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Comment Re:How to stop Trump (Score 1) 144

Simple. E-mail server and other links led up to the debacle in Libya.

Well, that is a fun conspiracy right there. Does that come from the same school of "thought" that tells us that Saint Ronnie telling Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall directly and solely caused it to actually come down? Does it also excuse all the blunders that happened under Saint Ronnie that were more preventable and resulted in the death of larger numbers of Americans?

Only difference is that the Rosenbergs were not rich enough to be Above The Law. Hillary is.

Actually, the list of similarities between the two is far, far, shorter than the list of differences. The only similarity I have found so far is that both involved human beings. You haven't provided one beyond that yet.

Comment Re:Apple Tried This Before... (Score 1) 495

I guess that depends on how you define that arena. I credit Apple with killing the floppy drive (arguably not just the 3.5 with the Imac but also the 5.25 with the original Mac) and leading the way towards killing the optical drive as well. They were also a big developer for CUPS.

Yeah, their market share is slim, but their followers are astonishingly devout. Even though the hardware is no longer unique you still have a better chance of converting a windows person to mac than the other way around.

Comment Apple Tried This Before... (Score 1) 495

Doesn't anyone remember the G4 cube? I do. Maybe the current crop of Apple execs and designers don't - or they just really don't want to - but it also was released with no headphone/speaker jack. While that was not the sole reason for its failure, it was a contributing part.

The G4 cube was cute - similar to how the SGI O2 (the "toaster") was cute, but cute did not equate to functionality.

Comment Re:Yeah, he can win (Score 1) 23

Speak for yourself.

I went to caucus and voted for Bernie. My precinct ultimately broke exactly 50:50 between Bernie and Hillary with no votes for O'Malley or anyone else. I went to the next level as a delegate where we apportioned delegates for state according to how our state split (which went to Bernie as well). There was nothing else I could do for my local or state voting.

Comment Re:Conspiracy is Conspiratorial (Score 1) 415

They can make patent-able and marketable products from natural pot and still make a killing.

Like I said, I don't think that they can. I think that there is too much prior art.

Again, I don't think you're being creative enough here. Sure, they can't just ground it up into a pill and expect to patent it; that's a given. But once they do something more than that - say isolate a particular compound, or use a novel carrier with it, or a different delivery system, or compound it with an OTC medication - then they have something they almost certainly can patent.

demonstrate hundreds to thousands of years of prior art.

Again, that comes down to what they patent. They wouldn't be dumb enough to try to patent the plant (or at least a common variety of it) directly; that would fail quickly. Such a thing would be like Toyota attempting to patent the wheel. However when they do something clever with pot extracts, then it changes significantly and it is more like Toyota patenting the circuitry for the solar roof in a Prius.

Actually, it's not clear that the tobacco industry will even be the ones to get there before big pharma. There's a lot of big investors lurking around to see how this comes out.

So then who are the investors going to invest in? The investors want to put their money in businesses with solid potential, not just scattered head shops. No businesses strike me as better positioned to make money off legalized pot than tobacco and pharm, as they have the most similar products to it currently.

Comment Re:This confirms my previous speculation (Score 1) 452

Sure, although I suspect that for both parties the bigger driving force for the vote is the fear of the other candidate winning. A President Drumpf would likely be disastrously bad for me. From the other side there is nothing that stirs up anger from the GOP as much as the name Clinton.

Comment Re:Cancerously inflamed journal? (Score 1) 144

Well, this JE (stands for Journal Entry?)

Indeed. I guess I got so used to having JE discussions with a short list of people that I forgot I added you only more recently to my friends list. I don't remember who started using that as shorthand here, sorry for not expanding it earlier.

has certainly ballooned far past the 10 comment stage.

I noticed that is indeed the case on this one. By my experience less than 1% of JEs have that many comments.

More evidence that any mention of Trump is click-bait for trolls, I guess. Already seen sufficient.

The conservative base here responds to certain things in very Pavlovian ways. Similarly you can watch them trip over each other to scream first and loudest if you post a JE on Benghazi.

However, the "perma-hate list" also seems to be an example of the kind of interface problem that would be cured by the kind of financial model I've been advocating for a while.

To be fair I'm referring just to the foes list function for one specific user who was not only notorious for having a disgustingly long list but also for never under any circumstances removing anyone from it.

That deactivation would happen automatically as soon as the ongoing cost project ran out of money or it might happen manually when a bug or problem was detected and too few people were willing to fund a repair project.

That is a wonderfully idealized model. Unfortunately slashdot doesn't do anything about bugs any more. Features don't go away, either; they just stop getting maintained and the crew hopes nobody notices.

Still thinking of a simple solution... How about giving the owner of a journal unlimited mod points in the journal? (Again, a feature I would be willing to help fund, but I bet the implementation project for that feature would be quite small. I think that's actually a case where the first few people to spot the proposal would be able to claim credit for funding a substantial improvement to slashdot...)

Feel free to suggest it to them by email. I think someone still occasionally checks They'll likely respond with an excuse for why it will never happen, but it doesn't cost you anything to suggest it...

Comment Re:This confirms my previous speculation (Score 2) 452

Worst of all would be if there's something bad in there but not bad enough to hand Sanders the nomination, that could threaten to hand Trump the win over Hillary.

I have a hard time imagining many voters who are on the fence between Trump and Hillary at this point. If the results are bad - though not bad enough to drive Hillary out of the race - I could expect it to maybe drive some people who would vote for her to vote third party instead. It doesn't seem real likely that such people would occur in large enough numbers in battleground states to flip the election to Trump, though.

Comment This confirms my previous speculation (Score 5, Interesting) 452

When Assange previously was given front-page status on slashdot for having a cache of Hillary emails to release, I said I figured he was going to do it to help Bernie Sanders win the election. After all, if Hillary were to actually fall out somehow before November, Sanders would be the only choice the party could present. Being as every poll that ever asked voters about Sanders vs Trump showed Sanders completely wiping the floor with Trump, this strongly suggests that Assange has a favorite here.

Comment Re:How to stop Trump (Score 1) 144

In particular, as a sort of host, I would like "my guests" to be civil towards each other, and even towards me. Insofar as I could influence the "guest" list, I don't want to be forced into the role of bouncer.

I might be misreading you here, but if you have an interest in restricting who can and cannot post in your JE discussions, you can do that if you are a subscriber on slashdot. The perma-hate list I mentioned earlier that was used by a slashdot user/employee (who left some time ago) was particularly used to restrict discussion in that user's JE.

The issue of moderation? Interesting question.

I recall some time ago that the slashdot description of moderation was that it should be a way to make particularly good comments draw more attention - and particularly bad ones fall into the noise (massive paraphrasing here as I'm too lazy to look up where I found this). In the context of an article discussion, this is useful for people who want to browse at +2 or higher to quickly find the most endorsed comments. To me though it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for a JE, where most discussions are 10 or fewer comments.

Comment Re:How to stop Trump (Score 1) 144

Try reading what you just pasted up there. I would highlight the important part but you aren't much a fan of reading so I don't expect it would make much difference. The point here is that again the conservatives on slashdot see the email fiasco as being a capital offense, while no sane person anywhere agrees. Your own source suggested a punishment far, far, less severe - indeed less severe than any jail time at all - and you somehow missed that in spite of pasting it in.

Comment Re:It's just gas on the fire now (Score 1) 32

That will be spun into a great victory soon enough. Besides, they are already rallied together as Anti-Clinton, nothing else matters to them. Self-destructive acts are of no consequence to them in comparison to preventing someone named Clinton from ever again taking residence at 1600 Pennsylvania.

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