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Comment Re:I don't get it... but maybe I'm not supposed to (Score 1) 111

I grew up playing games like Mario and FF3 (6). Hence my inclinations towards good gameplay over good graphics.

The graphics in those games WERE good state-of-the-art-for-consoles graphics at that time. You're letting your Nintendo Nostalgia cloud your thinking there.

It was popular with EVERYONE.
We actually dusted off the old Wii just a few weeks ago for New Years:

It it is so popular why did you have to "dust it off"?

The reason you had to dust it off was because the Wii is like that Monopoly, Risk or Life set everyone has....that doesn't actually get played that all that often.

Nintendo focused on simple FUN, and absolutely destroyed the much more powerful competition of the time.

There was plenty of simple Fun to be found on non-Nintendo systems, your Nintendo Fanboyism is getting in the way of objectivity.

Nintendo made a lot of money by convincing non-gamers to buy Wii's...who played some Wii Play or Wii Fit now and then...but mostly the machine sat around gathering dust. And yes, Nintendo sold a lot of Wii's, but other than the minority of Smash bros/Zelda/Kart fanboys, those PS3 and Xbox 360 owners actually USED their systems.

Comment Re:I don't get it... but maybe I'm not supposed to (Score 1) 111

Nintendo has always had a cartoonish aesthetic about their games. They aren't trying to be hyper realistic, they never have. I seriously don't get where this "competing on graphics" thing came from.

Nintendo most certainly tried to compete on graphics with the NES, SNES, N64 and Gamecube. After all, the codename for the N64 was "Project Reality"

Back in the SNES days people who I believe to be people like you always said "Why have a SNES, Sega has better graphics". Nintendo has literally never been top tier graphics except possibly for the original NES, at which point I honestly can't tell as I was too young.

The NES wasn't quite as graphically capable as the Sega Master System, it does have better sound though. The SNES however is a different beast and does have superior graphics and sound to the Genesis.

Comment Re:I don't get it... but maybe I'm not supposed to (Score 1) 111

that Nintendo sells most of their consoles at a profit while Xbox and Playstation have largely been subsidized

Not the PS4, that thing has sold at a profit since day 1, which is something that couldn't be said for the Wii U.

It's very difficult to play an XBox One or PS4 with my kids on the couch.

How so? Playing Disney Infinity, Skylanders, Lego-whatever, Uno or Minecraft on a PS4 is no different from playing it on a Wii-U. I think you're letting your "Nintendo Nostalgia" cloud your objectivity on "family friendly"

If you don't want to hear what was done to your mother by a 12 year old, but want to play with others, Nintendo is the console to fulfill that.

You're letting your Nintendo Nostalgia cloud your objectivity again. It is quite possible to play online on non-Nintendo platforms and not have that issue. Besides the fact that certain games are simply not available on Nintendo platforms. After all, if you want to play War Thunder, Star Trek Online, The Elder Scrolls Online, DC Universe Online, Diablo Ultimate Evil Edition, FFXIV.....they're not available on the Wii-U.

If you want the nostalgic IP of your childhood (assuming you grew up playing games) you also tend to gravitate toward Nintendo,

There were them new-fangled video games on the TV box before Nintendo, whippersnapper. I was old enough to VOTE before Nintendo released the NES in the US. So some us DON'T have that childhood nostalgia for Nintendo.

Comment Re:Sure... (Score 1) 111

Getting HD versions of franchises that are on the 3ds today like Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter

We could have had those things years ago if Japanese developers weren't so stuck in the past with their development practices and weren't so Japan-centric and actually made versions of those games for the mainline consoles.

Comment Re:OLED Display? Microsoft make $$$ on this? (Score 1) 26

Now, based on Microsoft's history with personal devices, I would think that the likelihood of this becoming a successful product is between slim and dick.

I don't know. I doubt I'd give up my Android for one of these phones if they ever to hit the streets but as for personal devices, I'm very happy with my Surface 3.

Comment Re:Evidence (Score 1) 480

It may be that people who were using their PC primarily for gaming are beginning to opt for consoles more (if I understand the term "console" correctly),

My PC runs Linux, but I game on a PS4.

And if the major software manufacturers decide to move to consoles, I think that will encourage more people to use FOSS.

Here's a thing you probably didn't think of....consoles (and console games) using FOSS.

