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Comment Re:...without sacrificing photo quality (Score 1) 103 a lie, it reduces image quality just in a way you cannot see visually

If all you want to do is look at the image this is fine, but anything else that needs it full quality will be sacrificed

Actually I think you could probably see it if the device are using isn't already so high def you can't tell the smallest details anyway. What they do is just request a 1/4 size image and then upscale it. Woo clever.


LG's Upcoming Smartphone G6 Will Have 5.7-inch QHD+ Display Featuring 18:9 Aspect Ratio ( 132

Song Su-hyun, reporting for The Korea Herald: LG Electronics' upcoming flagship smartphone will have a 5.7-inch Quad HD liquid crystal display panel with a ratio of 18:9, LG Display said on Tuesday. LG Electronics confirmed it will be the G6 smartphone slated for launch next month. The new display panel, dubbed "QHD+," will be the world's first 18:9 QHD LCD, according to LG Display. The 18:9 ratio will provide users with greater immersion than previous displays and allow consumers to multitask by using the dual-screen feature.
Operating Systems

Apple Could Finally Sell More Devices Than Microsoft In 2017 ( 97

Gartner predicts Apple will ship more iOS and macOS devices in 2017 than Windows-powered devices "for the first time this century," and then increase their lead over the next two years. An anonymous reader quotes Computerworld: Gartner predicted that iOS + macOS, unlike Windows, will recover in 2017. Apple's OSes will climb 8% to 268 million this year, add 3% in 2018 to reach 276 million, then increase another 3% in 2019, with that year's device shipment forecast at 285 million. Windows will dip this year, then stagnate for the following two years... The gap between Microsoft and Apple -- 12 million last year, with Microsoft atop -- will widen to 27 million by 2019, advantage Apple.

"The global devices market is stagnating," said Gartner analyst Ranjit Atwal in a statement Wednesday. Mobile phone shipments are growing only in emerging markets in the Asia and Pacific markets, Atwal added, and noted that "The PC market is just reaching the bottom of its decline." The PC industry's troubles have affected Microsoft most of all; Windows is almost entirely dependent on PC shipments, which have been stuck in a protracted slump. Future shipments were further hit when Microsoft walked away from the smartphone business last year.

The article also points out that even in 2016, Windows devices came in second, and "accounted for approximately 11.2% of the total devices, which overwhelmingly ran Google's Android."

Macbook Saves Man's Life During Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting ( 175

A 37-year-old credits his MacBook Pro laptop with saving his life during a shooting at the baggage claim of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. An anonymous reader quotes WPLG Miami: He placed it in his backpack, but didn't think of it when he felt an impact on his back during the shooting... When the bloodshed was over, he said he went to the men's restroom and saw a bullet hole on the laptop. He gave it to FBI agents. And he was in shock when they found a 9 mm bullet in his backpack. That was when he realized a gunman aimed to kill him, but the laptop took the bullet for him. "If I didn't have that backpack on, the bullet would have shot me between the shoulders," Frappier said.

Comment Re:Zuck 2020! (Score 1) 181

Certain government offices might have historically required him to give up control of Facebook, but Donald Trump is currently redefining how much ownership of business one can have as President


I don't recall any laws being changed in this regard. Trump is only pushing boundaries that were never really there. If you dislike it, get your Congressional leaders to pass a law against it.

There were there as tradition, like most things are, for instance filibusters were mostly a tradition never laws, many things work that way under the assumption that elected official and grownup responsible people, and it was assummed no one would elect people with obvious conflicts of interest, so previously presidential candidates promised to use blind trust because they were good honorable people, Trump is none of those things, except possibly 'people'.

Comment Re:Why 8k? (Score 1) 192

Since most theaters only project at 2K and 4K barely has a foothold in the home market, why? It seems like a new standard this early is really a bad idea. Some better compression technology could come along that will make this standard obsolete before its goes into consumer production. The only reason I can think of is a non-existent 3D technology.

I am really surprised people talking about cinemas with 2K projectors, that is some cheap shit, that is not even an upgrade from the analog film that came before. All cinemas I frequent has either analog (for old stuff and indie) or 4K digital. Still 8K digital would be nice, though I would prefer movies being shot at something faster than 24fps, that is a much better way to add visual details movie-goes can reliably perceive.

