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Comment Show them Plato's Republic (Score 0) 373

All civilizations go from Aristocracy to a series of bad governments, including military rule, oligarchy, and democracy, which finally leads to tyranny.

Point out to them that they can't trust governments.

Then point out how much of their data is out there, and who knows who controls it.

Spread fear and disbelief.

Post goatses to all their forums.

Submission + - Government subsidizes poor TV watching, opiates (

Anti-Globalism writes: "Millions of $40 government coupons became available Tuesday to help low-tech television owners buy special converter boxes for older TVs that might not work after the switch to digital broadcasting.

To request a coupon, consumers can apply online at The government also has set up a 24-hour hotline to take requests, 1-888-DTV-2009 (1-888-388-2009)."


Submission + - Freedom is a paradox (

Traditionalist Anarchist writes: "German politicians last week said they wanted to choke off funding
for extremist parties such as the NPD.

But that could prove difficult because the German constitution
stipulates that all political parties are to be treated equally, the
interior minister of the central state of Hesse, Volker Bouffier, has


Submission + - Ugly, pained people make ugly philosophies (

Traditionalism Junkie writes: "Karl Marx's writings glorifying communism (though Western capitalists regard it as grim and joyless) may well have reflected merely his alienation from society
due to a lifelong series of excruciatingly painful boils, according to a recent British Journal of Dermatology article. In an 1867 letter, Marx wrote, "The bourgeoisie will remember my carbuncles until their dying day." [Reuters, 10-30-07]"


Submission + - FreeDB is RIAA victory (

FreeDB writes: "Well, is down again. No surprise. It has been down more than up the times I've tried to do it during the last month or so. With its demise, the music industry makes ripping CDs that much more of a pain in the ass. Of course, we hear nothing from the open source community on this... can't criticize our own. But it would be nice if we stopped bending over for record companies and actually fixed this issue."

Submission + - Jenkem: I jenked yesterday and IT ROCKED (

Anti-Globalism writes: "Forward | Delete Message #15 of 18
Last Monday I was feeling sort of blue, sort of sick, from the fajitas
and leftover Halloween candy over the weekend. At some point my gut
sort of lurched. Right after that I got handed an ulcer-inducing list
of stuff to do for work, so I was like, Screw this, I'm going to jenk.

Of course the problem with this is that you can't just get jenk over
the counter or buy it from some dealer. You have to make it. So I got
out my handy 5gal fermenter, blasted a squirming snake of brown-green
feces into it, and then pissed all over it and added some brown sugar
and nutmeg (makes the jenk more powerful, taste better). I threw on
the lid and hooked up the hose to my compressor then went about my

Tuesday sucked just as bad, and Wednesday was really slow. I woke up
in the middle of the night at one point and I could hear the
compressor pounding the jenk into a pure condensed gas. It chills it
and crams it into a small bottle, which loses some of the (delicious)
shit taste but makes it easy to do on the sly. When I got home
Wednesday, I was so fried I forgot all about the jenk. I put a pizza
in the stove and went to take a showever, but I walked past the
compressor and was like, no way, I have jenk.

I huffed the fucker right then.

To those of you who are jenk virgins, the experience can't be compared
to anything else. It's not like cocaine, it's not like dope, and it's
really not at all like alcohol. Jenk is a pure tunnel of power that
first forms a hand that crushes you, then it opens up and follow the
tunnel wherever it goes. You have no control.

I exhaled, uncapped the bottle and got my lips over it, then huffed.
The first wave of cold jenk is like your dead grandmother's worst
flatulence so the real objective is to hold it as long as you can
without barfing. I went almost a minute, then upchucked Panera
sandwich and coffee straight out the window in a brownish batter
cascading down the side of the house. It already looked amusing when I
passed out cold.

