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Comment Re:Facial Recognition... (Score 1) 113

No, WHOOSH to you!

I don't want it to have to have line of sight to my face. What a fricking step back. I can reach my hand into my pocket and touch the button to unlock. I can unlock in the dark. It is retarded and as someone who has owned every generation of iphones and ipads, I will quit buying them because of that stupid feature.

Comment Re:Medical (Score 4, Insightful) 161

No, I disagree. As someone who has some background in computers/it/programming (programming in C and fortran for fun in college as elective classes) as well as being Physician Assistant taking care of patients, I think you are totally off track.

Your customer is your customer - the users and purchases of your software. That would be like saying that you develop POS software and the customers in the hardware store are your customers ... . You thinking you know better than the medical professional as to how the program should work for me is the same as me telling you what development language or database backend you should use.

Listen to your customers ... highly educated physicians, physician assistants, nurse practioners who are highly analytic when they tell you there are good reasons to do things certain ways.

You act like easy to use and safe for patients are contradictions ...

I contend that I have used applications that were safe for patients that were easy to use and not easy to use and vice versa.

Comment you're wrong (Score 2) 130

what robots can do is achieve automation is standard settings. No two patients anatomy is exactly alike. Common wisdom in surgical culture is that any monkey or individual can do a simple surgery. That is not what you need people for. You need people for the *judgement* of what to do in certain situations. To appropriately assess and make the right medical judgement during surgery when someone's life is on the line is not something that will be done autonomously by robots.

Comment For the IT crowd (Score 1) 130

From health care professional standpoint:

Blaming robots for bad surgical outcomes is like blaming PCs for a virus or an accidentally deleted system file.

Surgeons are people. People have the ability to make mistakes. If you make a mistake with your computer, you lose some photos, or trash your hard drive etc.
If you make an accidental mistake as a surgeon -- whether done open or robotically -- bad things happen to people.

Thus, just like on here people say IANAL and that you should get *good* legal advice. You should go to surgeons that a large experience. With more experience, there is less chance of bad outcomes happening.

Comment Jesus created us (Score 0) 1014

All the imagining of humans fails to grasp the divine. We have a loving heavenly Creator who created us and cares for us. God has been maligned by Satan and many humans over the centuries to the point that people now believe that he didn't create us, or if he did that he is somehow evil and attribute to him the evil of this world that is from Satan. Jesus cares for you, loves you and desires to save. God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son to die on a cross that he could fully demonstrate how much love he has for humans to try and save them from their sin and Satan's deceptions.

Just because you can't prove we were created doesn't make it less so. God spoke and created us.

Comment Re:Israeli Army recruits and veterans (Score 1) 561

"This is one of the reasons some Palestinian groups give for targeting Israeli civilians - since every Israeli civilian is also a military reservist, these groups state that there is no such thing as an Israeli civilian in the traditional sense."

Which is just their justification for murder. Targeting civilians because they just might be able to be in the military at some point ... puhleasse.

Comment what nut job you are then (Score 1) 1324

" but it does not in my mind give one free license to program children with it."

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Our world would not have decended into so much evil as it has if parents taught their children of Jesus' love for them and taught them to demonstrate love for their neighbors. Are you really suggesting that there is something wrong with trying to raise one's children to love God and love their neighbors as themselves?

Submission + - Firefox Memory Hogging Is Due to Fragmentation (pavlov.net)

A beautiful mind writes: It has been long claimed by users that Firefox leaks memory, and on the other hand the developers claimed the number of leaks are minimal. It turns out both groups were right. Stuart Parmenter, one of the authors of the RAMBack extension started investigating and found out that the issue is memory fragmentation. He discovered that while loading about:blank uses 12,589,696 bytes of memory in the test he performed (image), after exercising Firefox with different websites and then clearing the caches with the help of the RAMBack extension the picture is wholly different: "Our heap is now 29,999,872 bytes! 16,118,072 of that is used (up 4,634,208 bytes from before... which caches am I forgetting to clear?). The rest, a whopping 13,881,800 bytes, is in free blocks!"

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