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Comment Re:Bad is better than Worst (Score 1) 93

> but the same goes for the US where cops can steal your cash

This is a largely irrelevant problem for most businesses as few deal in large amounts of cash. Just the idea of transporting cash as a non-criminal gives me pause. Never mind pause, I view it as absurd from a basic security perspective.

Comment Re:Joke? (Score 1) 65

Your entire rant glosses over the very real fact that death certificates are total bullshit. NO ONE ever puts the real cause of death down because no one wants to get sued or get entangled in the ensuing mess. So the standard practice is to put down heart disease or cancer regardless of actual cause.

This measure would be a considerable deviation from current practice.

Truth in death reporting would actually be nice. It will probably set off a shit storm of litigation though.

Comment Re:FTFY (Score 1) 585

There are plenty of clusters of long living people. They now seem to be the new trendy thing in cancer quackery.

Chances are, the only thing they have on their side is luck. They tend to have both a distinct genome and a unique (usually isolated) environment.

There is likely no magic elixir to be distilled from them.

Although I will agree that all matters of human biochemistry are still so poorly understood (despite our own hubris on the matter) that anything could be possible.

I just won't believe anything in particular until it's very well understood and well tested.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 585

> What ever made you think you could trust a doctor with the presidency, or a cabinet position like the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development?

What is so special about that post anyway? What sort of extra special secret personal characteristics do you need for that job anyhow? It's a low profile domestic position.

People are paying way to much attention to this trivial shit just because they're butt hurt that the other party won.

It's like you morons thought that a Black President fundementally altered the nature of the universe and ended history.

Comment Re: Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 585

> Bullshit, unless... well, how intelligent is a library, anyhow??

A library has zero intelligence. It can't learn or apply what it learned. It also doesn't have the requisite physical skills to carry out surgery.

Your kind of stupidity actually makes look like all of your claims and those of your cabal are pure nonsense. You completely undermine the liberal narrative.

Comment Re: These wackos are cows with guns (Score 1) 585

Most gun violence is perpetrated by low income people living in high crime areas. The people in those particular high crime areas tend to vote overwhelmingly Democrat (when they do vote).

Liberal news media outlets only care about gun violence when people outside of that demographic are involved. They usually focus on weapons that only account for a tiny minority of gun mayhem.

Comment Re:I quit using DVR (Score 1) 126

Sports is a good example of where legacy broadcasting rules effectively sabotage streaming. Even if you subscribe to some streaming service, blackout rules dating back to the 70s can still prevent you from having access to a game.

Plus you can record in better quality yourself and you don't have to waste any bandwidth viewing a locally stored recording.

Plus some of this stuff is completely free OTA. So it's gratis too.

Comment Re: Will this apply to slashdot as well? (Score 1) 325

Yeah... sexist and misogynist. That's the new codeword for treating a woman as an equal. You're just playing the woman card and pretending that they are all just weak victims that need protected. This goes equally well for Trump's groupies, the professional entertainer, or Clinton herself.

When Germans need to put signs in bathrooms because the Syrians can't or won't use a toilet properly, you've got a real issue that can't be glossed over by liberal platitudes.

The issue of successful assimilation is not something to be glossed over or ignored just because it contradicts your politics.

Comment Re:Inside every "Liberal" is an "Authoritarian" (Score 1) 325

The "Hitler Problem" wasn't that the guy said mean things. The problem with Hitler is that he also had an army of uniformed thugs beating people up. He didn't just say "bad things". He did things that relatively libertine Americans would consider illegal.

The Hitler problem is that he suppressed dissent. He did that long before he came to power.

It's even in that silly little poem that people have had fun misusing lately.

This Cliff Notes version of history that liberals love to peddle ignores a lot of very relevant details.

Comment Re:The litmus test (Score 2) 121

Not really. There's only confirmation bias. It can be on the part of the reader or on the part of the journalist but it's just as bad either way. People will even take OBVIOUS satire sites and take them seriously so long as it fits their internal narrative.

"Journalists" do this too. They will ignore stories that don't fit their narrative. They will rush to judgement when it suits their narrative.

Comment Re:Can someone explain why this is cool? (Score 1) 83

> The biggest benefit of PLEX from what I've been able to tell (mind you I've only looked at it from a 30,000 ft perspective) is that PLEX lets you re-encode on the fly media so that it matches the device you are watching on....

That's become much less of a problem as tech has moved forward from the iPad1 days. Newer mobile devices shouldn't need the plex server to transcode for them.

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