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Submission + - SPAM: T-Mobile adds Apple Music to Music Freedom

richardhub7 writes: T-Mobile has added Apple Music to the list of supported streaming services for Music Freedom,Âan initiativeÂwhich allows subscribers to stream their favorite songs through services like Spotify, Pandora, Rdio and more, over T-Mobiles cellular network andÂwithout burning theirÂ4G LTE data.

Hailed as T-Mobiles âoelast Un-Carrier Amped move of the summer,â Simple Choice customers can now enjoy Apples streaming music service without worrying about Apple Music cellular data usage counting against their monthly 4G LTE allowance.... Read the rest of this post here

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Submission + - Could the Slashdot community take control of Slashdot? 10

turp182 writes: This is intended to be an idea generation story for how the community itself could purchase and then control Slashdot. If this happened I believe a lot of former users would at least come and take a look, and some of them would participate again.

This is not about improving the site, only about aquiring the site.

First, here's what we know:
1. DHI (Dice) paid $20 million for Slashdot, SourceForce, and Freecode, purchased from Geeknet back in 2012:
2. Slashdot has an Alexa Global Rank of 1,689, obtaining actual traffic numbers require money to see:
3. According to Quantcast, Slashdot has over 250,000 unique monthly views:
4. Per an Arstechnia article, Slashdot Media (Slashdot and Sourceforge) had 2015Q2 revenues of $1.7 million and have expected full year revenues of $15-$16 million (which doesn't make sense given the quarterly number):

Next, things we don't know:
0. Is Slashdot viable without a corporate owner? (the only question that matters)
1. What would DHI (Dice) sell Slashdot for? Would they split it from Sourceforge?
2. What are the hosting and equipment costs?
3. What are the personnel costs (editors, advertising saleforce, etc.)?
4. What other expenses does the site incur (legal for example)?
5. What is Slashdot's portion of the revenue of Slashdot Media?

These questions would need to be answered in order to valuate the site. Getting that info and performing the valuation would require expensive professional services.

What are possible ways we could proceed?

In my opinion, a non-profit organization would be the best route.

Finally, the hard part: Funding. Here are some ideas.

1. Benefactor(s) — It would be very nice to have people with some wealth that could help.
2. Crowdfunding/Kickstarter — I would contribute to such an effort I think a lot of Slashdotters would contribute. I think this would need to be a part of the funding rather than all of it.
3. Grants and Corporate Donations — Slashdot has a wide and varied membership and audience. We regularly see post from people that work at Google, Apple, and Microsoft. And at universities. We are developers (like me), scientists, experts, and also ordinary (also like me). A revived Slashdot could be a corporate cause in the world of tax deductions for companies.
4. ????
5. Profit!

Oh, the last thing: Is this even a relevant conversation?

I can't say. I think timing is the problem, with generating funds and access to financial information (probably won't get this without the funds) being the most critical barriers. Someone will buy the site, we're inside the top 2,000 global sites per info above.

The best solution, I believe, is to find a large corporate "sponsor" willing to help with the initial purchase and to be the recipient of any crowd sourcing funds to help repay them. The key is the site would have to have autonomy as a separate organization. They could have prime advertising space (so we should focus on IBM...) with the goal would be to repay the sponsor in full over time (no interest please?).

The second best is seeking a combination of "legal pledges" from companies/schools/organizations combined with crowdsourcing. This could get access to the necessary financials.

Also problematic, from a time perspective, a group of people would need to be formed to handle organization (managing fundraising/crowdsourcing) and interations with DHI (Dice). All volunteer for sure.

Is this even a relevant conversation? I say it is, I actually love Slashdot; it offers fun, entertaining, and enlightning conversation (I browse above the sewer), and I find the article selection interesting (this gyrates, but I still check a lot).

And to finish, the most critical question: Is Slashdot financially viable as an independent organization?

Submission + - Honeywell Home Controllers Open to Any Hacker Who Can Find Them Online

Trailrunner7 writes: The accumulation of automation and Internet-connected devices in many homes these days has led observers to coin the term smart homes. But as researchers take a closer look at the security of these devices, they’re finding that what these homes really are is naive.

