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Comment Re:A way better solution (Score 1) 253


In the UK, red means DO NOT CROSS the line of the traffic light. If you're already past the line by the time it goes red, you're on your own (e.g. traffic jam in front but no yellow box forcing you to keep the junction clear and nothing moves for a whole phase) but it's not an offence.

The problem is the latter. The cameras check if you are in the intersection on red, so if you cross on yellow, and don't get out (easy if the yellow is too short).

Btw, you are not supposed to enter the intersection unless you can pass all the way through, if you end up being stuck due to a traffic jam you are also breaking the law.

Comment Re:Maybe they shouldn't use Javascript ... (Score 1) 223

Why the hell would anything be in the CPU's memory when you're rendering the screen? All of this should be happening on the GPU, without any bitting of things from CPU memory.

Because that is how most 2D rendering works and how Chrome works (which this product uses). It is rendered with CPU based rasterization to tiles which are uploaded to the GPU and then composited by the GPU.Unless the you disable GPU compositing, then there is also a CPU based fallback.

Note, my base assumption is still that they are doing it wrong and stupidly. Rerendering the entire screen on CPU 60fps. That would fit with 12% CPU. A smart CPU rerendering would only rerender the pixels changing (which is easy on CPU based algorithms because there is no double buffering) and use 0.1% CPU, a smart GPU based rerendering would rerender the entire screen but still use less than 0.1% CPU because only GPU instructions would be issued.

Comment Re:Maybe they shouldn't use Javascript ... (Score 1) 223

Why the hell would anything be in the CPU's memory when you're rendering the screen? All of this should be happening on the GPU, without any bitting of things from CPU memory.

Because that is how most 2D rendering works and how Chrome works (which this product uses). It is rendered with CPU based rasterization to tiles which are uploaded to the GPU and then composited by the GPU.Unless the you disable GPU compositing, then there is also a CPU based fallback.

Comment Re:Rear-view mirror. (Score 1) 179

Steam powered road tractors. Brings to mind a new idea, camper railroad cars. Not conversions but actually light weight train wagons and railroad camper parks attached to major train stations as well as regional and tourist based train stations or city outskirts train stations. Rather than loading a caravan onto a train, simply use a tow vehicle to pull it on tracks to the station to hook up with railroad caravan trains. This for a more transient population. So normal location close to work but come holidays easily relocate your railroad home to a tourist location and load you compact car on the train. Travel in your home to the next location. Could be fun for retirees and better for transient workers. Filling empty train tracks and empty train yards, would be of a similar price to regular caravans, no registration required.

To move just check route and timetables, disconnect power, water and sewer and a remote control tow unit drags your home to a siding ready to hook up to the next scheduled run. They drag you about and then drop you off.

Automation similar to Uber taken from the roads and put on railroads. Book in and away you go, never ever leaving your own home and not having to drive it or tow it or do weird awkward crap to load it.

Comment Re:We need communism now! (Score 2) 111

Democracy, the workers are the majority, the workers must rule. A government of the workers, by the workers and for the workers. I might not agree with everything real democracy produces but I do accept it because I do truly value the worth of Democracy. The workers must rule they are the majority, suck it up! My religion, Freedom, Democracy and Justice, more than just an empty belief or motto. Nobody expects the global democratic reformation https://www.youtube.com/watch?... that's what it will feel like for the rich and greedy and for the rest of us, the majority, it will be justice and rather humorous to boot.

Comment Re:It Doesn't Work That Way (Score 1) 242

Just another empty stupid marketing meme, Moores law on climate change. I'll put forward a real and valid climate change law, "The Underwater Front Law". The stupid lead addled fuckwits will do bugger all, until we are all under a metre of water and then they will go nuts looking to blame people and start peddling crimes against humanity at targeted individuals and corporations (this from buildings falling over when they get crushed in the surf zone during peak tides and storms). Then we will see some real effort a likely peak a 2 metres above current sea levels before we see reductions. The only reason action will be taking because they rich and greedy exclusionary water front properties will be the ones wiped out economically and by the sea. The under water front law, the more multimillion dollar properties wipe out the sooner climate change action will occur.

