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Submission + - Microsoft acquires Xamarin (windowsitpro.com)

v3rgEz writes: Microsoft has another piece of big news to talk about at BUILD: The company has announced the acquisition of Xamarin, a key player in the multiplatform app development world. For Xamarin founder Miguel de Icaza, who also started starting GNOME and Mono, the deal brings his career somewhat full circle: de Icaza applied to Microsoft to work on Internet Explorer, but was rejected due to lack of a formal degree required for a H-1B visa.

Firefox To Get Multi-Process Browsing 383

An anonymous reader writes with news that multi-process browsing will be coming to Firefox. The project is called Electrolysis, and the developers "have already assembled a prototype that renders a page in a separate process from the interface shell in which it is displayed." Mozilla's Benjamin Smedberg says they're currently "[sprinting] as fast as possible to get basic code working, running simple testcase plugins and content tabs in a separate process," after which they'll fix everything that breaks in the process. Further details of their plan are available on the Mozilla wiki, and a summary is up at TechFragments.

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