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Journal gr's Journal: Where my freaks at? 1

So, I wasn't paying attention to this silly /. community stuff before, and I don't make any suggestion that I will again soon, but I happened to notice a while ago that four people seem to have marked me as their foe. I don't know what I ever did to these losers. As near as I can tell, I haven't even posted to the same thread as them, much less in the same article.

But here's some rampant speculation and insults 'cause I'm bored:

y-o-d-a-yoda seems to have, at present, one comment, in response to a poll, evidencing his complete lack of comprehension of the concepts "privacy", "anonymity", and "nym". y-o-d-a-yoda, no time for you I have. And no, the Weird Al reference isn't clever.

xenofile uses a nym suspiciously similar to a (real life, not via /.) friend of mine. Though his (also solitary) post evidences through its slang that he's at most fifteen and seemingly can't get any (a porn collection? large enough to burn to CD-R? c'mon...). That doesn't sound much like my friend who, even if he were manufacturing a fake identity in an online community, couldn't come off as that much of a loser if he tried.

poena.dare, based on a random selection of his comments (okay, fine I read the most recent two, happy?) seems like a reasonable person with a good sense of humor. And he's either aware of the Classics or making a reference to my favorite video game (or just a poser, but I'd rather not think that). Hey, poena, baby, what'd I ever do to you?

chartreuse, who, through no lack of trying, doesn't seem to have ever been moderated any way except down, posts at the mental level of my mother's nursery school students, but with the vocab of at least a fifth grader. Way to go! Nobody ever said it was easy being green, neon-bright or no...

It's perhaps of note that all four of these people may have just been offended by my .sig (which I have no intention of changing--that retroactively affects everything you've ever posted to /., in case you hadn't noticed--so I don't feel the need to reproduce it here), being as two are in the five digits and two in the sixes. It's probably an irrelevant data point that my two fans have a six digit and a four digit uid respectively, but since this whole thing is irrelevant anyway...

Now, if anybody's justified in marking me as a foe, it'd be red5 in light of this comment. But he hasn't! So, what the hell, he gets to be on my friends list! Damn, but this shit's irrelevant!

In any case, I've cranked these "freak"s up to a +5 bonus just to notice more easily if I ever have interest in the same article they do. Maybe that'll help me see why they marked me as a foe. Too bad they already did so, though... now they have no recourse for my making fun of them here.

Nyah, nyah!
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Where my freaks at?

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  • poena.dare has very good personal reasons for disliking me!

    I know who he is (based on his /. url), and I don't like him very much either!

    Well, that's 1 out of three solved...

The absent ones are always at fault.