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Comment Re: Brilliant ad campaign! (Score 1) 606

I don't believe you. Your mental notes don't work that well unless, ironically, you're the one with a cognitive disorder.

What you probably do (and what I do as well, since google home doesn't even support the feature I'm talking about) is that when you're at the store you run over a list of things that you commonly need to buy. I really don't believe for a second that you say to yourself "Next time I'm at the store I'll buy dishwashing liquid" and then it actually happens without a long introspection at the store first "what was it that I needed... um... milk? Toilet paper? Paper towels?" first. Brains don't work like machines.

Comment Re:Brilliant ad campaign! (Score 1) 606

If I'm doing dishes and I'm almost out of soap, it's so much easier to say "ok google order more dishwashing liquid" than to stop what I'm doing, get my phone (or turn on the computer), open up amazon, make an order. And if I don't do it right away there's a good chance that 5 minutes later I'll have forgotten. I'm looking forward to google home supporting that.

It would be great for stuff like that, obviously it's not good for buying something that requires some research or buying something new that isn't in your recent order history.

As for not understanding you, have you actually tried any of these devices? They're really really good at understanding. My 3 year old can give commands to my google home. At first the success rate was about 20% but he's gotten better at talking clearly (without pausing to giggle about his question etc) and I think google has gotten better at understanding. Just last night he said "ok google tell me a joke" and got a joke like "what's the easter bunny's favorite music? hip hop" -- then he asked me what hip hop was and also said "ok google play hip hop" -- which led me to find the setting about filtering music content in the google home app.

Comment Re:Racist (Score 1) 366

They're at the same place that Christianity was at during the dark ages, yet they don't live in the dark ages. They have all the advantages of global communication and travel, widespread literacy, huge advances in science, easy access to the arts, literature, history, etc.

It's amazing that a huge group of people people living today can still be so backwards, isn't it?

Comment Re:Disputable (Score 1) 366

you do not have specific identifier you can assign 100%, you have a continuum

Why is that a problem? It's the paradox of the heap. A grain of sand is not a heap. Two grains are not a heap (in my view). Three grains are not. But as you continue, at some point it is a heap. Many people would disagree on the exact number of grains of sand that make a heap. Yet heaps exist.

Comment Re:Unintended consequences (Score 1) 85

Yea, right, I'm sure a letter from the credit card companies is really believable. And even they had to insert this text before they started complaining about the evil guberment:

"The CARD Act has provided consumers with significant benefits, among them the elimination (with
few exceptions) of increases on interest rates on existing balances, whether the regular purchase
interest rate or an introductory or promotional rate. These restrictions help consumers avoid surprises
due to increases in their interest rates. In addition, since implementation of the CARD Act, customers
are paying significantly less in late payment fees and overthelimit fees. Customers also appear to be
paying a higher portion of their outstanding balances, perhaps due to the minimum payment disclosure
of the CARD Act, which explains how long it will take customers to repay a credit card balance if they
only pay the minimum payment.

"While the CARD Act has provided clear and significant benefits to consumers, there have also been
significant tradeoffs...

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