Comment Re:Freesync has nothing to do with color gamut. (Score 1) 67

One thing is not related to the other.

Freesync is just a way to handle variant refreshes without screen tearing. Those refreshes can happen faster or slower. If a refresh happens faster than the LCDs can make the transition (which is rare, and only will really be an issue on whole scene changes, and likely you'll never see ghosting anyway), it will still happen.

That said, Sync tech has to do with human perception of changes that respond more precisely, and eliminating stutter (which happens because the refresh can't occur at the cyclical vertical refresh, which is mostly an artifact of CRT tech anyway). It is frustrating that nvidia has pushed proprietary sync tech that is costly to implement, rather than go with "Free Sync" which only requires firmware changes for most basic monitor controllers.

It seems like AMD's real push here is to maintain Free Sync capability as monitor manufacturers increase the color gamut and enhance LCD response times.

Yeah. As far as I can tell they are trying to say they have added some HDR meta-data to FreeSync though and called it FreeSync2.. Not sure how much of that is just marketing speak though.


AMD Debuts Radeon FreeSync 2 For Gaming Displays With Stunning Image Quality ( 67

AMD announced Tuesday it is introducing Radeon FreeSync 2, a new display technology that will enable monitors to show the exact intended image pixels that a game or other application wants to. The result will be better image quality for gamers, according to AMD. From a report on VentureBeat: With the FreeSync 2 specification, monitor makers will be able to create higher-quality monitors that build on the two-year-old FreeSync technology. Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AMD is on a quest for "pixel perfection," said David Glen, senior fellow at AMD, in a press briefing. With FreeSync 2, you won't have to mess with your monitor's settings to get the perfect setting for your game, Glen said. It will be plug-and-play, deliver brilliant pixels that have twice as much color gamut and brightness over other monitors, and have low-latency performance for high-speed games. AMD's FreeSync technology and Nvidia's rival G-Sync allow a graphics card to adjust the monitor's refresh rate on the fly, matching it to the computer's frame rate. This synchronization prevents the screen-tearing effect -- with visibly mismatched graphics on different parts of the screen -- which happens when the refresh rate of the display is out of sync with the computer.

Comment Re:Not good news (Score 2) 146

Another way of writing the story is this:
People who bought bit coin in 2013 had lost money for the last three years, and at long last are now even.
Look for the same if you buy bitcoin now, you can help make the 2013 losers whole by participating in the next round of pump and dump ... From the losers side.

Not even even, they are still behind inflation.

The Almighty Buck

Bitcoin Breaks $1,000 Level, Highest in More Than 3 Years ( 146

The price of digital currency bitcoin has hit the $1,000 mark for the first time in three years. From a report on CNBC: The cryptocurrency was trading at $1,021 at the time of publication, according to CoinDesk data, at level not seen since November 2013, with its market capitalization exceeding $16 billion. Bitcoin has been on a steady march higher for the past few months, driven by a number of factors such as the devaluation of the yuan, geopolitical uncertainty and an increase in professional investors taking an interest in the asset class. "We are seeing the aftermath of zero interest rates run amok. So bitcoin is a healthy reminder that we don't have to hold on to dollars or renminbi, which is subject to capital controls and loss of purchasing power. Rather it's a new asset class," Bobby Lee, chief executive of BTC China, one of the world's largest bitcoin exchanges, told CNBC by phone.

Comment Re:Is Linux now a reasonnable gaming OS ? (Score 2) 99

Interestingly, about half of the game in that top 100 list are available for Linux. That is about the same number available for Mac. Obviously they are all available for windows.

I have been casually playing on Debian using steam. And I do find enough game to keep me entertained. I am not sure whether Unity, steam OS, or the need to port games to mobile systems contributed to the increase in gaming support for Linux. But Linux definitely seems to have reasonable gaming options.

Opinions ?

I only do impulse purchases of games that run on Linux. Which in the category of strategy games that I play is basically all of them. It is very viable. The only problems are games demanding high-end graphics. X-COM 2 for instance ran on Linux, but already had a few graphical problems on Windows, and more and worse performance on Linux.

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