The latest batch vulnerabilities to hit home automation equipment are in the Tuxedo Touch controller made by Honeywell, a device that’s designed to allow users to control home systems such as security, climate control, lighting, and others. The controller, of course, is accessible from the Internet and researcher Maxim Rupp discovered that there are two vulnerabilities in the Tuxedo Touch that could allow an attacker to take arbitrary actions, including unlocking doors or modifying the climate controls in the house.

Submission + - Introducing Dojo's asynchronous xhrGet and xhrPost (

An anonymous reader writes: The Dojo Toolkit's 0.9 release has come with a lot of small changes, most notably to their underlying asynchronous function calls. Where everything used to go through the command, they've separated the functionality into different methods now: xhrGet, xhrPost, xhrPut and xhrDelete. Following is an introduction to the former two methods: xhrGet and xhrPost. Learn how to asynchronously submit forms and transparently send content back and forth between the client and the server using both GET and POST.

Submission + - Dr Robert Bussard dies (

david.given writes: "Dr Robert W. Bussard, nuclear physicist and fusion physics researcher, died from cancer on October 6. Most people here will know him for the Bussard Ramjet, a theoretical space drive that uses magnetic fields to scoop up interstellar hydrogen to power a fusion drive. In recent years he has been working on the Polywell electrostatic inertial confinement fusion reactor, which promises to produce a cheap and simple fusion power plant without the cost and complexity of magnetic confinement. Rumours are that the Polywell was recently funded by the US Navy and may start producing results in 2008."

Submission + - IBM mainframe to get huge security upgrade (

coondoggie writes: "IBM tomorrow is expected to roll out a new version of its z/OS mainframe operating system that features a huge swig of security enhancements. These enhancements include: Improved network security policy management — making it easier to set network security policy across multiple instances of z/OS mainframe operating systems. Enhanced Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services to help improve the creation, authentication, renewal, and management of digital certificates for user and device authentication. And the adoption of the security standard, PKCS #11, which specifies an application programming interface for devices that hold cryptographic information and perform cryptographic functions."
The Internet

Submission + - Don't Kill The Trolls, But Feed Them ( 2

Henk van Ess writes: " has initiated an idea to rid communities (be it forums, blogs, whatever) of trolls. Not get rid of them by banning them or nuking their posts, no, by accepting their trolly messages and keeping them at ease. The smart thing is that this anti-troll plug-in only shows the trolly stuff to the troll itself. That way, the other community members need not suffer. The idea was presented today on Dutch radio in Radio Online. A free beta plug-in for Wordpress will be available soon."

Submission + - Cross-platform Microsoft (

willdavid writes: "By John Carroll (ZDNet Blogs): Microsoft, apparently, is helping the folks at Mono to port Silverlight to Linux. This is good news, as the primary fear I've heard from developers is that Silverlight will be locked to Microsoft platforms and products. Microsoft has already committed to supporting Silverlight cross-browser on Windows, and has a version that runs on Mac OS X (which is even available from the Apple web site). The last step is Linux, and Microsoft is working with Novell and Mono to make this happen."

Submission + - Next Generation Search Engine (

George Ulmer writes: "Dear Slashdot Staff,

I created the Next Generation of Search Engine. Could you please take a look at it and tell me what you think? Would it be possible to post about it on your blog? Thank you!!! gs::slashdot

Have you ever done a search on the internet? Ever been lost and overwhelmed by too much information? Have you ever felt frustrated when you couldn't find what you were looking for?

What if there were a way to find the information that you are searching for faster, easier and more accurately? Is that something that would make your life better?

What if you could find web sites that were rated highly by millions of other people, instead of by some computer program?
Would it be useful to find information that other people decided was relevant to exactly what you are looking for?
What if there were a brand new way of using the internet to learn anything and find anything that you are looking for quickly and easily?

Well, there is. gs::slashdot

A new breed of search engine.

Ever searched for information and got 9,857,345 results? I have. Its impossible to go through all of the information that is available on the internet. Because there is just too much information. Other search engines just collect all the information and throw it at you. Its impossible to deal with.

Its annoying, frustrating and a massive waste of time.

So, what's the solution?

