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Comment Re:It's already there... (Score 1) 299

<quote><p>try not installing X11, X11 apps, kde, xfce , emacs, tcl and docs (ie: just unselect the install folders x, xa, kde, kdei, xfce, e, tcl and f )</p><p>there! you have a tiny distro, ready to use, compile, whatever</p></quote>

I am pretty sure that the good Mr Volkerding is well aware of how to configure the distro that he created.

Comment Re:Immature and Gun Happy (Score 1) 1141

    This happiness index is for how happy the planet is, and it appears that Central America wins. most likely by having less people and some forests.

      toss up. lots of European countries on either side of the US here. The only relevant one to the discussion is the firearm stats. the US is the only country with recent updates and full stats. apples to oranges, and it feels manipulated to make the US look bad.

  the US life expectancy is below cuba! and chile. and costa rica. While they may be nice places(the planet is happy enough there!), I believe that there may be some reporting discrepancies here

Conclusion: This appears to be a bunch of references that hope to make the US look bad. As long as no one actually reads them. Wait, no I forget--of course Europe is better!

Comment Re:Use aircraft headsets (Score 1) 110

what's wrong with the one in the link he posted?

or the generic?
+ an adapter for a cell phone

just curious...

Comment Re:Even a swimwear merchant app that sold bikinis (Score 1) 492

"In the United States, which is generally less tolerant of female toplessness than Europe or Australia, toplessness is permitted in Washington, D.C., New York, Hawaii, Maine, Ohio, and Texas wherever a man is permitted to go without a top.[25][26]. However, women in Texas appearing topless in public are typically charged under public nuisance laws.[27] Topless bathing is permitted on designated public nude beaches."

"The first nude beach of the United States was established in San Gregorio in Northern California in 1967,[5] as a private "free beach".[6] The number of official nude beaches in the United States has recently increased because of the stewardship of national and local nudist organizations and the establishment of working relationships with&mdash;or lobbying of&mdash;local municipalities and law enforcement agencies. The tourist potential of clothing-free and topless events and facilities is increasingly being recognized.[7]"

Here in Austin we have Hippie Hollow. Which I have never been too, but I hear is lotsa fun.

And now I hope no one actually sees this comment. one more reason no one can ever know my slashdot ID. Conveniently I picked the lamest alias ever.

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