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Lord of the Rings

Journal johndiii's Journal: [Beloved] An Unmarked Festival

Three years ago today, beloved, there was a change approaching...

        There's a feast undated, yet
                Both our true lives hold it fast,--
        Even the day when we first met.
                What a great day came and passed,
                --Unknown then, but known at last.

        And we met: You knew not me,
                Mistress of your joys and fears;
        Held my hand that held the key
                Of the treasure of your years,
                Of the fountain of your tears.

        For you knew not it was I,
                And I knew not it was you.
        We have learnt, as days went by.
                But a flower struck root and grew
                Underground, and no one knew.

        Day of days! Unmarked it rose,
                In whose hours we were to meet;
        And forgotten passed. Who knows,
                Was earth cold or sunny, Sweet,
                At the coming of your feet?

        One mere day, we thought; the measure
                Of such days the year fulfills.
        Now, how dearly would we treasure
                Something from its fields, its rills,
                And its memorable hills.

                                                        -- Alice Meynell

...and little did I know what would start eight short days from then. I would prefer to mark this day, and that one, with you, rather than posting poems here. But... one does what one can. In hope for a treasure of years together... Thine.

For Sehanine Moonbow.

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[Beloved] An Unmarked Festival

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