That's how it always is with jenk. First you die, then you rise again
three minutes later. I don't remember passing out but I remember
suddenly being standing up and the whole room is jello. A hoary voice
is calling my name, and I can hear a conversation about my bank
account and whether I'm right with God. I pick up a knife and it
doesn't bother me that I could cut myself, or slit someone's throat
for no reason at all. It's like being awake dreaming, and you can talk
to the dead, because in part you're in the land of dead. Everything
looks brown-green.

I must've jenked for about two hours because when I came to again, the
house was full of smoke and the fire department was arriving to put
out the pizza I stuck in the oven earlier. One of them asked what
happened and I said, "It was the jenkem, man, it's a lonely path,"
apparently, because they were all joking about it later but I made it
out OK. This was probably my best jenkem experience so far and as soon
as I shit out the replacement pizza I got last night, I'm going to
start up the machine so I can jenk again.

== Jenk to Live, Live to Jenk =="


Submission + - Jenkem: My Experience (

Anti-Globalism writes: "So I was on Wikipedia the other day checking out the stuff on
hallucinogens when I discovered a popular chemical in Africa called
'Jenkem.' After reading up on the Internet about some popular recipes,
a few friends of mine decided to go and produce some of this potent
hallucinogen. The first part of our journey involved a trip to the
local sewage treatment plant, where we filled some empty coke bottles
half-full with the potent sludge we found in the cleaning tanks.

We hid the bottles behind a bush, letting them ferment for a few hours
while we went to smoke some marijuana. After about 4 hours of
fermentation, we went to retrieve our putrid creations.

One at a time, we all inhaled the jenkem we had created. The odor was
viscious, but my god it was worth it. What came after I cannot
describe. A euphoric high, not unlike coccaine, but with strong
hallucinations of times past — I saw dead relatives during my trip.
It was almost magical.

The onset of jenkem is probably 10 seconds after inhalation, with the
most severe hallucinations happening probably 20 minutes into the
trip. Beware that if you try this wonderful substance that you're
going to be "out of it" for several hours after inhaling, and really
it will take several days for you to fully recover. One of the
downsides of jenkem is that you constantly have that taste of sewage
in your breathing for several days after the fact.

After subsequent trips, there were a few characteristics we felt made
for better trips with Jenkem. First off, if you visited the sewage
treatment plant at around mid-day on a sunny day we found we got the
best highs. Secondly, make sure you have someone nearby who is not
high on the substance (believe me, once you've been introduced to it,
you don't want to not be high on it... so find someone who isn't big
into drugs to do this)."


Submission + - Nazis Rejoice in Civil Rights Marches (

Anti-Globalism and Pro-Sodomy writes: "WASHINGTON, DC (N3) — American neo-Nazis gathered to celebrate and pray as yet another civil rights march descended on this ghetto-strewn city, home to the capitol of the United States, which still insists it is not a third world nation.

Despite media reports of the gentrification of the far right, most neo-Nazis remain alienated working class Irish-German whites who, like mainstream politics around them, are more concerned with backing a winning political viewpoint than finding a solution. As a result, touchstone issues like the civil rights march for the Jena 6 has given them new hope. "I hope they go right ahead and do that," said Dwayne Totenburg O'Reilly. "Each negro that goes to Washington demanding attention for a crime that wasn't is gonna convert more whites to our cause," he said, hoisting a Budweiser with fellow far right activist Roger Hartmann McCullagh.

Today's civil rights march was spurred by the proliferation of nooses following an event in Jena, Louisiana, where several white students hung nooses to threaten a rival white football team, and were only given light punishment for a crime they did not understand. Despite the majority of hanging victims being white, many black Americans feel that the noose is a symbol of white oppression. Consequently, several weeks of racial conflict, protest marches, and generally oblivious statements descended on Jena, putting local gas station owner Bud McCallahan in the clear for the next six months at least, he thinks. "Black or white, I don't care," he said. "Cash, credit or debit, I don't care. Bring 'em on, the wife's got another bun in the oven." A nearby tourist from Israel dropped dead at his words, and an army of grief counselors, diversity experts, cultural sensitivity coaches and anal hygiene experts swarmed the scene.

