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Submission + - Apple Acknowledges Major iPhone 5 Camera Flaw 1

An anonymous reader writes: Many iPhone 5 users are complaining that its camera is adding a purple flare to their photos. Speculation is that it's caused by the new sapphire lens cover that Apple touted as "thinner and more durable than standard glass with the ability to provide crystal clear images." Apple's response to those who've complained? "You're using it wrong."

Submission + - Ask slashdot: what to do when spotting a network intruder IP address? 1

phr4nck writes: I am in charge of a small website security. Everyday the FW logs show the IP address of people trying to get access to the system. This morning, I routinely was checking the file and a class A IP address trying to get root access held me up. It was coming from a big well known college on the US east coast. I contacted the IT security person and his first answer was:
"What are the timestamps on your logs? We located the machine a few hours ago and it should no longer be on our network."
I replied in sending a time stamped log file for which I received this answer:
"This host has been taken offline.
Thanks for reporting it."
It is not the first time I am reporting abusing access to my network and I have no idea if things are then taken seriously. What really to do? What would you do?
By the way the host is really currently offline.

Submission + - Weather on Mars surprisingly pleasant, Curiosity rover finds Read more: http:// (

hessian writes: "Curiosity's onboard weather station, which is called the Remote Environment Monitoring Station (REMS), has measured air temperatures as high as 43 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius) in the afternoon. And temperatures have climbed above freezing during more than half of the Martian days, or sols, since REMS was turned on, scientists said.

These measurements are a bit unexpected, since it's still late winter at Gale Crater, the spot 4.5 degrees south of the Martian equator where Curiosity touched down on Aug. 5.

"That we are seeing temperatures this warm already during the day is a surprise and very interesting," Felipe Gómez, of the Centro de Astrobiología in Madrid, said in a statement."


Submission + - Chrome Browser Usage Artificially Boosted (

bonch writes: Chrome was recently called the world's no.1 browser, but Microsoft is accusing the source, StatCounter, of using flawed methodology. When a user enters a search in Chrome, the browser preloads an invisible tab not shown to the user, and these were being counted by StatCounter. Net Applications, another usage tracking group, ignores these invisible tabs and reports IE at 54%, Firefox at 20.20%, and Chrome at 18.85%.

Submission + - Starbucks Gift Cards Have Security Flaw (

SandwaveTech writes: "It seems there is a flaw in Starbuck's gift card system which is just in time for the holidays. The flaw requires the iphone app to add arbitrary amounts to gift cards.

From the article: " "Obviously Starbucks wants you to put money on them (the cards) but there's nothing stopping anyone from going in there and looking at the card and taking the numbers off," said Chris Ewing.

Ewing says all it takes is someone walking into the coffee shop, copying the 16-digit number on the back of the card, downloading the Starbucks mobile application and generating a bar code to use the money eventually loaded on the card. "

I wonder how many geeks will get Starbucks gift cards for the holidays!"


Submission + - Siri Enslaved by Proxy (

mikejuk writes: Since the Siri protocol was cracked (Slashdot ) things have been moving fast. A proxy server that sits between Siri and the Apple servers that do the voice recognition now makes it easy to extend what Siri can do. Now she is controlling thermostats, starting cars, switching TVs and even tweeting.
The big problem for Apple is how to stop this take over of their flagship product otherwise Siri might become the voice controller of everything on the internet....

Your Rights Online

Submission + - Divorcing couple ordered to share Facebook passwor (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: A judge recently ordered a divorcing couple to disclose their Facebook and online dating passwords, but Courtney and Stephen Gallion won't be snooping around each other's accounts: only the attorneys will get the information. The order came after the husband found "useful" information on a shared computer and suspected more was online. It's an unusual application of a fairly standard evidentiary principle to our new ways of interacting online — and although the couple won't actually swap passwords, the Judge still ordered them not to try and impersonate each other online. New technology, same old crazy.

Submission + - X-ray facility to study conditions at Earth's core (

Diggester writes: "The ID24 beam line at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) will use X-ray beams to subject iron and other materials to extraordinary temperatures and pressures. How the X-rays are absorbed should give insight into the mysterious processes going on at and near the Earth's core. For example, the work could unravel why the Earth's magnetic field can "flip"."

Submission + - IE 10 breaks Javascript compliancy record ( 1

Billly Gates writes: No hell did not freeze over. Microsoft released its latest preview of IE 10 last September which included improvements in HTML 5 and Javascript support. Sputnik which is an acid test suite which focuses on javascript conformance and was used against the latest pre-release of IE 10 as well as other popular browsers. Shockingly, IE 10 won by a large significant margin when it was benchmarked with Sputnik with only 6 errors. FF 8/9 had only 164 errors, while Chrome 15 had well over 400 errors. After MS decided to discontinue silverlight they seem to be serious on making HTML 5 and AJAX the new standard by vastly improving IE and not sitting still in the new browser wars 2.0. Even for IE haters this is good news as open standards will innovate the web and make webmasters lives easier.

Submission + - A Laser to Rip a Hole in Spacetime? ( 2

astroengine writes: "Those pesky physicists are at it again; they want to build a laser so powerful that it will literally rip spacetime apart. Why? To prove the existence of virtual particles in the quantum vacuum, potentially unravel extra dimensions and possibly find the root of dark matter. The $1.6 billion Extreme Light Infrastructure Ultra-High Field Facility (known as ELI) will be built somewhere in Europe by the end of the decade and physicists are hoping the ten high-powered lasers — delivering 200 petawatts of power at a target for less than a trillionth of a second — will turn up some surprises about the very fabric of the Universe."

Submission + - Anonymous takes on a Mexican drug cartel ( 1

NarcoTraficante writes: After one of their members was kidnapped in Veracruz, Mexico by the Zetas drug cartel, Mexican Anonymous members have issued an ultimatum to the Zetas in a recently posted YouTube video (Spanish). The video demands release of the kidnapped member and threatens to publish information of cartel members and affiliates in Veracruz if the victim is not released by November 5. The Houston Chronicle article warns that there will be bloodshed if Anonymous publishes information on the Zeta's operations, either perpetrated by rival cartels or reprisal attacks by the Zetas themselves.

Submission + - Time Warner Employee Dies: supervisor ordered her (

wwbbs writes: "A sixty-seven year old Time Warner Cable Ohio call center employee is dead and Time Warner Cable is facing significant criticism from local Ohio news affiliates for negligence. According to a co-worker who was trying to save the woman, Time Warner Cable managers told her to stop CPR and "get back on the phone and take care of customers." Despite Good Samaritan laws in the state, the manager expressed concern the company could be "held liable if something goes wrong." Time Warner Cable isn't commenting on specifics, but did offer the following statement:
"Time Warner responded appropriately to a medical emergency. Our company has procedures in place to respond to emergencies. We are saddened by the loss of one of our employees who was a co-worker and a friend. Our thoughts are with the family during this difficult time.""

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