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Comment Re:Good start (Score 1) 220

Good luck convincing your manager that you should code an algorithm 4 different ways and see which one works the best. I actually believe this is a viable strategy to find the best code and it fits your analogy to a T.

The only problem is, your manager is only willing to pay for 0.75 the cost to create a good quality stable efficient (i.e. evolution winning algorithm).

Or to put it another way, instead of arguing whether Software Engineers believe in biological evolution we've got a ton of work left to do to evolve our own discipline towards methodologies that actually work.

BTW I get you believe in evolution and commend you on that, but do you believe in capitalist free market principles, or on On-high authority making the laws and rules....

Comment True, but you won't like the solution (Score 1) 220

A school can't correct for a class filled with poor single parent household kids who refuse to be educated

A school cannot, but society can. All it would take is a degree of ruthlessness on the part of the law-abiding and productive majority in dealing with them.

1. End no fault divorce.
2. Provide that unwed, non-custodial fathers are entitled to no welfare or public housing at all.
3. Provide that unwed mothers can never receive more than 1/3 the welfare of married mothers.
4. Inflict corporal punishment on men who abandon their children.
5. Make having two or more children out of wedlock (including outside of common law marriage) that you cannot fully support without welfare, for men or women, would be treated as a sex offense under the logic that it is sexual social parasitism.

You may not like that, but it would work. All society has to do to such people is give them a harsh ultimatum. That is, you can socialize the cost of your lifestyle, but the cost will be your freedom and autonomy since you aren't an invalid and this is by your own doing.

Comment Know that "privilege" you like to talk about? (Score 5, Insightful) 220

All of these initiatives keep reinforcing it. Wake me up when some poor, rural community or ghetto school has seen a major improvement. I'm sick and tired of the nonsense where we give an already decent school more resources, some middle class kid (probably a girl) gets cajoled into taking CS as an elective and it's like "look ma, we're fighting inequality and making America work for everyone!"

FFS, we half of the kids that leave (one way or another) from inner city schools are functionally illiterate and we worry that some middle class kid who doesn't have enough curiosity to google "how to start programming" is not going to start? Priorities, you don't have them...

Comment Re:"self investigate" == alt.right (Score 2, Interesting) 671

properly licensed by the same government officials

The guy showing up at a pizza restaurant with a gun to "investigate it" is a retard, but this case is yet another entry in the list of things that has been bugging me about the "fake news" thing.

Why are we calling this "fake" news instead of "incorrect news" or "wrong news" or "wacko conspiracy theory"? My guess is that deep down, the people that are pushing back against what they call "fake" news doesn't care about truth or falsehood, only the messenger.

Comment News flash: Average income is deceiving (Score 0, Flamebait) 148

The average income of 10th through 70th percentile - in other words, most citizens - is $32,245 / year (source, EPI Data Library - Wages by percentile.csv, 2015 [latest] row).

Over 40 million (out of 319 million, or about 12%) of US citizens are going hungry (

The social safety net isn't safe, nor particularly social.

I'm sure we can expect relief from the Trump administration (cough... choke.)

But hey, let's worry about tech interns. My blinders need a workout anyway.

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