Every piece of Sony gaming hardware since the PSP, has FOSS notices. In fact you can see Eric S. Raymond's name in every PSP, PS3, Vita, and PS4. The PS4 is essentially a FreeBSD system.


Comment Re:There will be no train (Score 1) 406

A subsidy for its initial construction is fine. But if the people using a mass transit system aren't willing to pay enough for it to recoup its construction and operation costs, then it is by definition not contributing enough economic efficiency to pay for itself, and is therefore a waste of money.

Comment Re:Well, duh. Mass transportation is a slush fund. (Score 4, Informative) 406

It may work eventually, but it's a boondoggle for construction companies and mayors/governors

. So I must have been just dreaming when I thought I remembered zipping from London to Paris in just over two hours and sending emails from under the Atlantic seabed.

Emphasis mine. What you say does not contract what OP said. From the Wikipedia article on the Channel Tunnel:

In 1985 prices, the total construction cost was £4.650 billion (equivalent to £13 billion today), an 80% cost overrun.

I suspect what's going on is a bit more insidious than mere corruption. Construction companies bid low so that they'll win the contract. Then they charge the actual construction costs as cost overruns. What's needed is an incentive to encourage companies to bid a realistic estimated cost, rather than a completely unrealistic underbid just to win the contract. Something like, say, not paying for overruns and holding the company to its original bid price.

Comment Re:Indiscriminate antibiotic use in farm animals.. (Score 1) 293

I don't disagree with what you're saying, but according to TFA, the woman acquired the bug while in India - a country with the highest percentage of vegetarians in the world. This would suggest basic sanitation and health care, and being sure to complete prescription antibiotic regimens are bigger factors than the use of antibiotics in livestock.

Comment Re:Well Trump has one thing right (Score 2) 531

The whole point of the H1-B program (or at least what's supposed to be the point) is to encourage extreme talented people abroad to become U.S. citizens. That way you have a net movement of talented people into the U.S., instead of out of it. If they don't stay in the U.S. and eventually become citizens, that defeats the whole purpose of the program.

It's unfortunate that the program has been abused to replace American workers. (Which is in direct violation of how the program is supposed to work. You're supposed to advertise the job the H1-B is supposed to take for a certain period of time, and only if no qualified American applies for the job can the H1-B be approved. You know those job adverts which are ridiculously specific about which certifications and how many years experience in several different fields are required? Those are H1-B ads - they're specifically tailored to match the H1-B candidate they have in mind, while simultaneously excluding any qualified American.) But don't lose sight of the original goal here.

$60,000 is pretty average or even below-average in terms of STEM jobs. $100,000 is up around where you'd start to think of the person as being talented and worthy of luring into the country and granting citizenship.

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 1) 492

No, if 100% of the population had college degrees and those degrees actually helped them work better, that would increase each person's economic productivity. That additional productivity would translate into more sales revenue, which translates into more compensation.

The only way what you say can be true is if those degrees don't help increase your productivity - they are truly credential-only degrees. So the problem is a proliferation of college degrees which don't really help you do a better job at things employers want you to do.

Comment Re:Double-dipping Nintendo (Score 1) 157

Hell I can fire up MP on games I bought a decade ago on my PC and play all I want and it don't cost a cent

Sure you can do that, but how many people are actually doing that or "want" to do that. Two words...niche community.

The reason Sony switched to the method it uses now is because:

1. the DEVELOPERS complained about having to maintain servers and account systems and whatnot for each individual game.

2. The PLAYERS complained about not having a unified service.

why in the world would I want to pay money to some third party which we've seen will happily pull the plug the second they can't nickel and dime enough shekels to make them happy?

Sony and the other companies aren't the third parties. They're the First parties. Third parties in this situation are things like Gamespy, or those dudes with a server in their basement for a niche community playing a game from 2004, who could shut it down at any moment.

Comment Re:More Nintendo Stupidity (Score 1) 157

You need a smartphone for voice chat?

What kind of insanity is this? Even the PSP had voice chat built into the few games that used it.

I'm thinking this is yet another way that Nintendo is stuck in the past, after all with all the Nintendo fanboys on slashdot going on about Smash brothers or Mario Kart played LOCALLy, how many people actually used voice chat on Nintendo consoles.

Not only that but if you want to use the pro-controller and voice chat, you have to plug in a mic into the Wii-U's gamepad.

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