First scam, to push their insurance for those properties on people who they excluded from access to the waterfront, multi-millionaires ripping of the working poor yet again. Then billions of working poor taxes spent on vainly trying to protect those underwater front properties. Then scams to sell those underwater front properties to property investment funds which the banksters will sell to mug investors and corruptly paid off pension funds with ludicrous claims of high capital values and great rent returns (scam, the high rents will only be payable whilst the property is occupied, so inflate capital asset by high rent and long lease and abandon both with first storm leaving the investment fund to go bankrupt)

Then they will blame scientist for not doing enough and the public for failing to take action but hey, tasty tasty, tanks, planes, aircraft carriers and submarines, learn to eat 'heavy metal' America because you will need to in order to survive.

Comment Re:Not all wrecks can be avoided (Score 1) 179

Having gone through hell with one of the sickest insurance corporations Allianz, those cunts had not the slightest qualm in wanting to halve my claim by saying I failed to take evasive action when the other person turned through a red light right in front of me. Those arse holes at Allianz even put that shit in writing to halve the claim, so fuck off with you 'idiotic' claim. Always this bullshit with corporations, never their fault, always everyone else fault.

PS avoid Allianz like the plague they will always be looking for excuses to avoid paying, no matter how disingenuous or ludicrous, the fucking filthy scum, simply don't give a damn. You will normally run into those dickheads with government quango styled insurance, they buy in on tender and then fuck every one over to generate maximum profits(privatisation bullshit) eg http://www.productreview.com.a...

Comment Re:Now it's like telco selling me to advertisers (Score 1) 92

You are talking insane psychopaths driven by insensate greed and this quarters profits. They do not care one iota about consequences, destroy privacy, meh, destroy democracy, meh, destroy the corporations they work for men. They are sick fuckers who revel in the chaos they cause as long as it feeds their greed and ego. Just like this stupid shit, destroy privacy for everyone, meh, bigger bonus, power to spy on everyone, masturbating in the dark looking at others peoples pictures and video and communications, men, women, children. Then the double speak, we will provide more privacy by taking away what little protections are available because er um more privacy in the future, what a crock of shit by an extremely corrupt government.

Comment Re:Not hard to fix... (Score 1) 374

As far as I can tell, the first two conditions already exist to some degree, but companies are finding clever ways around them. Giving visa holders a work permit for a limited duration but not tied to the company that employs them would help them to not just be an indentured servant.

In Europe there are labour issues that are somewhat similar. Eastern European job agencies are sending people to work here Western Europe as labourers construction workers or truckers, at far lower wages. The issue is not one of immigration, but what amounts to circumventing minimum wage laws and such. A proposed solution is to require "like pay for like work in the same location": foreign companies sending their employees here on a long-term job (essentially indeterminate) would be required to pay them locally prevailing wages. This would make it even more attractive for foreign talent to come work here, but it would also mean that cost would no longer be a reason to hire foreigners, but filling positions with scarce foreign talent would still be viable. Perhaps that would also be a reasonable fix for the US H1B programme? IIRC, Trump already suggested to increase the minimum wage for H1B workers.

Comment Re:Maybe they shouldn't use Javascript ... (Score 1) 223

No, as the C/C++ programmer, 0.13% of the CPU should be enough to render the entire screen at 60fps.

Depends on the screen resolution and speed of your memory. 13% of "CPU" doesn't sound too far off, though almost all of that time would be waiting on memory. Let's say you can blit 1080p in about 2ms (first in CPU memory and then to GPU memory), that would be 120ms per second for 60FPS or 12%

Comment Re:If I had my way... (Score 4, Insightful) 208

It's not the courts that need to side with us, it's the legislators. We need them to agree to the principle of customer rights as GP outlined them. Good laws will follow from that, and good rulings from judges after. Merely hoping for judges to rule in our favour according to the few disjoint customer protection laws we have is not going to help; current laws are already stacked in favour of the likes of Lexmark.

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