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Submission + - Results of Web Programming Contest Published

alvar-f writes: "The results and final report of the Plat_Forms international web programming contest were published today. For each of the categories Perl, PHP and Java, three teams of three people each competed to produce a comprehensive "social networking" application in just 30 hours. A short summary of the results: The Perl teams produced the most compact code and their solutions are very easy to extend. One Java team produced by far the most complete solution overall, the other two by far the most incomplete ones. The Java solutions are very hard to extend. The PHP teams used no autogenerated files, resisted SQL injection attempts and created the most similar solutions. There are also some pictures of the teams and you can guess what language they are using ..."

Submission + - ABC/Disney shuts down blog exercising fair use

An anonymous reader writes: A blogger named Spocko had his blog shut down by ABC/Disney lawyers because he had posted clips from an ABC Radio-affiliated program and commented on their content, as well as informed show advertisers of what exactly they were paying for. Summaries can be found on The Daily Kos and Calling all Wingnuts as well as in a YouTube video. It is sad to see how much large media companies count on fair use, yet try to step all over it when it is used against them.

Submission + - Why Ecma for OOXML? Press Releases Tell the Tale

Andy Updegrove writes: "Earlier this month Ecma, a Europe-based standard setting consortium, approved Microsoft's OOXML formats. When Microsoft submitted the formats to Ecma a year ago, ODF proponents called Ecma a "rubber stamp" organization that would do as it was told. Was that fair? Ecma's press releases for the past year may provide a clue: during that time period, it issued three press releases announcing the general adoption of a total of 32 standards at General Assemblies, and twelve press releases on individual standards projects — all but one of which were dedicated to Microsoft's OOXML specification. It would appear that either Ecma doesn't think much of what it's doing these days is very important, or that there is a great deal it can gain from being associated with the OOXML project — or both. This may be why it agreed to charter a Technical Committee with an unusually specific charge for a standards organization: to produce a standard that is "fully compatible" with the formats used by a single vendor. http://www.consortiuminfo.org/standardsblog/articl e.php?story=20061221065155844"

Submission + - Vista zero-day exploit for sale for $50,000

dthomas731 writes: Computerworld has an article about a zero day exploit in vista for sale. From the article:
An online criminal has offered to sell software that exploits an unpatched bug in Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Vista operating system, according to security vendor Trend Micro Inc. The code was offered for sale in an underground hacker discussion forum last month, said Raimund Genes, Trend Micro's chief technology officer. The asking price? $50,000.
What gets to me is the tone of the article, almost like it was a legitimate sale. Such as this quote from the article.
"To be honest [the price for a Vista zero day] should probably be lower, ..."

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