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Comment radical (Score 1) 361

current home setup: macbookPro(2009) — three plugs: power; usb to hub; thunderbolt to display. all my devices plug into usb hub(scarlett audio interface, backup drive, midi interface, usb keys).

what this does is supplies the power to the left or right handed user, and drives total# plugs to 1 things to fiddle: power coming in from display; and simultaneously supplying data to the display — that's radical — and the display contains the usb hub — its consolidated 3 wires to one for at home use.

on the road, work on a retina display and a great keyboard.

Comment Re:poor vim users (Score 1) 524

the ESC key still exists. one can keep using vim (and if you real vim, you can remap your keys).

in the way that i use my macbook, i have a main larger monitor + cherry keyswitch keyboard — with real spring keyswitches. waaay better for typing then any laptop keyboard (although typing on the new mac butterfly keyboard is quite good, as far as laptop keyboards go).

when im at home and coding — i'm on my main screen + good keyboard all the time, and the macbook is off to the side.

when i'm on the road — i still have an ESC key that works. i've lost nothing.

your usage patterns may vary — if you're a heavy vi user that is never at home/office and only work and only use vim, then it may not be the machine for you.


Comment Got One, Love It (Score 1) 330

i grew up in a time before cell phones — im used to a watch, and after 10+ years of living without one (because of having the time on a phone) — it is rather pleasant having one again. i wouldnt say it replaces the phone, but is a good supplement — i find i dont have to pull out my phone as often, and love the way i can just glance over to see what's coming in without having to haul out a brick.

most of all — its just got to be a good watch — and it still doesnt beat my movado — but the apple watch does its job being a watch, but with nice connectivity for messages and such.

what surprised me is that one of the most used features is just having the weather on the face of the watch — living on an island, and riding a bike — knowing the weather and the time to the boat are everyday practical.

loving the watch, and the fact that i can code for it and make it do stuff if i so desire is great for a geek. :-D

jp (toronto island)

Comment CHESS (Score 1) 241

the semantics of the languages change (C++, Swift, Java) — but the type of thinking you need to see the effect of logical interactions is best introduced by getting students playing CHESS. it offers the ability to teach logic independent of individual language semantics which i would see as fundamental.


Comment works fine here (Score 3, Interesting) 133

upgraded to iOS 10 + watchOS 3 — works good.

messaging, phone, and all the apps dont have any weird crashes on my iPhone 5s.

also, my own iOS xcode apps install and run on the phone without modification in xcode 8.

the new watch face in watchOS 3 is usable, and the watch responds faster.

solid upgrade.

2cents from toronto island

Comment foxconn (Score 1) 297

its not just apple — i think samsung and all the other manufacturers are always being driven by the american consumer credo 'the lowest price is the law' — forcing manufacturers to pay its people the least.

so long as 'the lowest price is the law' — this trend will continue for all manufacturers.


Comment last chance —hardly (Score 1) 301

titling a post 'last chance' — is really trolling.

people were predicting the death of the Mac for twenty years — the iPad is still bringing millions of dollars of revenue (not loss) for the company.

does apple kill off apple TV because it doesn outsell the iphone? no — they keep it, because it fits into the overall design and usage patterns of many users very well, and has the best (human-vetted) software library out there.

the ipad isnt going anywhere.

Comment microdots and film coiled in walking canes (Score 1) 161

danger man — a precursor to james bond —used all sorts of clever not-digital methods of subterfuge — which were decidedly 'low tech'. John Drake does not employ cutting edge gadgets, relying instead on his wits. The most 'advanced' device used, is a closed circuit television and a tape recorder. Messages are passed in matchboxes and folded newspapers with photographic microdots. He would use the spy's own bugs against him by feeding it false information — check out Danger Man in action —

Comment because you can still run linux (Score 4, Informative) 532

mac hardware lets you run all three major OS's (osx + windows + linux) on a single piece of hardware.

also — you get all the commandline UNIX-y goodness + the ability to run Microsoft Word + the ability to run Adobe Photoshop right beside your terminal window.

and it never stops running for some arcane reason after a pkg update.

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