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Comment I hope this is a joke (Score 1) 285

Presumably these 94% will have put for foray into the javascript dom on hold until that gets translated.

The Japanese like to put their verbs at the end - are they going to accommodate that?

About half the planet like adjectives after the noun - so is going to be array new?

Comment Re:Sounds good to me (Score 2) 90

Presumably the Thai education ministry studied the problem and came to the conclusion that these tablets would be worth buying. Maybe you really are that much smarter than the Thai education ministry... or, maybe you shouldn't be so quick to make a snap judgement.

For starters, read this:

BANGKOK (AFP) — High school test results in Thailand have revealed a failure rate of more than 80 percent in mathematics, biology and computer studies — among the teachers. The failure rates for teachers who took exams in their own subjects were about 88 percent for computer studies, 84 percent for mathematics, 86 percent in biology and 71 percent in physics, the education ministry said. And almost 95 percent of about 37,500 secondary school directors did not score a pass mark in English and technology, according to the ministry. The poor results have ignited controversy in Thailand about educational standards. “Even teachers fail, so how can we raise the quality of students?” Education Minister Chinnaworn Boonyakiat was quoted as saying by the Bangkok Post newspaper. More than 84,000 teachers and school directors took the exams, the first of their kind.

Comment Bangkok Post (Score 1) 90

The caption in the Bangkok Post article reads 'A worker loads boxes labelled "One Tablet Per Child" on to a truck at the Education Ministry in Bangkok. The ministry sent off trucks on Wednesday to deliver the first batch of 55,000 tablet computers to primary schools in eight provinces.'.

Are they saying that all 55,000 boxes are currently sitting at the Education Ministry in Bangkok? Such logistical half-assedness would add at least a dollar a unit to the final cost I should imagine. Or more likely it was just a photo op and the Bangkok Post didn't properly attribute it as such. This being Thailand, and this being the Bangkok Post (establishment ring kissers), we can never be sure.

Comment Quote ... (Score 1) 2

From the UN report

The newly revealed missile was carried by a new 8-axle transporter erector launcher (see figure V), bigger and more sophisticated than previous transporter erector launchers displayed by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which have had up to 6-axle configuration. An off-road mobile transporter erector launcher of such dimensions needs very advanced features such as the ability to pivot wheels in the front and back to assist steering, divided axle with differential gear to assist off-road movement, and hydro-pneumatic suspension to handle sensitive payloads. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has not previously demonstrated its capacity to build such a vehicle. The Panel will further examine this.

User Journal

Journal Journal: The Pirate Bay seems to be down 1

For the last few hours, The Pirate Bay seems to have been completely unreachable. First the server at went down, then then A few days ago it was reported that Swedish authorities were cranking up their investigation into the site. Just a few weeks ago they moved from a .org to a .se domain - we could be


Submission + - Indian government to track locations of all cell phone users (indianexpress.com) 1

asto21 writes: As per amendments made to operators’ licences, beginning May 31, operators would have to provide the Department of Telecommunications real-time details of users’ locations in latitudes and longitudes.

Documents obtained by The Indian Express show that details shall initially be provided for mobile numbers specified by the government. Within three years, service providers will have to provide information on locations of all users.

The information will have some margin of error at first. But by 2013, at least 60 per cent of the calls in urban areas would have to be accurately tracked when made 100 metres away from the nearest cell tower. By 2014, the government will seek to increase the proportion to 75 per cent in cities and 50 per cent in suburban and rural areas.

Comment Re:General Chinese labor conditions (Score 1) 375

She thought $400 a month (in a culture where there are no tips) was excellent money.

I don't know why people always quote things in dollars-per-month. That is meaningless. When I was in Russia in the late 90s, bus fare was less than 5 cents ...

I'm guessing you had the phrase Purchasing Power Parity on the tip of your tongue.

Comment Re: 'Apartments' (Score 1) 375

AC was referring to his friend who is a waitress having a shared apt with a bunk, not factory workers in a dorm. A shared apt is not going to have a sufficient quantity of people in it to talk about the body heat warming the place.

Hopefully. And hopefully it doesn't get that cold (the GP seemed to be struggling to make it sound cold - frost is "moderately common" - wow). But I don't think you get the gist: if this is indeed the situation then she's doing well - it's hardly the sob story that was intended. But actually I don't think the picture you have in your head of an "apartment" bears any resemblance to the kind of "apartment" Chinese businesses provide for their staff. Clue: We're talking high population density, high property prices.

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