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Comment Charity and community involvement are evil! (Score 2, Funny) 72

Of course Google should never give their own money to filthy liberal Europeans; those savages probably aren't even circumcised!

Saints Reagan and Rand are rolling in their blessed graves.


President Trump will fix all this, you betcha.

Comment Greed is not self interest (Score 4, Insightful) 1140

It's not broken because of greed, it works because of greed, or more accurately because people behave in a way that is in their own self interest.

Ah, the Big Lie of the post-Reagan age.

Greed is when you want more than what self-interest demands. Greed is excessive desire that exceeds what is reasonable, healthy or meaningful.

Many, if not most, of the rich are greedy. They want more than what is best for themselves; they don't understand that impoverishing others also harms them.

As Adam Smith figured out a long time ago, a viable economic system has to work despite the existence of greed. This is not in any way the same thing as rewarding or encouraging or worshipping greed, as lassiez-faire capitalists want to do. In fact the principal function of government in a market economy is to provide regulation that will restrain the destructive effects of greed on social structures (such as the market itself).

As you say, a market should work best for those who behave in their own self interest. Greed is by definition excessive and thus not in one's one self interest; it is a character flaw and not the virtue that greedy folk wish you to believe it is.

Comment Peter Dizikes shows his colors (Score 1) 364

The answer depends on whether you are the rider in the car or someone else is, writes Peter Dizikes at MIT News

Proving that Peter Dizikes is an amoral, selfish bastard, it seems to me.

I would have said "the answer depends on whether the crowd is composed of Westboro Baptist protestors and child-molesting Catholic clergy, or a bunch of pretty girls holding kittens" - thus proving what a moralizing, vindictive bastard I am.

If you only analyze and react to situations based on your personal gain, you can (and probably should be) replaced by an Ayn Rand ® brand robot. Humans are more complex than that, and will cheerfully give up their lives for ideals or even whims.

Comment Re:systemd (Score 2) 273

What's your alternative to NetworkManager? Manually configure every WiFi connection?

That's what I do. It's dead simple, and why would I want to connect to a WiFi AP without understanding it first? That only makes sense if you're a student with a laptop, or something like that. I'm a computer professional; wireless connections are not difficult magic for me, and I'm expected to maintain data security.

But now that Red Hat apparently wants to install Network Manager on hypervisors and servers, I don't even


Comment Re:Windows 10 killer (Score 1) 69

Having seen the same exact thing happen on multiple versions of multiple distros across multiple hardware combinations, I can safely say that this can occur without the user fucking anything up.

Feel free to link your bug reports.

Oh, right, it's just not worth your time to report problems with free software. You're much too busy to help out other people who are willing to give you the products of their labor for free. What was I thinking.

Comment Lots of people were there before the Milesians (Score 1) 109

The Irish Book of Invasions is a medieval manuscript that collects and bowdlerizes tales and poems by earlier Irish writers, which were themselves based on pre-christian oral traditions of unknown age.

It says Ireland was taken six times by six groups of people: the people of Cessair, the people of Partholon, the people of Nemed, the Fir Bolg, the Tuatha De Danann, and the Milesian Celts.

All these groups were heavily mythologized by the ancient Irish, and the later retro-fitting of Christian trappings makes these legends even more unreliable. It's pretty much impossible to tell whether the Fir Bolg are the same as the Formorians, for example.

But anyway, the Milesian Celts came from Spain, the De Danaan from central Europe.

Comment Re:cut page load times by 90% instantly (Score 1) 169

Only an idiot thinks this is viable on today's internet.

I'm curious about why you say this.

I'm a computer professional and I've been working full time on the Internet since before it went commercial. I spend eight or more hours a day with a web browser open, and I make enough money to own a home and an acre of productive land, four vehicles, have two children in college, and donate a significant portion of my income to social causes I support. I hope to have a comfortable retirement on my savings, assuming Washington doesn't permanently break the economy before then.

What, exactly, am I missing out on by not bothering with javascript? How is my life and work "not viable" to use your expression?

Incidentally, I made this post without any javascript turned on. I see five script sources, and there would probably be more if I ran those, but I haven't run any of them.

Comment Re:Technology Paradox (Score 1) 226

Well, int the 60s, everyone was going on about how the increased productivity automation brought us was going to have us all working 3-hour work days.

Productivity went up, the work week went up, the profits from increased productivity went into someone else's pockets.

Yeah, but if we hadn't done that, it'd be SOCIALISM!


(And if you aren't frightened enough to vote for Trump yet, let me just say TERRORISM!!! NINE_ELEVEN! NINE_ELEVEN! NINE_ELEVEN!!!)

Comment Re:On the Morton-Thiokol test range (Score 1) 320

Not the original naysayer, but I can answer those questions. I'll do half so others can prove their own inside info.

1) Charlie Murphy, self-taught electronics genius, designed nearly all the DIDACS hardware that plugged into the NEFF. So mostly likely him, working with Mark Momcilovich on the software side.

2) Doug Sprout, because it was on the PDP and not on Leonard's SEL system - but I don't know which PDP, probably Ernest?

If you were there, you'll know who I am by my slashdot username. :)

Comment Nice Feynman reference (Score 1) 235

Idiot Xians believe the Bible is infallible in detail, when the majority merely believes that it is a powerful, meaningful book that can lead to insight regarding both moral behavior and the history of the Jewish people and the Judeo-Christian faiths.

Idiot Buddhists worship Buddha as a deity, and idiot Jains don't understand the nature of atheistic religion, and idiot Jews think that all Xians are alike in their beliefs, and idiot atheists think that atheism is fundamentally incompatible with all religion. Idiot agnostics don't know what "agnostic" means (but they still come out the least idiotic in the idiot sweepstakes).

If you want the minimum number of idiots around you, join a Unitarian Universalist church. But sadly you'll find that "minimum number" does not actually equate to "zero."

Comment Re:On the Morton-Thiokol test range (Score 1) 320

As I remember it, Boisjoly and a couple other engineers told their management "if you launch lives will be lost." The Mormons (which is what we called corporate upper management after Morton Salt bought out Thiokol) called NASA and said "our engineers say you mustn't launch" to which the NASA boys replied "we know what we are doing, don't worry about it". The Mormons told the engineering staff "we talked to NASA, they say it's OK, they will launch". Boisjoly, believing that the Salt Boys (another nickname for corporate) hadn't conveyed the severity of the situation to NASA, then called NASA himself and said "if you launch lives will be lost". At which point NASA said "sure, sure, thanks for calling" and then immediately called the Salt Jockeys and said "You have a loose cannon and you need to tie it down immediately, shut this asshole up". Then they launched and killed seven astronauts, which ruined the President's speech celebrating the first teacher in space, but luckily Peggy Noonan was able to quickly plagiarize John Magee's poem High Flight to provide a new speech in response to the disaster.

Of course it was a long time ago, but that's how I remember it going down. I was working at the Elkton plant, so I wasn't directly involved with shuttle SRBs.

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