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Submission + - Laptop Virtualization Switches OSs With No Reboot (

An anonymous reader writes: How many times do you reboot to switch OSs--or maybe you just run multiple computers side-by-side when you want to switch OS? Here's a better way: the free NxTop hypervisor instantly switches between any number of OSs, eliminating the hassle of rebootting or switching computers--especially when you are on the road with a single laptop. Just install NxTop and you can instantly switch between Window 7, XT, Linux, whatever. And did I mention the low price--free :)

Submission + - Linux 3D games run faster on PC-BSD (

koinu writes: Phoronix has published benchmarks comparing 3D games on Ubuntu Linux 11.04 and the FreeBSD Linux ABI emulation on the 8.2 release of PC-BSD, which is a desktop variant of FreeBSD. Most results show that the emulated Linux layer on FreeBSD performs better than Linux natively. It is pretty interesting, because most people would expect that an additional abstraction layer would generally slow down the execution of binaries.

Submission + - Apple Tries To Patent Interactive Smartphone Games (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple used to be tepid about games until they proved capable of helping drive the success of the iPhone and iPad. Apple’s increased interest is obvious in a number of ways, such as the announcement of the iPhone game center or the rumor that it would acquire a Chinese gaming company. Now it’s time to add yet another indicator: a patent application, filed in April 2009, for “interactive gaming with co-located, networked direction and location aware devices.” And this might at least partly explain the data center that Apple is building in North Carolina.

Submission + - China Mobile Joins The Linux Foundation (

eldavojohn writes: As a gold member, China Mobile has joined The Linux Foundation putting it next to AMD, Google, HP and Cisco in the roster of the foundation's gold members. This marks the very first time a Chinese enterprise has joined The Linux Foundation. Earlier this year, we saw the first Chinese company openly participate in open source and now China Mobile, ranked 77th in the world by Fortune with over half a billion customers, has joined the foundation that fosters the growth of Linux.

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