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Comment Re:WASD is digital; left stick is analog (Score 1) 130

And I'm told most of these exceptions are on PlayStation 2, 3, and 4.

As far as I know, yes. If there are Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One games with such support, I'd like to know about them.

Some people like using a mouse in one hand and half of a DualShock in the other because unlike WASD, an analog stick offers analog control of the speed and direction of your movement, not just your aiming.

Yep, I prefer that method if I can get it. I know one player of War Thunder on PC who uses that method for tanks. I've also read of PC gamers buying up Playstation Move Navigation controllers (that's the one with the analog stick, not the glowy ball on the end of it) and using them with mice.

Comment Re:Consoles are too limiting (Score 1) 130

Just a reminder that FPS's aren't the only genre but every console since the PS2 has USB ports for a reason. It's not a case of "allow" but rather "do the developers want to take the time and effort to implement/test/troubleshoot a keyboard + mouse control system alongside the standard controller"

And often they don't bother to...but....sometimes they do. And I have console games within 10 feet of me with keyboard and/or mouse support. Sometimes the support won't be listed on the box, you have to check.

Comment Re:What a bargain (Score 1) 130

I'm not sure what you're getting at? Do you mean 3 adults or what? If it is a shared household of 3 adults then they can pay for their OWN PS+. If it is an adult and kids, then the adult can decided if they want their kids to have online multiplayer, or not.

But PS+ accounts are per user, so it depends on WHO the devices are owned by and how many.

For example, I have ONE PS4 and it's set as the "Primary" and I'm a PS+ user. Any sub account on the system has access to multiplayer on this system.

If I had a second PS4 that was NOT set to primary, sub accounts wouldn't have access to multiplayer. (except for those games that don't require PS+ for multiplayer) But I could use multiplayer on that system while others used multiplayer on the Primary.

I have a friend with a PS4, while he currently has PS+ there are times he hasn't. Now if I was to go to his house and login as "Me" on that system, I would have full access to PS+ services on his machine whether he has PS+ or not since PS+ is per user.

Comment Re:Still a proprietary, DRM'd piece of shit. (Score 1) 130

Ive got a 10 year old beigebox running customised windowmaker

Using a couple of scripts

  Took about a day to set it up (writing all the scripts, customising WindowMaker for use with the remote, etc).

perhaps you missed the "tinker-free" part of the GP's comment. Remember, not everyone is a Linux geek. Hell, I'm a Linux user and I'm not sure I could do the scripting you've done....especially with Windowmaker.

Comment Re:Still a proprietary, DRM'd piece of shit. (Score 1) 130

Does it support things like WebM (MKV container, VP8 or VP9 video, and Vorbis or Opus audio)?

Have you turned into RMS? Just use h264 with AAC audio in MPEG4 containers for video and MP3 for music as the gods intended. You know damned well that "open" formats tend to be less well supported on consumer media devices so you don't even need to ask. Besides, you can have the DLNA server transcode any unsupported format, though you should just stick to the formats I listed above.

Comment Re:Still a proprietary, DRM'd piece of shit. (Score 1) 130

Hell I haven't updated the drivers for my videocard(sapphire 7950) since last year, and it's going along just fine with all the latest titles.

Video card updates come along fairly frequently and one probably should update them. If you're running year old drivers, you're probably not taking advantage of your video card as much as you might. And why the heck are you, a member of the PC Master Race not keeping your Windows system updated as you SHOULD be doing.

[sarcasm]Obviously a Windows Peasant, who probably isn't competent enough to administer a computer at all. Who knows what other updates this Windows Peasant hasn't done. They're machine is probably trojaned all to hell.[/sarcasm]

Another supposedly "superior" build from the biased master race reddit?

Which doesn't even include the OS, which has to be Windows for a game box, only has 4GB of RAM, not 8 and uses a Quad-core CPU (but at least it's a fast quad core)

Not only that but it is a box you have to build yourself, it is NOT a prebuilt one that you can just head out to a big box store and just simply buy, like a PS4 or Xbox One.

Topic at hand: I wouldn't recommend a console to anyone,

I really wouldn't recommend gaming on Windows. I know people do it, and that there are games that are PC only, but that doesn't mean people SHOULD do it.

While being locked into a console ecosystem that punishes you

While being locked into the Windows ecosystem of a crappy OS that punishes you. And locked into the Steam ecosystem that punishes you, or the Origin ecosystem that punishes you.

requires you to pay for multiplayer support and basic functions that are free on the PC.

They aren't truly "free" on the PC...somebody pays for that bandwidth. Whether it's some affluent nerd hosting some Quake-foo server, or Valve paying for their TF2 servers with the cut they take off of Steam...somebody pays, directly or indirectly.

Besides, console gamers get things BESIDES the multiplayer with their PS+ or Xbox live subscriptions.

And not all multiplayer in the PlayStation ecosystem requires PS+!

Multiplayer doesn't require PS+ on the Vita, or PS3. (or the PSP and PS2 if any of their games still have multiplayer running)

F2P games on the PS4 don't require PS+ for multiplayer. Examples being War Thunder or Neverwinter.

