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Comment foxconn (Score 1) 277

its not just apple — i think samsung and all the other manufacturers are always being driven by the american consumer credo 'the lowest price is the law' — forcing manufacturers to pay its people the least.

so long as 'the lowest price is the law' — this trend will continue for all manufacturers.


Comment last chance —hardly (Score 1) 301

titling a post 'last chance' — is really trolling.

people were predicting the death of the Mac for twenty years — the iPad is still bringing millions of dollars of revenue (not loss) for the company.

does apple kill off apple TV because it doesn outsell the iphone? no — they keep it, because it fits into the overall design and usage patterns of many users very well, and has the best (human-vetted) software library out there.

the ipad isnt going anywhere.

Comment microdots and film coiled in walking canes (Score 1) 161

danger man — a precursor to james bond —used all sorts of clever not-digital methods of subterfuge — which were decidedly 'low tech'. John Drake does not employ cutting edge gadgets, relying instead on his wits. The most 'advanced' device used, is a closed circuit television and a tape recorder. Messages are passed in matchboxes and folded newspapers with photographic microdots. He would use the spy's own bugs against him by feeding it false information — check out Danger Man in action —

Comment because you can still run linux (Score 4, Informative) 532

mac hardware lets you run all three major OS's (osx + windows + linux) on a single piece of hardware.

also — you get all the commandline UNIX-y goodness + the ability to run Microsoft Word + the ability to run Adobe Photoshop right beside your terminal window.

and it never stops running for some arcane reason after a pkg update.

Comment Real-Time OS? (Score 1) 97

heh — i thought he was referring to some sort of real-time OS that was able to handle interrupts with really low-latency, or something devised in LISP which dealt with high-level feature-abstraction about real-world objects.

meh — he's just talking about languages with which you programme controllers — and the current languages which are already adequate to that.

Comment lower the reported sample rate (Score 4, Interesting) 95

| the estimated time in seconds that the battery will take to
| fully discharge, as well the remaining battery capacity
| expressed as a percentage. Those two numbers, taken together,
| can be in any one of around 14 million combinations, meaning
| that they operate as a potential ID number

okay — so why not decrease the provided resolution of the values?

i.e. time til battery discharges expressed in minutes instead of seconds,
and remaining battery capacity expressed to the nearest 5% -- this will
provide substantially less unique combinations to ID your battery, while
still being sufficiently useful enough for what the feature was intended.


Comment Re:Why is this even a story? (Score 4, Interesting) 365

yeah — learning code should be hard and arcane and locked up in air conditioned rooms full of punched card readers, and the only way you're going to get to programme a computer is if you solder a CPU to a motherboard and your name is WOZ — like its such a horrible thing for a good elegant language to exist that finally replaces god-awful basic with line numbers, and is able to compile a mach kernal and the whole OS using the same language. — who wants a good easy deep language (or be stuck with java and objectiveC for the next 20 years!?) — the nerve of those folks, making good tools like this available for free.

we've been in a desert for so long, and now you grow up with good compilers and plenty of RAM — and i just dont get it — why the author is complaining!?!?

you can be handed good tools and still not know how to draw — but you may be drawn into the art and craft and learn and get better.

by the same logic — should we ban typewriters!?!? — because millions of people might now be enabled to write crappy literature!?

please dear author of this post — wtf!?

    If a head and a book come into collision and the resulting sound is hollow,
    the fault need not necessarily be that of the book! (Lichtenberg)

Comment Re:"No idea how... the brain works" (Score 1) 230

we may have some ideas about how the brain works — at an electro-chemical level — it has been well studying and documented. a good text would be by neurologist — john eccles:

as for treating a simulation of the brain as having the same qualities as a real functioning brain is to fear getting wet from a simulation of a rainstorm. there are scientists which would disagree that human consciousness is actually simulable in this way:

one of the worst mistakes in cognitive science.. is to suppose that in
the sense in which computers are used to process information, brains
also process information. (john searle, cognitive scientist, 1990)*

* Is the Brain a Digital Computer?

Comment Re:Macbook Pro (Score 1) 558

2009 MacBook Pro 13" 2.26Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo; 4Gb RAM, NVidia GeForce 9400m 256Mb.
1Tb 2.5" Internal Hard Disk Drive which resides where the DVD-R used to reside.

Peripherals: External Scarlett 6i6 USB Audio/MIDI Interface; and 19" HP LCD Monitor;
7Port power USB Hub; CM Storm w Cherry MX Blue keyswitches & Apple Magic Mouse.

This notebook has been a tank day in and day out for over 6 years.
It has been dropped and dented; the internal SATA bus died, and I installed a primary drive in the optical drive bay, and that is
running solid. It has running OSX 10.6 - 10.10; back in the day it also ran powerPC apps on OSX 10.6. I use a lot of software.
XCODE and iOS Development; Music and MIDI Software; Adobe CS Photoshop and Illustrator.. and VNC and Remote Desktops
for IT Support; still use Terminal and GCC. running hundreds of Apps over the years, games, emulators and custom software.

It contains my whole digital life: migrated from TRS80 > Mac512 > Mac IIcx; Quadra 700; PowerBook 520;
PowerBook 5200; Bondi iMac; iBook; iMac G5 > and finally 2009 MacBook Pro — and it is the most solid
reliable machine ever. I love it!!

2cents from Toronto Island
john p

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