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Comment Re:Epiphany - Web (Score 5, Funny) 147

Tech Support: What web browser are you using?

User: Web.

Tech Support: Right. What's the program you use to view the web?

User: Web.

Nope. Can't see how this would be a problem. Ever.

But I think they were going for the same idea that Microsoft had when they added "Internet" and "Email" links to the start menu in XP. Generic shortcuts that launched whatever program you had setup as your default. At least Microsoft didn't rename the entire programs...

Comment Re:I hope the list of tricks (Score 1) 284

A good review of the issue was documented on the website of yet a different extension: DownThemAll! - Can I trust NoScript any longer?

Basically, NoScript got upset that AdBlock made it possible to block ads on their site. (Note: by default, the NoScript site gets opened on every update.) So NoScript issued an update that crippled AdBlock's ability to block anything. This was discovered and NoScript, under pressure, changed to automatically add a forced white-list for their own site. Eventually, that was changed to allow opt-out, and then removed entirely. But the trust is still damaged; I haven't used NoScript since then.

Submission + - Brain Size May Determine Whether You Are Good at Keeping Friends (

pylert writes: "Researchers are suggesting that there is a link between the number of friends you have and the size of the region of the brain — known as the orbital prefrontal cortex — that is found just above the eyes. A new study shows that this brain region is bigger in people who have a larger number of friendships. — ScienceDaily"

Submission + - Model suggest increase in global warming more than previously thought ( 2

techfun89 writes: "If you like warmer weather, more of it may be on the way. Scientists are stating that by 2050 the global average temperatures will be between 1.4C and 3C (between 2.5F and 5.5F) higher than the average temperatures from 1960 through 1990.

Dan Rowlands, a climate scientist at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom stated, "We've shown that basically we can find a much larger warming by 2050 than we had previously anticipated. This level of warming has not necessarily been seen by a complex climate model before."

Beyond what the findings show here, one thing is certain from actual data points, the Earth is warming. How much it will warm in the future still needs refined data. The effects of warming range from rising sea levels from ice melt to mass extinctions to stronger storms, world-wide, many already occurring."

Comment Re:If it only helped... (Score 1) 114

Of course, such a device has to be under the control of the customer. Not the ISP.

This can easily be rolled into a little box that gets updates regularly from its maker, with the current markers for bot traffic, not unlike how we deal with malware on computers already. Just that this time the box is not prone to user idiocy, clicking "yeah, go on" whenever some trojan wants a new home.

So on the one hand, you say you want to put control into the hands of the user to avoid the ISPs. Then you follow that by saying you want to put control into the hands of the maker to avoid the idiocy of the users.

This doesn't quite make sense to me. Why should we assume the makers of an anti-botnet box are any better than ISPs?


Submission + - 'Hello, World': Programming Languages Quiz (

snydeq writes: "InfoWorld's Neil McAllister offers 20 'Hello, world' programs to test how well you can identify programming languages, both popular and arcane. 'You'd be a versatile coder indeed if you were fluent in every language in the modern developer's toolbox. Yet you don't have to be a wizard in every language to be able to tell which is which. We've assembled examples of the simplest program of all — "Hello, world" — for 20 different programming languages. We've often included some extra lines of code, such as function definitions and comments, where it can help you distinguish one language from others that have a similar syntax. Watch for telltale clues.'"

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