The solution is a new way of finding search results that are based on what people decide are best. A way of searching where you are given the information that people think is relevant. Where you get to see web sites that people think are valuable, informative and useful.

Not computers. Because computers can never replace human thinking. (At least not yet!) Computers can never know what a good web site is. But you do.

That is why it is called YouSearch. You get to rate the results of every site that you visit. You get to decide what is useful and relevant. You get to choose whether a site tells you exactly what you want to know. And, you get to let everyone else in the world know when a site is garbage.

There is no lack of information in the world today. Technology and the internet has made information and data as plentiful as oxygen. The body of knowledge know to humans is doubling every ten years. In, fact, there is too much information. What we need is a way of organizing, managing and dealing with all that information. And that is exactly the problem that solves.

What if you were wanted to find out about:

        the latest with Paris Hilton or Britney Spears
        lyrics for a new hit song by Chris Brown
        Halo 3 or another hot game
        genetically modified food and other health issues
        the new Transformers movie

Would you want to cut through all the boring stuff and go straight to the page that has the highest ratings, that the most people found the most interesting?

Well, you can. Just click below:

YouSearch for Paris Hilton urce=forums_pr_blogs::slashdot&search_terms=Paris+ Hilton

Britney Spears urce=forums_pr_blogs::slashdot&search_terms=Britne y+Spears

Chris Brown lyrics urce=forums_pr_blogs::slashdot&search_terms=Chris+ Brown+lyrics

Halo 3 urce=forums_pr_blogs::slashdot&search_terms=Halo+3

genetically modified food urce=forums_pr_blogs::slashdot&search_terms=geneti cally+modified+food

Transformers urce=forums_pr_blogs::slashdot&search_terms=Transf ormers

Just click on the highest rated results. And once you visit the page, add your own rating.

This new system has just launched, so you can be the first to rate web sites. And don't take my word for everything you have just read. Go to gs::slashdot and give it a try.

Do you have a web site and want to get more traffic? If so, please add your site to our database. Just click: e.php?source=forums_pr_blogs::slashdot

Take a look at it. Try it out. We'd love to hear your feedback. Please send an email to and let us know what you think.

YouSearch shdot"

United States

Submission + - Government: iPhone and US cell service is unfair (

fdmendez writes: "Lawmakers in Washington believe the Federal Government needs to regulate the cell service industry in order to create a better experience for consumers. Other countries provide examples for the US to follow.

Recently, Amp'd Mobile shut down leaving 175,000 customers suddenly out of cell service. Sprint canceled the accounts of about 1,000 customers last month for complaining too much. Verizon is always behind the rest of the world when it comes to phone selection and phone technology, and don't get me started on AT&T's reception and call quality. Basically, America isn't satisfied with its cell service.

The House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Internet thinks it might be a bad idea for wireless companies to be regulated at the state utility level rather than the federal level."


Submission + - Things not looking for the BBC's iPlayer (

An anonymous reader writes: The future of iPlayer, the BBC's new online on-demand system for delivering content is continuing to look bleaker. With ISPs threatening to throttle the content delivered through the BBC's iPlayer, consumers petitioning the UK government and the BBC to drop the DRM and Microsoft-only technology, and threatened legal action from the OSC, the last thing the BBC wanted today was street protests at their office and at the BBC Media Complex accompanied by a report issued by DefectiveByDesign about their association with Microsoft.

Submission + - Google Mashup and Web 2.0 storage solutions (

BlueVoodoo writes: "Google Maps API along with DB2 or Informix, PHP, JavaScript, and XML let you create an easy-to-use map with your data on it. Use custom icons, change the map type, create a sidebar, and use event handlers. Once created, manage your mashup data cache. Also, be sure to check out how you can use new Web 2.0 tools, principles, and practices in your company."

Submission + - Only 25% of Firefox downloaders are 'active users' (

bheer writes: "The Guardian points to a page on the Mozilla wiki which notes that only 50% of the people downloading Firefox actually try it out, and only a further half of those continue to use it actively." ZDNet has some commentary as well. While a 25% retention rate isn't necessarily bad, Mozilla is trying to improve these figures with a 12 point plan that includes more TV and media advertising, a better start page and several installation tweaks."

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