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Comment Re:I haven't been reading much sci-fi lately... (Score 1) 702

The problem, of course, is that Disney is evolving into the most liberal, subversive, and prosperous studio on the block.

Is it really? I wonder if you had anything specific in mind?

Maybe I'm just not as familiar with their movies, but my impression seems to be quite the opposite, especially with Disney/Marvel - war is awesome (fuck yea!), women are for decoration and/or manpain, gay people don't exist - isn't that about as non-liberal a viewpoint as it gets?

Aren't they just now starting to get out of the "token black guy" phase?

Comment I don't understand this. (Score 3, Insightful) 173

They provide two levels of service, to get the better service you either pay more money or also purchase a separate service from them.

What part of this is the outrage? This is just how buying things works.

When some companies had caps on "unlimited" plan, that was obvious bullshit. (I hit the cap with Comcast a couple of times, they told me that bandwidth wasn't the aspect of the service that was unlimited)

What's all the whining about here, though?

Comment Re:jesus thats all it takes? (Score 4, Interesting) 106

What is actually wrong with you?

Julia is a useful niche language with a sizable community, not some bullshit vanity project. Unfortunately it has not chance of dislodging R, and I'll never understand the decision to make it dynamic, but it fills a role that nothing else does, at the moment.

Also, I have no idea what you think the word "hipster" means, or why you're so angry about it.

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