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Comment Re:Slashdot "experts" who were wrong. (Score 1) 161

> Oh please, if someone released a device that cured cancer 100% of the time, and gave it away

Except it's you lot that are pretending that an expensive brand name product is somehow different from it's cheap generic counterpart.

The fact that you're spouting complete medical gibberish is par for the course.

Comment Re:Oh great (Score -1) 285

> These rounds aren't being made for killing people.

They need to be as close to what is used in combat or else training effectiveness is reduced. THAT will cost American lives.

Also, the DO train recruits with real live grenades. It would be hard to fully appreciate and respect those things otherwise. Throwing around a training grenade is not the same thing at all.

Civilian do-gooders should stick to recycling things and whining that there aren't enough women in STEM.

Comment Re:Humans haven't changed, moron (Score 0) 168

The fact that you need to create a new special category of rape with newly revised criteria kind of undermines the whole idea that it's "just rape". If it were "just rape" you wouldn't need a special term for it.

The whole point of something like date rape is it doesn't require obvious evilness and might not even really be evil or wrong.

Comment Re:Apple is no longer a computer company (Score 1) 227

If you want to buy a support contract, Apple is really nowhere. Apple hardware is designed to be completely unmaintainable. It's worse than the later Ataris and Amigas. The lack of tightly packed novelty form factors means it's PC gear that's more reliable. It's also supported longer.

The worst PC brand I've ever dealt with is Apple.

Microsoft remains the weak spot with PCs but the hardware is solid.

There is nothing special about what Apple shoves into it's PCs. Sometimes it's close enough that you can use an off the shelf Dell as a Hackintosh.

Comment Re:ACA is scam (Score 1) 210

> Too bad for you, that's a not actually plan, as you're just hand-waving it as a solution.

It's a perfect plan actually. It's not that far from other things that have been done already.

Concentrate on the problem that need fixing rather than trying to sabotage the private market and push for more socialism when the first batch of it fails.

Instead, you lot saddled private insurance customers with all of the uninsurable types that would go onto Medicare if they were older or permanently disabled. You trashed the risk pool and put it all on people that can't really handle it.

ACA is actually pretty d*am regressive for something that's sold as "progressive".

You don't see it because you're blinded by partisanship.

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