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Submission + - SpotiAMP whipps the Llamas ass (spotiamp.com)

fredr1k writes: The death of WinAMP hasnt passed by unoticed by anyone. Once regarded as the best but died from suffocation under all software bloat. Now an employee named "Ludde" at the Gothenburg Office of Spotify made his/their tribute and resurrected WinAMP as SpotiAMP. The player still lacks features but it has visualizer-support and a built-in ShoutCast server enabling streaming to devices as the Sonos and a working equalizer

SpotiAMP is based on the Spotify framework. With the caveat that it requires the user to have Premium Subscription (SpotiAMP don't have Ad-suppor).

Comment I left coz they sucked (Score 1) 250

I left instagram a few weeks ago. Not due to the new rules. But to its amount of problems. a) The privacy settings are a joke! b) Spamers/clickforlikes flooded my pictures. c) Most pictures where either stolen or ego-pics of duck-face teen girls or boys trying to show off their tiny muscles. d) the client sucked

Comment The Cuckoos Egg (Score 1) 700

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cuckoo's_Egg_(book) by Clifford Stoll It's about when the Astronomer Clifford Stoll was asked to investigate in a missing 75cent billing in the computer system and he is threwn into a Spy-hunter trail, ending up in an arrest of a West German hacker spying for KGB. Upon reading it I was struck by the inginuity of ways he had to trace the hacker. Also proves the thesis "its the small misstakes that takes down the big thiefs"

Comment Trinidad Scorpion Moruga (Score 1) 348

I have tasted HELL! My friend gave me an assorted collection of Chilies. I litterally got the hottest-top-ten-chilis from him... BRUTAL strenght! I made a Chili on half a moruga, and a 7pot moruga... Great taste, great kick in the but! Then I made a tropical heat BBQ sauce named "STARK +" (Swedish for HOT +). I now have a tree with morugas which are HOT!!!! Insane stuff! and dont say that we swedes cant take the heat!! ;)

Comment Bad food, Sugar and good computers. (Score 2) 240

Sounds like utterly bullcrap to me. The main problem with ADHD is that kids are feed with sugar, sugar, sugar and well more sugar. On top of that all other additives and factory made food that some people put on the table. I mean it's not killing the kids giving them pure water instead of a coke?

Anyway correctly used and not used as cheap baby-sitter, computers are great for kids. The best example is learning kids to read and spell. If you cut away the pen/paper and not force the kids to try to write the letters first but instead let them type the words, sounding etc directly on the computer, they break the reading code much faster. thats because the kids dont need to booth learn to write the letters and sound them at the same time. First understand the letters, then write them by hand.

All in all, learn to cook real food on the thing called "STOVE" at home, throw away crisps, candy, coke. Pure meat contains far more Proteins and good fat than a Pizza and tastes way much better. Dont let the kids play video-games unguarded every day. Send them off out in the woods, make them attend to sports or other social activities. Using the computers as baby sitters is just plain stupid.

Submission + - Facebook @ Sweden (google.se)

fredr1k writes: Today Facebook confirmed several months of rumors. They are building their first datacenter outside US. It will in fact be placed in Luleå / Sweden.

Luleå might sound like a distant place to locate a datacenter, but the climate in Luleå is so cold that the Facebook can use the surrounding cool air for cooling their datacenter. Since Luleå Tekniska Högskola possesses one of the fastest internet connections available it will be possible to Facebook to tap in to a quite good connection ;)

The existence of the datacenter was threatened by a bird. It turned out that a rare species of a Woodpecker had its habitats right where Mark Zuckerberg wanted to build. Objections from locals where later overturned and the datacenter was built.


Submission + - MS Kinect SDK comming to a windows near you! (microsoft.com)

fredr1k writes: Microsoft figured there is some movement in the Kinect hacking scene. They have now announced a Kinect SDK for Windows. (Though only for Academics & Enthusiasts)

Ever since the November launch of Kinect for Xbox 360, enthusiasts and academic researchers alike have expressed their excitement and intense interest in the possibilities created by the products ability to enable users to bring games and entertainment to life without using a controller.

While Microsoft plans to release a commercial version at a later date, this SDK will be a starter kit to make it simpler for the academic research and enthusiast communities to create rich natural user interfaces using Kinect technology.

Seems like they took impression from the hackers and embraced their movement!

Now I only wonder who is going to implement Kinect controll into Media Portal and XMBC?


Submission + - The Piratebay got hacked

fredr1k writes: "The Blog of The Piratebay was hacked recently. By using an exploit in the Blog of The Piratebay the hackers sucessfully managed to seize information about 1600000 accounts on The Bay. However, according to the staff of TPB no harm where done since the passwords and emails where encrypted, rendering it more or less useless. (Well someone once upon a time said MD5 is secure). Never the less the crew of TPB urges the users to change their passwords on the site.

Rumours points out Arga Unga Hackare as the brains behind the break in. But this has been denied by a spokesman claiming to represent that group. He/She also promises retaliation on the persons spreading this rumour."

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