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Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 284

Read the articles you linked to.

"Keeping up with their promise to make smartphones more root-friendly,"

"They didn't specify which handsets will receive the capability or when we can expect to see it, but the company promises to keep us updated "every few weeks.""

"Motorola said it plans to enable the unlockable/relockable bootloader currently found on Motorola XOOM across its portfolio of devices starting in late 2011, "where carriers and operators will allow it.""

What's funny is you lot sure like to drag out the 'reality distortion field' a lot.

Why was this modded down instead of up?

Comment Re:For the lazy.. (Score 1) 272

I think the TFA details should be worded:

  • Big galaxy... it's space, the final frontier
  • These are the voyages of the Enterprise 1701-ZZ
  • It's mission will be billed to you monthly
  • You can explore strange NPC worlds for new cosplay ideas
  • You can grind by seeking out new races and civilizations
  • You can boldly go to the one place this franchise hasn't be beaten to death before!

Just no word yet on whether "Kirking Alien Women" is a skill class you can take.

Comment replacement for the standard Imperial Probe Droid? (Score 1) 123

Have they cleared these for use on ice planets like Hoth? The previous model defended itself valiantly against a group of insurgents before finally succumbing to the ol' "you draw it out and I'll sneak around and nail it from the side" tactic. Lord Vader will not be pleased if the upgrade does not solve this problem.

Comment Re:"Small amounts of data" (Score 2, Interesting) 98

"Amazon's infrastructure is orders of magnitude better than what your average chump can manage themselves."

This is a common assumption, based in part by Amazon claiming that these services ran the same software that ran their store. Well, the store's uptime is terrible, maybe %98, and these services are written from scratch anyway.

I think they have their place, but the assumption that Amazon means good engineering is a very erroneous one. I know, I used to work there.
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Journal Journal: A newcomer! 3

UPDATE: Cyclometh is definitely not that AC, and he's no jerk. I'm lazy, read the comments.

Cyclometh. Haven't a clue what I did to him either.

Maybe he's the AC responding to this this post? I'm pretty sure he popped up in the freaks in the past day or two...
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Journal Journal: Where my freaks at? 1

So, I wasn't paying attention to this silly /. community stuff before, and I don't make any suggestion that I will again soon, but I happened to notice a while ago that four people seem to have marked me as their foe. I don't know what I ever did to these losers. As near as I can tell, I haven't even posted to the same thread as them, much less in the same article.

But here's some rampant speculation and insults 'cause I'm bored:

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