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Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 31

the difference between a party that believes that democratic governments are a good thing vs. a party that thinks the private sector ought to do everything but defense

I wish there was an example of the former in this country. The ACA was the largest government handout to industry in possibly the history of government. The dems have given comfy speeches from time to time about restricting the power and influence of the private sector but then when the time comes to actually write and vote on bills their actions are the opposite of that.

That doesn't change the fact that what was passed in 2009 was in no small part influenced by the Heritage Foundation and their own requirement for an individual mandate.

That's not what we're arguing here.

Are you pretending that the democrats actually campaigned in 2008 on the actions that went into the ACA? What went into that bill was awful. The GOP would have happily voted in favor of it if only the white house were occupied by a republican; they opposed it because they didn't want a democrat to get credit for health care reform.

Except that Obama was willing to sign damned near any piece that crossed his desk,

Would love a cite on this considering everything that's been written about this topic ad nauseam is that this was an issue close to Obama's heart,

Obama campaigned on health care reform, but the bill did largely the opposite of that. He said he was going to bring us more choices and instead this bill makes us obligate consumers of a giant for-profit industry that makes money by denying access to health care. This is not what he said he would do.

(and trying and failing same with the GOP side).

He gave the GOP the bill they wanted. They just didn't want someone with a (D) after their name to get credit for signing it into law.

Comment Nice knowing you, ISS! (Score 0) 169

A large part of the loudest talking heads in Washington can't see the acronym ISS without crapping themselves about ISIS in the same instant. Add to that the fact that NASA has had - since its inception - an additional mission to understand the earth's atmosphere (which includes monitoring global temperature) and it's game over. Even once President Trump's administration itself crashes and burns out early we'll be left with the same group of idiots calling the shots from 1600 Pennsylvania; there is no hope any time soon.

Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 31

I will point out that the GOP pretty well took control of the meaning of "Un-American" and applied it to everything they didn't like starting on Sept 12 2001

No no no. American conservatives have been calling American liberals all kinds of traitorous names since the late 40s. This has been going on the entire modern era.

I didn't say the name calling itself was a new problem, rather that the democratic response to it was. Once 2001 came through it was no longer fashionable for democrats to have any response other than "we're awful, please abuse us more master!" to the GOP verbal bullying. They were only allowed to be cowards from that point onward, even when they had "power".

The democrats wrote it to make the Heritage Foundation happy

Also incorrect. As I've pointed out numerous times, health care reform was a major topic of discussion during both of W's terms,

You're memory is short, then. It was a topic of discussion when Clinton was president as well. That doesn't change the fact that what was passed in 2009 was in no small part influenced by the Heritage Foundation and their own requirement for an individual mandate.

You then "lucked" out that Obama came in 2008 with an idea to make it his signature legislation.

Except that Obama was willing to sign damned near any piece that crossed his desk, to have the distinction of being the first president to do something about the health care debacle - even if it contained almost none of the reforms he campaigned on.

As for Obacamare being a lightly remixed version of The Heritage Foundation plan everyone loves talking about, they couldn't be more different.

Are you suggesting then that the heritage foundation document on the heritage foundation server that calls for an individual mandate is somehow not the heritage foundation calling for an individual mandate?

Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 31

You are the one who imagines a democratic party with a collective spine to stand up against the repeated abuse from the GOP, and you claim I have "quite an imagination". There seems to be no limit to the curiosities of your world. I will say though when you make the claim of the democrats being willing to stand for something, I do find myself wishing I lived in that world instead of the one inhabited by the rest of us.

Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 31

I can't force you to read. Hell you aren't even willing to read the drivel you spew out in some of the discussions here. I will point out that the GOP pretty well took control of the meaning of "Un-American" and applied it to everything they didn't like starting on Sept 12 2001 and has not relinquished it since. The democrats sheepishly surrendered to those accusations very nearly every time they came up.

The democrats have been unwilling to walk away from this abusive relationship, which is why the ACA is such a total disaster. The democrats wrote it to make the Heritage Foundation happy and then the Heritage Foundation and the GOP responded with a giant "fuck you, you fucking fucks" and the democrats were left holding the bag.

Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 31

The majority of the country are for trans rights

I'm not sure where the majority stands on this, to be honest. I think a more accurate statement might be that the majority of the country opposes wasting time and money on oppressing trans people, and sees oppressing them to be a pointless and stupid thing to do. I'm not sure if that is always 100% the same thing as being in favor of trans rights.

As far as I'm concerned, the world that existed before the bathroom bills started showing up reflects how most people feel. If a person who looks like a woman walks into a women's restroom, who cares if they were born biologically female or not? I'm not sure that we need to codify a law to ensure that people can use bathrooms that match their identity. If we dropped gender designations from all single-hole bathrooms that would likely resolve quite a bit of this, wouldn't it?

And it's going to get worse for the religious bigots because religion is dying.

As I recall, a recent Pew study in the US showed that the fastest growing response for the survey of religions in the US was "none". Granted this includes a lot of things beyond atheists, agnostics, and the sort; it would also potentially include the "Christmas & Easter" Christians and various other people to consult their religion when they feel like it.

Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 31

The people who want him gone the most are Republicans

They'll never admit to that if it is the case. While they won't admit how much they have changed since his days, they still hold Saint Ronnie's 11th amendment as sacred and won't impeach Drumpt over anything. The only way they'll cut his administration short is if he has a medical emergency that renders him physically unfit (we already know he is mentally unfit) for the job.

because they realize he's killing them.

Killing them? More like killing for them. His mantra of "there is no such thing as bad press" has permeated the entire organization. He's on the front page news every day and has been for well over a year now. Often the democrats don't appear in the paper until at least half way to the editorial page, and the editorial page is overrun with people screaming about how the democrats are here to do the duties of Satan himself.

There is very much a non-zero chance that Drumpf will go down in history as the last POTUS. We are barreling full-speed towards dissolution of the union.

Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 31

Democrats played the same blame game against the republicans when they had the power in 2009-2010.

Actually, no. The Democrats were too cowardly to actually use the power granted to them by the voting public. They were so used to being beaten up by the GOP (as they had been for around a decade at that point) that they had no notion of how to use power when they had it. They were just as afraid of being called "Un-American" in congress as they were before.

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 1) 137

Actually, the kid was smart enough to figure out the unlocking thing and then ask Siri for help. I'm just surprised that dialing 999 (or 911) is beyond him.

He probably saw his mom unlock the phone and use Siri many times before. However, being as he is only 4 years old he might not have known to call 999, or which number on the keypad was 9 when it came up. Some 4 year olds can read the numbers 0-9 but not all. Stringing together the right 3-digit sequence of numbers is not a small task at that age.

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