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Journal johndiii's Journal: Christmas Plans 11

I will be spending Christmas with my daughter, in Boston. Although I normally do not care to travel on holidays, I am looking forward to this trip. I always enjoy spending time with her, and it will be nice to have a chance to catch up with Sol.

I may have some spare time, so if there is anyone in the Boston area who is interested in crossing paths, email me at my nick at gmail.

Anyone else doing anything different for Christmas this year?

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Christmas Plans

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  • More or less. We're traveling a couple hundred miles instate to my sister-in-laws for Christmas Eve dinner, but other than that we'll be around the house. I have another trial in a couple weeks (the curse of being good at what you do, eh?) so I don't have the leeway to take too many days off. Hopefully in the Spring and/or Summer we'll be doing some road trips which I am very much looking forward to. As much as I like Portland, it still takes me a bit to come to terms with the weather. I was working so
  • Hope your trip is an easy one, and your visitations joyful. :-)

    If you ever make it out to California, PLEASE give me a ring. I'd love to show you my little corner of the world.

  • If weather permits. It is supposed to rain here this weekend, but I suspect that means snow farther west. If that's the case it may change our plans.

  • My parents arrived on the 5th and are staying until the 26th. Christmas Eve my in-laws are coming for exchanging presents and Christmas dinner. We ain't goin' nowhere.

    Hope you enjoy your Christmas in Beantown. Say hi to milady dragonses and teh blinders.



  • I may try to carve out some time with the long week-end to install linux on my lattitude d620. I've wanted to do it for a while but I need to have enough time to roll it back if I can't get everything the way I want it.
  • I'm traveling out to Boston to see your daughter too, er, I mean...

    My wife and son and I will spend Christmas home in the morning. Then in the afternoon spend the day with her folks and family. The next day heading to visit my side of the family, thankfully just on the other side of the state instead of New York like Thanksgiving.

    Have a good Christmas, and God bless in your travels.
  • But I'm hoping for a larger get-together next year. I wrote about it on *.

    Have a fun, safe trip. Don't forget to overindulge once or twice. :)
  • But it's a non-Ian year so it's just me and my siblings - my brother's getting divorced so not sure what will happen while I'm down there.

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