollars, and designing plastic widgets is not something I enjoy or care to build a skill at.

So inevitably, I would just buy the designs off the which point the whole exercise becomes pointless. If I'm just going to buy designs anyway, why not buy the plastic widget off Amazon or EBay? I can do that know, it's cheap, and after shipping will usually work out to $5-$10.

Comment Re:Nokia phones (Score 1) 128

He sold a company that was in the process of going bankrupt to a big technology company that was desperate to enter the cell phone market. It was a smart move for the shareholders.

The company was going to shit before he was ever hired as CEO. Him saying "Symbian sucks" was just acknowledging what was widely acknowledged in the marketplace. It was certainly not immensely popular. It was a complete joke compared to the iPhone or even Android 2. No rational person would look at Symbian, iPhone, or Android, and choose Symbian. At that point, Nokia was basically in the business of selling dumbphones to poor people, because $50 Android phones were still a year away.

Comment Re:Nokia phones (Score 1) 128

Elop was hired as CEO...what do you think happened to the previous CEO? Hint: He didn't get old and retire, he didn't get elected Emperor of Finland. Actually, he was fired for doing a bad job. A quick Google says that under the previous CEO, Nokia went from 38% to 21% in just four years, and he hadn't been able to come up with an adequate response to the Apple iPhone that re-made the industry.

The worst thing you can say about Elop is that he took a company that was clearly already falling apart and in a terrible position, and was unable to turn it around.

Comment Re:Can someone explain why this is cool? (Score 1) 84

Plex is easier and does the same thing, with an attractive interface. Running a samba server and copying files isn't difficult, but it's time wasted when an easier solution exists. Plus, doing this via Plex means you always have access to your full library.

If I'm away from home, I have a phone with 4G (unlimited data for $50/month), or maybe I run wifi at work.

It's so easy and works so well, I see it as a no-brainer. You don't need a subscription pass for many use cases; I don't have one and my wife and I run Plex off computers, phones, TV, Roku, and tablets.

Comment Re:eating less (Score 0) 256

it can be so bad that the number of calories they need to take in can be below the level at which normal western food can supply enough nutrition.

Complete nonsense. There is no problem with dieters regularly getting scurvy. Getting enough nutrition is possible through eating a simple salad, which is a part of the normal western diet (theoretically).

Comment No. Study is nonsense. (Score 1) 172

From the article: "aspartame does not block the enzyme directly. It does so through one of its intestinal breakdown products called phenylalanine."

So I guess phenylaline is a terrible substance that gives people the fats?

"Good sources of phenylalanine are eggs, chicken, liver, beef, milk, and soybeans. Other sources include spinach and leafy greens, tofu, amaranth leaves, and lupin seeds." It's also an important component of mother's milk.

So, I guess the same logic as this study could tell you to never eat some of the healthiest foods we are aware of, or else you will get fat. This is just yet another article that tries to come up with some reason why it's not as simple as calorie in v. calorie out, when calorie in v. calorie out has been thorougly proven. Aspartame has been so thoroughly tested that a study that injects superdoses into the stomachs of mice doesn't prove anything.

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