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Comment Re:Could you gush a little more? (Score 4, Insightful) 156

No, it's not journalism. It's another in Infoworld's tedious astro-turf-by-story-submission stories. They pay Slashdot, have one of their Marketing Chippies put together a story with a link back to their trade mag, and the skids are greased for it to hit the main page here as scheduled. (snydeq is their usual flunky) The incredible -- or just-precious -- part of it is that InfoWorld believes there is enough of any critical mass of programmers or software industry decision-makers who still frequent Slashdot to make this a worthwhile media buy for them.

Comment Re:No news! (Score 1) 75

Yes, it's just you. Facebook is hugely popular among people like those you mention. If you're not like that, and you don't want to read their political articles about FEMA death camps and how Hillary is a secret Satanist and how important Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings are, and you don't like all the news articles Facebook itself presents to you in its feeds, then maybe you shouldn't be using Facebook.

Comment Re:Captain Kirk says... (Score 1) 307

I should hope that if we figure out our biology enough to achieve biological immortality, we'd also figure out how to finally conquer those STDs. Of course, it probably won't be a single holy grail achievement, it'll probably come in stages, with each advance bringing longer lifespan and less age-related degeneration and disease, so maybe we'll have longer lifespans (like 150-200) for a while but still not have figured out the STD problem completely.

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