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DragonFly 2.4 Released 73

electrostaticcarrot writes "DragonFly — that fourth major BSD — has had its 2.4 release. The 'most invasive change' is the addition and usage of a DevFS for /dev; building on this, drives are now also recognized by serial number (along with /etc/devtab for aliases) as listed in /dev/serno. This is also the first release with a x86-64 ISO, stable but with limited pkgsrc support. Other larger changes include a ported and feature-extended (with full hotplug and port multiplier support) AHCI driver (and SILI driver based on it) originally taken from OpenBSD, major NFS changes, and HAMMER updates. A pkgsrc GIT mirror has also been set up and put in use to make future pkgsrc updates quicker and smoother. Here are two of the mirrors."

Comment Re:APT? (Score 1) 425

So they went from being the Linux with the best package manager to being the BSD with the worst package manager?

:-D Holy crap! I'm bestowing on you the coveted "(Score:6, Funny as hell)".


Submission + - Livejournal/Six Apart begin mass-deleting accounts

LowbrowDeluxe writes: Livejournal has begun deleting accounts based solely on their listing 'illegal' interests. While Livejournal itself has yet to make any official statement on the more than 500 accounts already suspended, the President of the parent company has already been interviewed and claimed that the journals in question did not meet the criteria of the environment they wished to create. While the keywords used to choose the accounts were clearly related to child pornography, incest, and rape, accounts such as Harry Potter fan groups, and rape survivor groups have also been suspended, appearantly permanently. She a related news article here: al+revolt+-+page+2/2100-1025_3-6187619-2.html?tag= st.num Or just go to Livejournal and watch the panic spread.

Submission + - digg is down

kace writes: digg is down. At 8:45 p.m. ET? They have a nice "Out of Service" page with some other interesting links and the message, "Digg will be down for a brief period, while we make some changes." Why would they plan a change for this time of day? I suppose this must be an emergency failure page that they've designed to make it look like everything's under control. P.s., not such a great advertisement for LAMP is it? (It's mentioned/plugged at the bottom.)

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