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Comment Re:How do they keep doing this? (Score 1) 35

Economic refugees are not the same as war refugees

True, but at what point is state-sponsored oppression of a group of people (say Muslims for example) sufficient to count those people as war refugees if there is no declared war? If a state is actively taking action against a certain segment of its own population, but war is not declared, at what point do they count as refugees?

Comment Re:I'm still rooting for him. (Score 1) 130

and he's assuredly a pensioner

Pensioner in name only. If he was in his 40s in 1971 and lost his job at that time, he likely didn't have enough work history to have accrued much pension. Likelihood of him having taken a job with a pension after this would likely be pretty slim.

Comment Re:Or just go back to the way things were before (Score 1) 4

The American system isn't actually that kind. A large number of people are actually left to just go broke (and die) as a result of not having health insurance. Government covers urgent / emergency care and little else. If you're dying, you're out of luck (unless you were just subject to physical trauma, that is - if you're dying of chronic disease you're SoL).

Journal Journal: Conservative Cowardice On Parade 4

The GOP members of congress made dozens of attempts to repeal the ACA while President Lawnchair was still in office. They never worried about a replacement at the time because they knew their attempts were good publicity as they were guaranteed to fail.

Now they have all the power. Where is the repeal now? Nowhere in sight. Suddenly they have all these extra steps they have to take, when before it was so easy.

This. Is. Bullshit.

Comment Re:How do they keep doing this? (Score 1) 35

The "ability to establish and maintain a career" is not in and of itself anything that makes someone a potential refugee.

You're right, though it would be nice if it wasn't so unnecessarily difficult to move to a country that has demand and appreciation for my work (such as Canada). I wouldn't be seeking refugee status as much as a chance to actually work. When the government in this country takes an active stance against my work, I eventually need to look elsewhere in order to make a livable wage.

There is no "right to happiness" even in the USA.

It is true that the right to "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" does not guarantee one's happiness. However when the government starts to actively interfere with them, then there is a problem.

And no, a country deporting people to their country of origin based on their religion is also not justification - they're just being sent home, so unless they are in danger in their home country, it's no big deal.

That would hold if the anti-Muslim sentiment was directed only at Muslims who are fresh off the boat. What happens when violence is directed at American-born Muslims? There are many Muslim communities that are many generations established in this country, but the hatred is being directed at them as well. And what about those with US citizenship regardless of where they were born?

Unless they are in danger in their home country, they are not qualified as refugees.

The definition of danger can be tricky. If you send someone back to a place where they cannot work - in spite of it being their home country - then whose interests are being served? We are going to see the reintroduction of wide-spread blacklists soon under the new administration. Worker's rights are already being quickly dismantled.

Comment Re:How do they keep doing this? (Score 1) 35

Same as bathroom bills, in themselves, are not grounds for refugee status for transsexuals

that is the difference between unconstitutional - as the bathroom bills are unquestionably an unconstitutional invasion of privacy (in spite of conservatives calling them "privacy bills") - and sufficiently substantial oppression and endorsed hatred to qualify for refugee status.

However, Canada does admit hundreds of refugees who sneak across from the USA every year. Be happy you're not at risk like they are.

I don't disagree for a moment that there are a lot of people in the US and beyond that have it a whole lot worse than I do. However the ideology that Trump and his ilk hold on to will likely present yet another challenge to my ability to establish and maintain a career. If Trump takes Pence down with him, then we will most likely be stuck with admitted Randian Paul Ryan as POTUS which could be a bit beyond catastrophically bad.

And no, being Muslim is not in itself a criterion for being in danger.

That's debatable. How many lunatics need to embrace Trump's anit-Muslim rhetoric to be endorsement of open season before being Muslim equates to being in danger? When Trump moves to actively start deporting Muslims, will that count? When the borders close to allowing entry of Muslims, with that count? How many hate crimes against mosques need to go un-investigated and un-prosecuted?

Comment Re:How do they keep doing this? (Score 1) 35

Because the USA is considered a "safe country", the standard of proof of personal danger is higher

Precisely. Would Canada accept my claim of being persecuted for being a non-Trump supporter? Seems unlikely, especially as I am not Muslim, minority anything, LGBT, or female. In theory I am in Trump's main demographic (aside from being intelligent, that is).

(which is itself discriminatory and unconstitutional, so if you do come, feel free to challenge that through the courts)

I can certainly say that there are plenty of people around the world in much more grave danger of life than me. The likelihood of Trump's goons coming to throw me in jail or murder me is admittedly quite low. That of course won't stop them from making my life very difficult but that has never cleared the hurdle for claiming asylum as far as I know.

so I wouldn't be surprised to see a bunch of trans claimants once the feds role back Title IX protections.

While we now have some goons in Texas that are aspiring to pass a clone of the unconstitutional NC bathroom bill for their own state, I don't think we are likely closing in on a nationwide anti-trans (or for a broader view anti-LGBTQ) agenda. Hence the oppressed people of southern states could accomplish reasonable protections by moving to less crazy nothern states.

Comment Re:How do they keep doing this? (Score 1) 35

If only your "solution" was in any way credible as having potential for changing the system... There is lots broken here but you're trying to fix it with methods that no sane person would propose as being able to bring about positive change.

In fact, if anyone is to blame for Sanders not winning to the nomination it is the people who couldn't be bothered to go to caucus or primary. When it was all said and done, Hillary had more votes even if we ignored the superdelegates. She wasn't the better candidate - not by a long shot - but more people voted for her than voted for Bernie. She was arguably the better qualified candidate - and there is no contest she is orders of magnitude more qualified than Trump to be POTUS - but all that mattered for the democratic endorsement was who pulled in more votes through the endorsement process.

That is, after all, how democracy is supposed to work - winner declared by the vote count. When there is apathy or disconnect in the party, we end up with this.

Comment Re:How do they keep doing this? (Score 1) 35

We had a chance to elect someone who actually stated directly what he wanted to do, and how. Unfortunately he lost out in a long primary to someone with abysmal public approval ratings, who lost the presidential election to someone even more despicable. Politicians don't have to be either "cold and calculating" or total narcissistic assholes; there are other ways to get to the top - or, at least, there should be.

Comment Re:How do they keep doing this? (Score 1) 35

I haven't looked at refugee status, but I can tell you from experience that it is not trivial for a US citizen to simply up and move to Canada. I have Canadian relatives and an advanced degree in an expanding scientific field; yet it is still very difficult for me to take my family and move up there. It is almost easier to move to Europe or Asia.

Comment Stopping a dictatorship... (Score 1) 2

... requires people willing to stand up to the dictator. The democrats haven't shown that kind of spine for a very, very, long time. I wouldn't have expected before that I would be saying this, but it turns out we were lucky back in 2001 that GWB was just an idiot. Now we have a thin-skinned egomaniac idiot about to take control. Unfortunately back in 2001 the democrats sat on their hands while the GOP rewrote the dictionary (and shredded the constitution) to their own benefit. I wish I could say I see a good reason to expect a different outcome this time.

Well, maybe we'll get a different outcome. We certainly won't get a better one, though.

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