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Journal gr's Journal: A newcomer! 3

UPDATE: Cyclometh is definitely not that AC, and he's no jerk. I'm lazy, read the comments.

Cyclometh. Haven't a clue what I did to him either.

Maybe he's the AC responding to this this post? I'm pretty sure he popped up in the freaks in the past day or two...

His comments aren't remarkable (not especially dumb, not especially bright), and we don't seem to be talking in the same place much. Who knows!
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A newcomer!

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  • I happened to notice you'd added me to your friends list after I put you on my foes list- which doesn't seem to make much sense, given your .sig.

    In order to answer the question, I put you on my foes list because I was browsing some story, saw your .sig and figured that if you didn't want to hear from me based on my ID being longer than 5 digits, I didn't need to hear from you. Simple as that.

    I'm not sure why you'd want to put me on your friends list, given your apparent distaste for people based on when

    • The signature's a joke, dude. As is the journal. My disdain, and it's mixed, is for /.'s "community" at large. A community, you'll note, I still take moderately active part in. It's not without value. It's woefully self-absorbed in a lot of very immature ways. There a lot of people taking themselves and the concept far too seriously. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't have some of the effects it amps up.

      If nothing else, I'm gratified that you took time to think about the signature. You didn't take it t
      • Ah, I see. I must admit, I only added you to my foes list because I saw the signature and assumed you were one of those self-absorbed types you refer to, which are so utterly common on /..

        I like to think I don't take it too seriously, and I was probably just in a pissy mood at the time I stumbled on your post. It''s pretty easy to take things at face value on here.

        I've removed you from the foes list and changed it to the friends one You were the only one on there, which probably means I should just avoi

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