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Comment Re:Political fallout (Score 1) 457

The high-speed rail was also funded by a state bond measure (which I voted against, back when I still lived there). What it got from fed money I don't know. Regardless, CA is always whining about no money for critical stuff, then spending it wildly on stuff no one needs... not the best way to get my sympathy as a taxpayer.

Per aerial view, it doesn't look like the dam is really in danger -- the washed-out part is a good ways from the dam proper. What might be getting undercut or supersaturated due the breach and suddenly slump is another matter, but assuming it was built from the local rocky ground, probably not a big risk.

Comment Re:Political fallout (Score 1) 457

In California, not exactly. The money that's been used so far for the high-speed rail to nowhere could have rebuilt the dam from scratch. And what's their latest wacky idea? Build beach cottages for low income vacationers, at taxpayer expense, I shit you not. But budget to maintain critical infrastructure, like a dam? Nope.

CA dams have had 30 years of neglect, because 1) they had decided the drought was permanent (apparently having forgotten the last time CA had floods, in the 1990s) hence dams are no longer needed, and 2) the envirowhacks want all the dams torn down anyway, so why bother to maintain them?

You want critical infrastructure maintained, pass state legislation requiring funds to go there FIRST, not as a maybe-afterthought like it's been done in CA for the last several decades. And unless you want lots of graft and corner-cutting, don't let the work out to private contractors (watched that become a debacle there too).

Comment Re:It's simple (Score 1) 171

(javscript required, and it's still ugly)

"These male Aboriginals are all cannibals. The height of a blackfella's ambition is to kill and eat some member of another tribe; although quite content to eat his own off-spring or barter them for weapons of exceptional value. When the children are considered fat enough the killing is not delayed."

Comment Re:Easy answer (Score 1) 489

16:9 is why when I had to buy a new monitor, my only criterion was max vertical screen height. Having to scroll up and down all the time is a PITA.

I think the shallow vertical of modern monitors explains why it's become fashionable to remove all the menu bars etc. from browsers -- because with a normal menu area, there goes half your screen.

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