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Comment Re:It's a factor of overall scale. (Score 1) 371

The fault in your argument is that you seem to think a refund is warranted if something doesn't please you or fails to achieve it's goals.

That's not what he said, and you are an idiot at best for thinking so. Or, perhaps you are a troll. Or, perhaps you are a shill. There's no fourth way.

It literally does not matter if you enjoyed a product.

That is not the claim, and you are a douchebag for suggesting such.

If you listened to the twee snake oil salesman who winked his eye and said "maybe" a bunch of times to people asking questions about what his game did, then elsewhere quietly said "no"? Caveat emptor.

Not only are you wrong about that, but that's not what happened. The snake oil salesman said over and over again that it already had all these features right up to the release, when he knew those statements to be false. In civilized countries, we call that fraud and it is illegal.

Comment Re:Insufficiently Realistic (Score 1) 311

Those are the things the repel boys, not girls. Do recall that girls bleed every month, a bit of baby poo and vomit isn't going to ding the notion that a baby is a neat idea.

Well, two out of two women I've talked to agree with me on this, including one who had a child. I'm going to stick with it. The mother did say it would also help if it needed to be fed from your aching boobs several times a day, though.

Comment Re:The MS Merry Go Round. (Score 1) 211

You're completely wrong here.

If you were talking about a normal, competitive industry like cars, you'd be correct: reliability costs money, and unreliability costs customers. Detroit knows that lesson all too well. Sell someone an unreliable car, and they'll badmouth it and start looking for another car in the same price range with a better reliability reputation. This is why Japanese brands have commanded higher prices than similar American cars for a long time; it takes a lot of time (esp. in the car industry since people keep their cars for years) to fix your reputation. It's even more pronounced in other markets where the products cost less and people don't keep them as long (cars are the second-most expensive items consumers typically purchase, behind houses).

Microsoft does not operate in a competitive industry. If someone thinks Windows 10 is unreliable, what are they going to do? They could buy a Mac, but those are much more expensive than Windows machines; you're not going to get a Mac for $300 or $400. And the Mac won't so easily run their Windows software, unless they run it in a VM (like with Parallels) but then they're still going to have the same unreliability problems since that's really Windows. They could run Linux, but there again you have the software compatibility problem, and on top of that most people don't even know what Linux is. In the enterprise space, it's really worse because even though they have professional IT, those IT pros only know Windows (you'll have to lay off your whole IT department and start from scratch to switch OSes), and they run all kinds of crappy "enterprise" software that only runs on Windows.

So, since the customers aren't going anywhere (except holding out with their older Windows versions as long as possible), what incentive exactly does MS have to invest in reliability? None. It's really a waste of money for them, and hurts their profits. It's better for them to make Windows as shoddy as possible to save money (while not making it completely non-functional because then they can suffer class-action lawsuits, returns, etc.), and keep profitability high while letting the customers suffer with unreliability.

So, since the

Comment Re: The problem with GPL (Score 1) 223

Technically if I sold my company that is a redistribution according to the GPL. The buyer would be forced to give away the asset for free which is why the lawyers I met do not like it.

I am not saying I like EULa's from MS but I was making a point. I can link to com objects in a crappy VB written program but still can sell it. MS has no problem with this at all as long as I paid for their software properly to make it.

What if for example I use a GPL api call for printf (making this one up) but make everything else in house and spent millions. I want to sell my company. Am I freeloading as now the whole product goes GPL as it counts as a redistribution? I know viral sounds offensive, but it is what RMS wanted to end proprietary software.

I think Apache, Xorg, FreeBSD, Samba, node.js, and others do well for BSD/MIT licenses. We got PF sense, Juniper, Early Cisco IOS, MacOSX, Windows share and printer support for mac/linux users, and can now use Visual Studio community edition for odd things like Android and node.js development. No you did not misread that as MS code editor is cross platform and even runs on Linux thanks to BSD licensed code.

I think everyone wins and yes some capitalism is nice for progress in addition of academia and community.

Comment Re:if nobody enforced the GPL by litigation (Score 1) 223

You mean those greedy capitalists that employee and make products like Cisco, Juniper, PF Sense, MacOSX? All were based on BSD because it was more free and have contributed to everyone both users, venture capitalists, and customers who want to buy. Everyone won.

Apache and XORG are BSD/MIT and so is Samba. They make great free software you use reading this. I have no problem with Apple, Google, and even MS using these. Visual Studio 2015 community edition has node.js support and so does the MS code editor which has a linux version by the way. Thanks to a BSD license it was possible.

If you do not want to use it then great. But some of us have no quarrel and even encourage those who want to make money. I think both free, academia, and capitalism can all work hand and hand.

But yes GPL is a problem if you want to sell your assets and they are GPL licensed. Technically that is another party and your buyer has to give out their product for free. This is not about stealing someone's elses work. This is about just freaking using a GPL api and have the rest of the code in house?!

Comment Re:I like GPLv2 too, but there's just one thing (Score 1) 223

The problem is just that. Geeks do not know the difference between LGPL and GPL. Yes you can not link under GPL without your program being GPL. Go read the license? The game is in violation of the GPL which I assume was RMS point to get rid of proprietary software.

Most think they can write an api and GPL and it can be used for all. Not true.

Comment Re: The problem with GPL (Score 1) 223

Who the hell would buy my asset if they had to give it away to competitors for free?

Sure the code is free for the user but not for the developers or owner which is my point. BSD is free for both as tax payers came from both. Everyone wins. I think it's immoral to force people to do things they don't want to do.

I am also capitalistic. If someone wants to make money and needs resources from people full time and not volunteers they should do just that. BSD allows this

Comment Re:Not sure it's worth living that long (Score 2) 211

My point is those who say the times today are the worst ever and spew some right wing stuff do not know their history. Times were bad in the 19th century. Awesome too if you are educated and middle class (even more so than today) but very tough and brutal. Factories, 18 hour shifts, no EPA laws, children working, people being shot out west looking to escape the missery of the east and fed to pigs, corruption, and crazy dictators and radical ideologies were the norm.

People think Victorian era paradise and Jane Austin, and wonderful class. Not the above

Comment Re:The problem with GPL (Score 1) 223

No the GPL takes away my freedom to develop software the way I like and use. The BSD license gives me freedom to do whatever I want like making a firewall product or a cloud app without having to give out my investor funded work away and I can sell my company as it's assets have value because they are not free.

A license should never telll you what to do. Even a MS EULA doesn't tell me what I can do with the software I use or create. Only how much I need to pay for extra usage or features.

In this way the GPL is the most restrictive license out there.

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