Games that use a "Send a turn/PBEM" style of multiplayer, also don't require PS+

Comment All of this has happened before (Score 2) 178

All of it will happen again. Before Yahoo (before the Web actually), there was a Veronica which did a fairly reasonable job of cataloging the big gopher sites. And before that, there was an ftp site (can't recall the name) which tried to mirror most of the content hosted on other popular ftp sites (and was eventually displaced by Archie).

Yahoo foundered because their core web search was built on people hand-picking what should be the best results for a search term. I remember trying to find a decent car mechanic in Boston, and being able to drill down their indexing tree for businesses, Massachusetts, Boston, car mechanics. And there was a list of repair shops who'd either registered themselves with Yahoo, or someone else had taken the time to add an entry for them. AltaVista gave that tedious indexing job to a computer, with mixed results since computers don't understand context or what people find valuable. Google succeeded because they realized the very structure of the web itself (i.e. number of links to a site) gave them that context - what sites other people found valuable.

Comment Re:Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 166

Way to ignore suicides, accidents, children accessing guns in the home and all the other bad things that happen that wouldn't happen if people didn't have guns laying around

I would've thought the events of the last few months would've put to rest this flawed line of logic. The folks saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people" were right. If you take away access to guns, people don't magically become non-violent and pacifist subjects. They figure out other ways to accomplish their goal of killing people. Like build bombs, or drive a truck into a crowd. These things still happen.

The number of people killed in the U.S. in 2013 from accidental discharge of firearms was 505. By contrast, the number of people killed by drowning (mostly in pools) was 3,391. 2,780 people were killed by fires. The number of people killed by going to the hospital was 2,768. Heck, the number of women killed due to complications from pregnancy was 1,138. All of these are a much bigger danger than gun accidents. You just have a warped view of the relative size of these risks because the media disproportionately over-reports gun accidents (probably because most of the people who work in it would like to see the 2nd Amendment repealed). If their reporting reflected the actual statistics, every single news story about a child accidentally killing someone with a gun would be accompanied by 7 stories of a child drowning in a pool, 5 stories of children dying in a fire, 5 stories of children dying due to a botched surgery or mistaken treatment at a hospital, and 2 mothers dying while giving birth.

21,175 people committed suicide by gun. But 19.974 people figured out some other way to kill themselves. So it's pretty safe to say banning guns wouldn't affect the suicide rate in the slightest.

The 11,208 murders by gun are the only area where the argument holds some ground. 4 people were only wounded in the Wurzburg train attack because the perpetrator only had a knife and axe. 1 person was killed and 5 wounded in the Reutlingen attack because the perpetrator only had a machete. If they'd had guns, the toll probably would've been higher. But it's foolish to think the number would've been zero (4,913 people were murdered without a gun). And 29,001 people were killed due to alcohol, 30,208 people were killed due to falls, 35,369 from car accidents (some overlap with the alcohol stats), 38,851 from overdoses and poisonings, 41,149 from suicide. If your goal is saving lives, all of these are much more important issues we should tackle first, before gun violence.

Fundamentally, violence, terrorism, and suicides (which account for 97% of gun deaths) are social problems. Eliminating the tool via which people are acting out on those problems doesn't make the problem go away. These things will still happen. Just not with a gun. This is a common logical error made by people with bleeding hearts (I won't say liberals because many conservatives make the same mistake too). They don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by blaming people for having faults, so they instead shift the blame onto other inanimate things that have no feelings. Like rap music, or playing too many video games, or porn, or frat parties, ... or guns.

To address these problems, you have to tackle the root social cause. Which is hard, scary, will hurt lots of people's feelings, and there's little consensus on what's the best way to tackle them. So nobody wants to do it that way, when you can take the easy way out and convince yourself that some inanimate object is the root cause, and that eliminating that object will cause all those other problems magically go away.

Comment Re:Not just at the border... (Score 2) 309

We have the same in San Diego - a border check on 5 fwy 40 miles from the border. It's the only direct way to get to Orange County from SD & I drive through it every day. I am baffled as to why we cannot keep the border checks at the border.

Because there are lots of other places along the border where foreigners can slip in illegally than at border checkpoints. The 5 freeway is the major thoroughfare from San Diego to Los Angeles, and unlike at the Mexican border you cannot drive willy-nilly around it through the desert (Camp Pendleton Marine Corp base blocks you). So pretty much anyone entering the country illegally who wants to go head straight to Los Angeles is funneled into I-5. (The alternate route is I-15.)

I think Trump's border wall with Mexico is a stupid idea, but that's exactly what you need if you want to eliminate these sorts of checkpoints away from the border. (Unless you're willing to just throw your hands up and give up control of immigration.)

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 63

Why does the market bear so much?

Because it's a bear market. And Microsoft is a has-been who can't make anyone want to "upgrade" to their newest OS even for free. So their future, if they are to have any, is in acquiring other, possibly relevant companies, and that's best done in a bear market when they're cheap.

Comment Re:Communism. Right. (Score 1) 499

With any hint of self interest (enlightened or otherwise), and the system eventually breaks down.

So has every other system so far. Capitalism itself only managed to survive it's previous near-fatal crisis by taking a huge step to the left. And it seems to be undergoing a slow-motion collapse of ever worse conditions for ever greater amounts of people stuck at the bottom as those at the top confiscate all the resources for their own use.

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