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Journal Journal: Rights must always come with duty 15

" Many people today would claim that they owe nothing to anyone, except to themselves. They are concerned only with their rights, and they often have great difficulty in taking responsibility for their own and other people's integral development. Hence it is important to call for a renewed reflection on how rights presuppose duties, if they are not to become mere licence."- Pope Benedict XVI, Caritas in Veritate

This, to me, is the center of moral relativism- that rights have b

The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Overdraft Fees On Checking Accounts 13

It seems that overdraft fees have been climbing quickly lately; I've heard some banks claim they have to do this because new regulations make it too difficult for them to make money (ie, pay absurd bonuses to greedy executives) by other means. My current bank is now charging $37 for an overdraft; it doesn't seem like it was all that long ago that a bounced check (or check card purchase as it may be) would set you back $20 or less. Of course I do recall one particularly evil bank that on

Feed Science Daily: Feeling Sleepy Is All In Your Genes (sciencedaily.com)

Genes responsible for our 24-hour body clock influence not only the timing of sleep, but also appear to be central to the actual restorative process of sleep. A new study identified changes in the brain that lead to the increased desire and need for sleep during time spent awake.

Feed Science Daily: Test After Test Turns Students Off Math (sciencedaily.com)

The ever-growing strain of examinations, cramming and top-down teaching is turning students off studying maths at university - according to new research. Researchers in the UK says the pressures caused by cramming for up to 12 exams a year leaves too many AS level maths students tired at the thought of studying more at university.

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