"We're gonna show 'em," said McCullagh. "Each time black people come down here, accuse honest innocent whites of racism, and then demand more federal money from people who actually get jobs, the white supremacist movement gains a new potential convert." As if to punctuate his statement, he then screamed "WHITE POWER" while downing an entire 16 oz "tall boy" of Schlitz. A nearby white family, loading a new television discounted because of the writer's strike into their secondhand minivan while calculating the percentage saved toward their second child's college fund, were startled by as with most disturbing things, ignored it and drove straight home where they feel safe, at least until the government finally does something about all the crime, climate change, and collapse into third world politics eerily reminiscent of ancient Rome.

When this reporter asked O'Reilly for a futher statement, he could not give one, as he and McCullagh were too busy shouting white power slogans and racial epithets at passing retirees and welfare moms. No black people nearby wanted to talk honestly to a white reporter, so they brushed us off with sayings learned from whites (called "white lies") such as "I'm on my way to a doctor's appointment," "my hair looks terrible," "I've got the aftosa" and "I gave at the office."

The scene faded out to Democrats, Republicans, Nazis and Communists all cheering for their political teams like soccer hooligans. In the shadowy background of international politics, intrigue and finance, unnamed and faceless oligarchs continue gleefully stealing whatever they can in anticipation of the collapse that will render future human generations as squat, moronic apes accustomed to blindly following orders while a few weasel-faced cynics take away any future they might have had, and invest it in weapons stocks.

Nazis Rejoice At Annoying Civil Rights March"


Submission + - Facebook deletes school shooter group (twice) ( 2

i love heavy metal writes: "After an online group dedicated to praise for the ideas of the Jokela High School Shooter Pekka-Eric Auvinen grew rapidly and became the talk of the net, Facebook administrators pulled the plug. In doing so, they did what the gunman predicted would occur when he said "most of you are too arrogant and closed-minded to understand.""


Submission + - Jenkem Users Group (

Anti-Globalism writes: "We are tired of struggling in darkness against the blindness of a society that will not see our truth. Behind every Jenkem addict there is a person like you and me who deserves compassion. Long cast to the corners of our society that not even our drug treatment programs will address, Jenkem use is growing as people discover the joys of this 100% natural* and safe hallucinogen. It is easy to manufacture and if you do it well, pleasurable. Jenkem use comes to us from Africa, from which came jazz and blues and hip-hop and most of the culture of our modern time, and is a gift from the gods for those of us who are sick and tired of drug dealers, cops and synthetic highs. Join the 100% natural* revolution and reach out to a Jenkem user. Cast down the tired taboos of a dying society, and open your mind to the wonders of nature's drug... Jenkem

The Jenkem mailing list is for Jenkem users, families of Jenkem addicts, and Jenkem users who want to know the secrets of Jenkem cultivation, safe use, Jenkem recipes and how to have clandestine Jenkem parties.

* depends on what you eat to produce the Jenkem.



Submission + - CmdrTaco inserted in Socratic debate (

Anti-Globalism writes: "To discuss the cheap-talk challenge, I imagine bringing together a panel in openDemocracy's office whose members have a modest track-record on debate: Plato, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John Stuart Mill, Hannah Arendt and Jürgen Habermas. I will use "Cmdr Taco" as the alias of web-savvy pragmatism in the discussion. Cmdr Taco founded the techno-libertarian community and forum, Slashdot in September 1997. Slashdot is still the best example of a web-made community, so I feel that Cmdr Taco should be the mouthpiece for the web in this imaginary conversation. But almost everything I have Cmdr Taco say here is made up by me. (Plato, like Cmdr Taco, also uses an alias. Plato was actually the name of an Athenian champion wrestler in the games of 406 bce. Adopting the name would be like posting in the openDemocracy forums calling myself Mohammed Ali.)"

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